Trailer: Former heavyweight champion James “Buster” Douglas stars in new science fiction film

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If you’ve wondered what former undisputed world heavyweight boxing champion James ‘Buster’ Douglas is up to these days, well, now you know.

Buster starred in the just released science fiction film From Gettysburg to Bagdad. The movie centers on two soldiers whose lives cross paths because of a time machine. The champ portrays a priest who’s sought out by a young solider conflicted on returning to a war zone.

“Working with Buster was awesome. He’s such a class act and great guy,” said writer and director Artie Knapp. Douglas and Knapp previously worked together years ago on Knapp’s science-fiction feature titled Pluto’s Plight. In that film, Douglas portrayed an FBI Agent.

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In addition to Buster Douglas, the cast includes Christine Jones, Patrick Taft and Donald Smith.

If you think Buster playing a priest is a stretch, well, he did baptize Mike Tyson.

To watch the champ’s new movie, please click on the video below.

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