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KO Boxing Forum At what age did you start boxing and what inspired you to become a fighter?

I started boxing at age 10 and I had my first fight at 11. Nothing really inspired me. I just went along to a boxing gym one day and got hooked on it straight away. What was your amateur record and did you win anything as an amateur boxer?

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My amateur record was 38 fights and I won 32.  I won two Scottish school boys, three western district and two Scottish titles How did you find the step up from amateur to professional boxer?

I have not boxed as professional yet. I’ll find out on 14th April, how the step up is. What side of your game have you worked on the most since turning pro professional?

I have worked on coming forward more and being a front foot fighter. Aside from boxing, do you have any hobbies or interests that you pursue?

I haven’t got any other hobbies, boxing in the brain. Do you have any short or long-term goals within the sport and if so, have you set yourself a timescale on reaching them?

Just to win titles that’s what it’s all about. Is it tough to go full-time? Do you have to be more flexible to make a living from the sport?

I work full time and work nightshifts as well as train, so it’s really hard some times. Who is your current trainer and where do you train?

I train in Maximum Power Scotland by John Wilson – he is a really good trainer. Do you always stay in shape between fights or do you put on a lot of weight?

I don’t put on a lot of weight on. I’m always round about the weights, couple kilos at most. Who has been the biggest influence in your career so far?

Rab Bannon from the Barn Boxing Club was the biggest influence in my boxing career so far. Who did you look up to growing up as a boxer – who was your idol?

Growing up it was Prince Naz; He had unbelievable movement and power. Do you watch any boxing at home and if so, which fighters most appeal to you?

That’s all I do is watch boxing on TV and on YouTube. The wife cracks up sometimes, I love watching Lomachenko just now – he’s an unbelievable fighter. Who is the toughest opponent you have fought to date?

Toughest opponent? I’ve had a few couldn’t really pick one. Who is your dream opponent at your weight?

My dream opponent would be Naseem Hamed or Vasyl Lomachenko. What would you say is your biggest win to date in the ring?

My biggest win was when I boxed  this Maltese lad who was European champion for three years and he never lost, until I beat him. What is going on with your boxing career now – can you tell readers when, where and against whom you will be fighting next?

I’m making my pro debut on April 14 in Airdrie, North Lanarkshire. If anybody fancy’s going give me message on Facebook – thanks.

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