Barry Jones’s, Dillian Whyte vs Lucas Browne Prediction; Victory is enough to face Anthony Joshua or Deontay Wilder in 2018

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In what is set to be an explosive heavyweight fight, we see Dillian Whyte take on Lucas Browne at the O2 Arena (Millenium Dome), Greenwich for the WBC Silver Heavyweight Title. The fight is set to take place on the 23rd of March.

Former WBA champion Lucas Browne is currently undefeated as a heavyweight boxer, having won all of his 25 fights. Dillian Whyte, whose only defeat in 23 fights came at the hands of Anthony Joshua.

It’s a fight that shouldn’t be missed and a KO is likely to happen. Both fighters have an impressive knockout ratio: Browne has 22 knockouts from 25 victories while Whyte has 16 knockouts from his 22 wins.

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BoxNation commentator Barry Jones spoke to Ringnews24 about the fight:

“I’m confused about that, got to be honest. Because, I’m not sure how good Dillian Whyte is. I say that, I think he can be absolutely brilliant or he can be garbage. I don’t know if you understand me when I say that?

“He did well against Anthony Joshua. Joshua was a little bit rawl, but he’s learned from that fight. He looked well and it was competitive. He had a life and death with Dereck Chisora. Chicora’s a tough guy on the back end of his career. And a young up and coming potential world champion, that’s what they’re calling Whyte. Shouldn’t really outbox someone like, at this stage, Dereck Chisora, quite comfortable in the end and it was a close, close fight. But a good fight to watch and an exciting fight, a tough fight and all the rest of it.

“But Browne’s a big strong guy and he’s crude and he makes loads of mistakes and he really does. But, he’s big and heavy and he can hit. I probably still do favour Dillian Whyte he’s got a little more snap and a little more speed in his work. But Browne will make him work for it and if he can lean, push and pull Dillian Whyte and tire him out then Dillian Whyte might be looking to survive in the last few rounds for the win.”

With a lot at stake, victory for either fighter could set up a world title fight against Deontay Wilder, Anthony Joshua or Manuel Charr.

“Yes, I do think it could set-up a world title fight. I think the heavyweight division is healthy and if you have a proper look, you actually think it well it is healthy. Anthony Joshua is a proper meal ticket and Tyson Fury is a great talker and great boxer and that’s brilliant. And Deontay Wilder he’s probably going to get better, he’s a fantastic story, looking after his daughter and all the rest of it. He’s athletic a real good puncher, he’s more of a boxer of course. You take away those four names, I think it stinks.

“I think everyone’s got a chance and heavyweights as well there boxing and there heavyweights you can strike a heavyweight until his legs fall off and that’s guaranteed. They can just come back and come back forever and that’s just the way the heavyweight division is. The winner of this Whyte-Browne gets a Wilder or a Joshua for sure or gets the other fella Manuel Charr who holds a version of the world title, somehow.


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