Nathan Thorley Talks Fire and Ice, Buglioni, Yarde and Tommy Hearns

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Undefeated Welsh boxer Nathan Thorley (9-0-0) fights at Cardiff’s Ice Arena Wales on the 14th April. The light heavyweight was a bronze medalist at the 2014 Commonwealth Games. Thorley won the Welsh Area Light Heavyweight Title in his last bout and now returns to fight in his hometown of Cardiff. Last time out an impressive stoppage in the second round against Jermaine Asare. How did you rate your last performance?

Yeah was a goodish performance, second round wasn’t the best until I landed that sweet punch.

See Also Can we expect more of the same on the 14th April?

Yeah we will see what happens on the 14th if that punch lands it lands. How do you feeling training has gone leading up to this fight?

Preparation for this fight has gone well so far just looking forward to getting in there and doing the business with who ever they put in front of me. Any news on an opponent for the night?

There’s a few names floating about at the moment nothing is set in stone as of yet but I know it’s going to be a tough opponent to see if I can get the rounds in. What kind of sparring have you had for this camp?

My sparring has started now. Been over to Bristol sparring over there, will be going back over there to do more Sparring Craig Kennedy a lot, we have great competitive spars together. How important has your relationship with Chris Davies been to your success so far?

My relationship with Chris is really important, he is a great teacher and I’m learning so much from him. For me he’s the best pro coach in Wales, just needs more exposure for what he does. You won the Welsh title last time you fought. Have you got your eyes on Frank Buglioni and his British title next?

Yeah big time, I don’t think much of him to be honest, just tough and very durable takes way too much than he should. I think I could box his head off and make him look very stupid haha. Anthony Yarde is regarded by some as the top light heavyweight in the UK at the moment. Have you seen much of him and if you have, how highly do you rate him?

I’ve seen him he’s powerful and sharp but look who he has fought, load of painters and brickies with padded records to make him look good. I’d like to see him in with someone that can fight. See how he copes with that but he does look pretty good at the moment. For those who haven’t watched you before how would you describe your boxing style?

Tommy Hearns, the main man, long powerful shots and counter puncher who’s not shy of a brawl either. Any past or present boxers that you would say are an influence or inspiration?

Past boxer the hitman Tommy Hearns, he was the man, he is my idol. Currently it is Andre Ward, even though he’s retired he’s just sheer class, untouchable. What got you in to boxing?

Wanted to fight from a young age, out with the dog one day with my dad and came across one of the boys where he had come from. He told us about a boxing gym run by former 2 weight British champ Pat Thomas and I’ve been in gyms ever since, just love it The Fire and Ice card is looking like a stacked show. Great for Welsh boxing. Where can people get tickets?

Yeah it’s a great card. Cracking fighters and people can get ticket from me either contact me on Facebook or Twitter.


The ‘Fire and Ice’ card presented by Sanigar Events promises to be one of the biggest and best nights for Welsh boxing in 2018.


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