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Toshiyuki Igarashi suffers eye injury in latest bout

This past Saturday saw former WBC Flyweight champion Toshiyuki Igarashi (23-2-3 12) battle with American fighter Miguel Cartagena (15-3-1, 6) in what looked like a decent match up on paper. Sadly what it started well, with a really interesting first round, it didn’t take long for the bout to be curtailed due to head clashes in round 3.

On first watch it seemed like Igarashi wanted out of the bout a few moments before the head clash that finally forced the doctor to stop the contest. At the end of the bout there was clear damage around the left eye of Igarashi, with visible damage to both the top and bottom of the eye.

Following the bout saw numerous reports of just how serious the injury to Igarashi is, with the reports suggesting that he has suffered a orbital floor fracture. The injury is common, with estimates suggesting that 10% of all facial fractures suffered are orbital floor fractures, but it’s one that will potentially scupper any plans that Teiken had to get Igarashi into a world title fight in the near future.

After the bout Igarashi went straight to hospital get a diagnosis, but Teiken representative Tsuyoshi Hamada did appear to be worried about the injury and essentially stated that Teiken will now have to wait to see how long Igarashi will be out of action.

Ranked #1 by the WBO and #5 by the WBC at Flyweight and #5 by the IBF and #8 by the WBA at Super Flyweight it was clear that Teiken would have been looking at securing Igarashi a chance to become a world champion for the second time. In fact there had been some murmurs that he could have been made mandatory to challenger for Zou Shiming later in the year. With this injury though there are worries that Igarashi might be out of action for quite some time.

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