Ringside Report from Nemesis at York Hall

Martin Theobald

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Josh Goodwin promotes the Nemesis card on behalf of Goodwin Boxing out of York Hall on 22nd April. Some established name are accompanied by a number of new faces making their steps into the professional ranks.

Neil Parry vs Teodor Nikolov, 4×3 – Super Welterweight
Parry is on the comeback from a shock loss in his last outing.
A quiet first round sees Parry use his end their jab to classily keep Nikolov at distance. Nikolov looks for the right hand over the top but Parry does well to maintain the distance.
In the second Nikolov has some success with that swinging right, Parry unable to read it when it comes. Still the jab is effective as Parry works his way around the ring, occasionally stepping in behind with the right hand. Parry starts the third more aggressive, a nice right hand connecting well. Nikolov seems to wince as he takes a right hand to end the round.
Parry again starts the fourth well, letting his hands go some more to work Nikolov into the ropes and landing a nice combination. Nikolov works his way out and wants to look for that right hand. Parry sees the fight out, again able to establish his classier work.

Referee Kieran McCann scored the bout 38-38 points in a somewhat surprising result.

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Brad Pauls vs Georgi Valevski, 4×3 – Middleweight
Pauls starts well, landing a solid right hand. As Valevski works his way in he is conscious of the power, Pauls works the body well through the first round with right hands. A left seems to stun Valevski, who in stumbling, falls to a semi rugby tackle on Pauls. Pauls out works Valevski through the round, not looking to over load his shots, not allowing Valeevski any space, and ends the round with a solid left.
Valevski shows more ambition to start the second, landing a good counter left hook as Pauls continues his advances. Pauls lands a flush right hand that leaves Valevski bleeding from the nose. As he recomposes, Pauls lands a heavy right hand that sends Valevski to the canvas. Although he beats the count, the referee doesn’t see him fit to carry on

Referee Chaz Coakley stops the bout at 2 minutes 18 seconds of round two, giving Pauls another impressive stoppage win.

Ricky Heavens vs Liam Wright, 4×3 – Super Welterweight
The taller Heavens is looking for his second pro win, works well with a long jab and let’s his right hand go often through the first round. Wright is happy to walk into range throughout the first and try tun it into a fight in the pocket.
The second is uneventful, Wright is looking to keep the fight at short range and Heavens doesn’t have the power to keep him away.
The third and fourth carried on at a similar pace, Heavens wanting to keep the smaller Wright at distance but the fight never really catching fire.

Referee Lee Cook scored the bout 39-38 in favour of Heavens who keeps his undefeated record.

Connor Gorham vs Curtis Gargano, 4×3 – Light Heavyweight
Gorham is met by a thunderous ovation on his debut here. He starts lively, putting together nice combinations but rarely penetrating the tight guard of Gargano. Gargano keeps going forward as Graham lets his hands go.
Gargano beckons Gorham on in the second, wanting him to step into his range. Gorham works the body well in the round, switching well with body and head shots. Gargano is starting to show some blood from the nose, Gorham in firm control.
Gargano gets a ticking off in the third for some mocking, showboating tactics. It seems to spur him on, a big right hand landing that sends the gumshield of Gorham flying and Gargano steps in to do some damage. It doesn’t last long before the referee calls a break to retrieve the gumshield. Gargano is on the hunt as Gorham retreats around the ring to end the round.
The fourth round, Gargano ups his own work rate and Gorham is happy to retreat and try to outbox, while Gargano loads up on shots.

Referee Mark Bates scored the bout 40-36 to debutant Gorham.

Liam Dillon vs Andy Harris, 4×3 – Super Lightweight
Another debut, Liam Dillon coming out for his first pro fight. Dillon comes out with a jerky style, looking to move his smaller frame into distance against the taller Harris. Effective body shots from Dillon, Harris spends the round on the retreat.
The second round is similar, Dillon working his way forward and Harris back tracking. In the third a nice pair of hooks are exchanged by the two, but again Dillon does the classier work. He shows good composure for a fighter making his first outing. As the two come together in the final round Harris shows some nice movement laterally but Dillon does well to track him down. He never gets the opportunity to plant his feet and unload his power shots as the wily Harris shows his experience, but again puts in a good performance to see the round out, without ever being able to trouble his opponent.

Referee Kieran McCann scores the bout 39-37 to Dillon in an impressive debut.

Ryan Walker vs Jules Phillips, 4×3 – Super Bantamweight
Walker is looking to go 2-0 here against the always game Phillips who himself is coming off a win. Nice right hand from Walker early on catches Phillips on the way in. Neither fighter established a jab through the round, both looking to take step into the space. A big left hook from Waker catches Phillips but he takes it well.
Phillips starts the second immediately walking in with a right hand, Walker slips it well and takes centre ring not taking long before landing a nice straight right of his own.
The highlight of the third sees Walker land a clean right hand that Phillips takes well. The fourth is uneventful, neither able to establish themselves upon the other.

Referee Chaz Coakley scores the bout 39-37 to Walker who makes it two wins.

Duane Sinclair vs Jimmy White, 4×3 – Light Heavyweight
Sinclair is aiming to go 5-0 a at the start of his professional career. Sinclair comes out firing from the off, nice combinations teeing off on White who covers, taking the majority of shots to the gloves. He works nice angles, looking to open the opportunities for shotes. White continues to cover, before walking in with his left hand low and is met by a big right hand by Sinclair over the guard that lands on the chin and sinks White to the canvas immediately.

Unable to beat the count, referee Kieran McCann stopped the bout at 1:48 seconds in round one.

Referee Kieran McCann

Lewis Syrett vs Alex Chukaleyvski, 4×3 – Middleweight
A debut for Syrett, who has brought a big following with him. Syrett controlled well from centre of the ring in his southpaw stance, forcing his opponent to reach for his right hand shots which he threw with venom, but never finding a home.
In the second Syrett starts to land the lead uppercut, Chukalevski being caught a few times but also catching Syrett with his own right hand s to remind him he is in a fight. Syrett opened the third with a quick flurry that almost caught his opponent by surprise and woke the crowd up. He didn’t seem to carry the power to keep Chukalevski at bay, who would come back throwing. Syrett stepped it up towards the end of the round, letting his hands go freely on his opponent who was unable to hold him off or defend himself sufficiently for the referee to allow it to go on.
Referee Chaz Coakley stopped the bout at 2:42 of round number three, giving Syrett a debut KO victory.

Christos Ioannou vs Craig Derbyshire, 4×3 – Super Featherweight.
Undefeated Ioannou comes out in his southpaw stance against dangerous Derbyshire who is more than capable of an upset.
The first two rounds passed quietly, neither fighter was willing to engage the other as they carefully measure one another. Ioannou has the classier work, finding some nice angles when he does let his hands go, but Derbyshire is able to find his own success.
In the third, Derbyshire seems to get a fire lit as he jumps into an attack at the end of the round – the referee having to headlock him when he was punching the back of the head. The final round, the action slows back down, but when they come together the two attack in flurries. Derbyshire wants to walk into the distance and throw shots in bunches, whereas Iioannou continues to try box his angles through the end of the round.
Referee Mark Bates scored the bout 39-37 in favour of Ioannou who continues his unbeaten career.

Mark Little vs Toni Bilic, 4×3 – Cruiserweight
Little is making his return after an injury layoff, starts well with the jab and works from the centre of the ring throughout. Both are looking for their big right hands throughout the round, without either landing cleanly.
In the second again Little has a good work rate, showing few signs of being out of the ring a while. He is eager to hunt down Bilic on the ropes throughout, finding success numerous times with the left hook. Bilic throws a wild uppercut that doesn’t connect, opening a gap for Little to push him back to the ropes. Little starts to let his hands go, finding gaps in the Bilic defence and unleashing a strong flurry that leaves Bilic taking a knee on the canvas. The referee deems Bilic unable to continue.
Referee Mark Bates stopped the fight at 2 minutes 53 of round two.

Johnny Garton vs Ivica Gogosevic, 6×3 – Welterweight
Garton works well off the jab to start the fight as the two measure up during round one. Round two, Gogosevic makes an almost literal flying attack, throwing a huge flurry of punches that Garton covered up well from. Garton was undoubtedly the better of the two boxers but the always awkward Gogosevic is able to be dangerous on occasion.
In the third, Garton keeps working an effective jab, mixing well between head and body, backing it up with a solid right hand and body hooks. Gogosevic though starts the show boating we have seen from him before, beckoning Garton into attacks with hands dropped low and smiling at him. Garton doesn’t bite often, but takes one chance to stand and trade as the round comes to an end.
Garton makes good use of the jab again in the fourth, tidy footwork keeping a good range. When he chooses to unload combinations he is effective, Gogosevic less willing to showboat now as Garton starts to assert himself more.
In the fifth again Garton works a sharp jab that rocks the head of Gogosevic and some nice left hooks to the body. He backs the jab up well with the backhand. Gogosevic for his part makes more and more lunging attacks, leading in dangerously with the head. At one point he pins Garton in the away corner, but Garton Ducks a hook well before tying up and waiting for the break.
The two embrace and cuddle to start the final round, a lovely reminder of the respect in the ring. Gogosevic has a tight guard, circling the ring. Again his attacks come in short, sharp bursts. Garton controls off of the ever effective jab and smart footwork. The round lit up when Garton opened the Gogosevic defence again with the jab, this time standing in the pocket and throwing a hard combination that ended on the right hand leaving Gogosevic laid out on the canvas. Gogosevic found his feet but wasn’t able to convince the referee the fight should go on.
Referee Chaz Coakley stopped the bout at 2 minutes 46 seconds of round six for the winner Johnny Garton, who will go on to look for a big fight from here.

Emran Hussain vs Ricky Leach, 4×3 – Featherweight
A debut for Hussain who has brought a big and very loud crowd with him tonight. A good opener from Hussain who looks comfortable as a pro, picking his shots well against the defensive Leach. A good variation of shots, attacking with body hooks that leave Leech on the retreat. Nice uppercuts land throughout as Hussain clearly controls.
Leech is more offensive to start the second, pushing Hussain back but it doesn’t last too long before Hussain goes back to work. Some nice tapping jabs and a patient approach open the gaps for Hussain who again varies well between head and body.
Hussain works well through the fourth, having paced himself well he still has plenty to offer. Again he is well composed, not looking to rush attacks, he is able to work his way into range with nice combinations, the tapping jab being mixed with heavier shots before unloading.
Referee Lee Cook scored the bout 40-36 to debutant Hussain who impresses.

Mitchell Preedy vs Dan Blackwell, 4×3 – Light Heavyweight
Preedy comes out for his first professional fight, a lad with a big, big following tonight. Southpaw Preedy has a high workrate through the first round, a nice jab that occasionally gets through the Blackwell guard. Blackwell throws the odd right hand that catches Preedy on the chin, but Preedy controls the opening.
The second is similar, in that the teak tough Blackwell is able to absorb the better work of Preedy and throw his shots in short bursts. Mid round and Blackwell comes to life, a sharp right hand catching Preedy unaware. The two stand and exchange, the crowd light up with excitement. Blood trickles from the nose of Blackwell to end the round.
A really entertaining third round, Blackwell continuing to take the Preedy shots with a bloodied face while choosing his opportunities to let his hands go and trouble the debuting fighter. The same happened in the last, the power by now fading from the Preedy shots, Blackwell menacingly smiling as he comes into range with his mask of blood.
The referee Mark Bates scored the bout 40-37 to Preedy.

Mikael Lawal vs Jindrich Velecky, 4×3 – Cruiserweight
Lawal comes out in phenomenal shape, looking every bit the boxer on his debut. A good opening from Lawal, a solid jab controls Velecky and he backs it up with a strong right. A beautiful uppercut from Lawal left Velecky stunned on the ropes, Lawal stepped in with left hands as Velecky slumped to the canvas. He beat the count, but was soon jumped on by Lawal with the referee calling an end to the bout.
Referee Lee Cook stopped the bout at 2 minutes 4 seconds of round number one for the winner Mikael Lawal.



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