What if Braehmer vs Brant ends in a draw? Understanding the 4th judge

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What if Braehmer vs Brant ends in a draw? Understanding the 4th judge

When Juergen Braehmer faces Rob Brant in their Ali Trophy quarter-final – a WBC eliminator to determine who fights Callum Smith in the semi-final – an additional fourth judge will be used if the main three judges deliver a drawn result.


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Here is how the fourth judge can come into play:

In the case of an Ali Trophy bout ending in a draw on the three official judges’ scorecards, or ends as a no contest or no decision and the official master-scorecard, containing the three official judges scores does not determine a winner, the scorecard of the fourth judge will be added to the master-score-card to determine who advances to the next round of the tournament, or wins the Muhammad Ali Trophy.

If two of the now four judges score the bout in favour of one Boxer A, and at least one of the other two of the four judges score the bout a draw, such result shall be considered that Boxer A shall advance to the next round of the tournament.

Count Back and how it works:

If the bout still remains a draw, after adding the fourth judge’s scorecards to the master-scorecard result, then the World Boxing Super Series will use the ‘Count Back’ method in order to determine who advances in the tournament.

The Count Back method is a ‘sudden death’ method of scoring using the three official judges’ scorecards to determine who advances. Beginning with the scorecards for the 12th or last round that occurred, the boxer who won that particular round on at least a majority of the three scorecards will advance.

If the bout was scored evenly in the 12th round or the last round that occurred, the advancing boxer will then be determined by who won at least a majority of rounds in the preceding round.

If neither boxer won the next to the last round on at last on a majority of the three official judge’s scorecards, each preceding rounds scorecards will be examined until a round where one boxer was declared the winner of that round on at least the majority of the three officials’ scorecards.

Instant replay:

‘Instant replays’ will be used to help assess controversial situations.

Number of participants: 16
Number of belts: 7
Number of world champions: 6
Number of former world champions: 3
Number of undefeated fighters: 9
Combined Record of participants: 423 wins, 17 losses, 294 KOs

Organised by Comosa AG, the World Boxing Super Series will kick off in September 2017, featuring the Cruiserweight and Super Middleweight divisions. In each weight class, eight elite boxers will battle it out in a bracket-style elimination tournament, with four quarter-finals (fall 2017), two semi-finals (early 2018) and one final (May 2018). This makes for seven top fights per weight class, and a total of 14 fights in Season One to be staged in premier venues around the globe. The winners of the World Boxing Super Series will rightfully receive The Greatest Prize in Boxing, the Muhammad Ali Trophy. Please visit our website for more information or follow @WBSuperSeries on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

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