Video: Anthony Joshua Responds to Claims From Team Parker as Fight Buzz Builds

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The next big fight in the career of IBF/WBA heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua is upon us, as he will be meeting WBO champion Joseph Parker on March 31 in Cardiff.

There has been a lot going on with Joshua in the press, as always is the case, including some of those believing “AJ” has a weak chin. Parker was one of those making the claim, but in a recent interview with Fight Hub TV, Joshua fired back.

‘I thought [the weak chin issue] was one of their main talking points, but I was gonna let him finish without being rude,” Joshua said of interrupting Parker’s promoter David Higgins recently. “I didn’t want to cut him off; but I did want to address it because I’ve heard it quite a lot. And as I’ve said, when you hear it once it’s like interesting, twice, three times. And then it gets brought into a marketing tool for the fight, I was like ‘Whoa!’ If there’s any better time let me address the situation now.’”

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Joshua then pointed to his classic battle with former champion Wladimir Klitschko this past April, in which he dropped and stopped the valiant legend in the 11th round.

“With all due respect, I’m not shy to admit, you’ve seen what you’ve seen happen with the Klitschko fight,” said Joshua. “Klitschko got dropped in that fight; it doesn’t make him a shit fighter. It doesn’t make him a weak fighter. He’s still regarded as one of the greatest champions we’ve ever had.”

True enough that Joshua has been tested to deep limits in that fight and emerged victorious. No reason for him to doubt himself.

“What I take from that is that it takes more than a human or more than talk to just put me down and keep me down,” said Joshua, who is 20-0 (20 KO’s). “I’ll just keep on going. So that’s what I was trying to explain, is that I see it from a positive aspect; the times it’s happened, but other people try to use that as a weakness.”

Joshua knows all too well that boxing is a mental game and responded to whether or not Parker’s side could be playing games. Either way, he is taking an approach as professional as possible heading into this.

“I don’t know if they was using that as a way to kind of gain confidence in their camp, that they’ve got a chance, do you know where I’m coming from?” asked Joshua. “I need to win. I can’t afford to lose, but I want to do it in a clinical way. If I have to go to war and drain my body of sweat and energy, I’ll do that to get the win. That’s no problem. But I wanna do it the clinical, not easy way, but fashionable way of boxing.”

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