Jeff Horn: Future boxing talk a distraction

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Jeff Horn declared that all the speculation regarding any big-money fights that he will enter became a distraction for him since he has to focus on the next week fight. He will defend the WBO world title at the welterweight category against the undefeated British fighter Gary Corcoran. The fight will take place in Brisbane and with all the commotion around the fight and all the speculations, Horn found himself struggling to reach the desired weight for the bout that will take place on the 13th of December.

A lot of Distractions

There are a lot of fans who consider that all the talk about different big-money bouts with names like Terrence Crawford,the former world champion Amir Khan or even Anthony Mundine are just distractions for the boxer that has to focus first and foremost on the fight to maintain the welterweight section. But even though it’s true that a fighter needs to full focus on the next focus and not think about what will happen next in order to be 100% prepared for that certain fight, such speculations can’t leave anyone feeling indifferent. And it’s true that if Jeff manages to defeat 29-year-old Corcoran next week he will be forced to fight against Crawford in April, 2018. The super-fight is already scheduled to take place in Las Vegas and there are a lot of boxing fans that are already thinking about that fight and ignoring the one that is first to come. It’s the same kind of distraction as real money slot machines can pose for an online casino enthusiast.

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On the other hand, Amir Khan that is currently part of a big TV show as a sort of break from all the fighting, announced that he will be back for 2018 and it is even believed that he will attend the fight between Corcoran and Jeff Horn boxer. Again, speculations started to appear that the only reason Khan will be there is to study his possible next opponent.

A life-changing win

All this attention and fuss from the media and the boxing world in general has started to surround Horn after he managed a historical fight against Manny Pacquiao back in July. It was a truly remarkable fight that ended with the victory of Horn over boxing records holder with 11 world championships, a result that came as a huge surprise for a lot of people.

Jeff recently declared himself that when he hears about all these guys forming a line waiting to fight with him, it can be distracting and it’s quite hard for him to remain focused on the next event. Jeff a fight professional knows that this is the way thing are going to happen from now on and is confident that he will get used to everything. He showed a truly professional approach and declared that for now he only wasn’t to worry about fight with Corcoran and then deal with what ever happens next.

A bit out of shape?

Even though he looks confident and ready, Jeff himself admitted that it was a bit hard for him to lose the last few kilograms before the official scale. As the boxer quickly approaches his 30’s, with all his boxing background, it’s believed that it is only natural for the last few kilos to give him a harder time than usual. Of course that all this battle against the extra weight could mean reasons of joy for Corcoran that is confident he will win the fight.

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