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Owen Jobburn Back In Hometown

Owen Jobburn is delighted to be back boxing in his hometown on BCB Promotions’ ‘Pride of the Potteries’ show at Fenton Manor, Stoke, on Saturday, 15th July. The boxing instructor will be looking to dish out another lesson to his opponent when he steps into the ring for his first six round contest.

“I love boxing at home,” he told bcb-promotions.com. “Some people I have spoken to say they don’t enjoy it and they feel more nervous but the only fight I have been nervous in since I have turned professional was my fight out of Stoke.

I am more relaxed when I have everyone supporting me and cheering me on. As long as we can keep selling tickets and have enough fighters to compete on the shows, I will stay boxing in Stoke.

“I thrive off the pressure you get of being a home fighter and having everyone there to see what happens. I get nervous like everyone does before any fight but as soon as I step out into the arena in Stoke I love it. When I boxed in Walsall my trainer could tell I wasn’t feeling right and it was because I was boxing away from home. It will be great to get back in the ring in Stoke where I feel comfortable.

“This one will be my first six rounder and I think the more rounds will benefit me. I don’t think I have shown how good  can be in my fights so far so hopefully the longer contests will give me more of an opportunity to impress. I am a fit guy and the longer the fight goes on the more I warm into it. Four rounds goes so quick and it is hard to settle into it. I want to go on further and have 10 and 12 round fights, I know I can get there and this fight will just be working towards that.”

The 28-year-old feels he has learned a lot from his fellow professionals and his past bouts but he is now hoping for a battle in Staffordshire that will allow him to impress and earn him a shot at a title.

The former soldier has recently started a new job as a boxing instructor and he feels the role has benefitted his training as well as being rewarding for him.

“In this next one I want to fight someone who is willing to stand there and have a scrap,” he added. “I can box when I want to but I do like having a good tear up.

“Out of my three professional fights, two of them were against styles that I had never boxed or sparred against before so they were good learning fights. But I want to fight someone who is willing to fight back and wants to have a tear up and at the moment I haven’t had one which has been frustrating.

“I was happy with the fight against Dean Croft. After that fight I was on another Hatton show last time out against Victor Edagha. He was a nightmare opponent. He was someone that I would beat every time but he was just very negative and very awkward.

“If I keep winning I don’t see why I can’t go for a title. The lads that I am training with have all been or are current champions, boxers like Rob Hunt, Andy Keates and Kieron McLaren. I am training with champions and that is what I aspire to be. If I keep learning and winning then I think I will get there.

“I am working in a school now as an assistant teacher. I am teaching kids how to box and how to keep fit. It is an alternative provision for kids who have been kicked out of school. They do their maths and English GCSE but then they get an hour in the gym every day doing boxing with me. It is brilliant. The gym is right by the school and it is the gym I use to train as well so that couldn’t be better. I finish work and then go straight into training so it is great.”

‘Pride of the Potteries’ also features fellow unbeaten Stoke duo Kieron McLaren (lightweight) and Luke Caci (light heavyweight).

Stafford welterweight Rob Hunt, Ludlow’s former Midlands Area Welterweight Champion, Craig Morris, Winsford welterweight, Nathan Clarke, and unbeaten Swadlinocote super lightweight, Connor Parker, complete the card.

Tickets are priced at £30 for Standard unreserved tickets or £60 VIp Ringside. They are available by calling the boxer direct or 07734 118 041.