Adrien Broner explodes at Leonard Ellerbe at final press conference for Jessie Vargas fight

Anthony Cocks

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Adrien “The Problem” Broner 33-3 (24) blew up at the final press conference ahead of his fight against Jessie Vargas 28-2 (10) this Saturday night at the Barclay Center in Brooklyn, New York, firing off salvos not only at his opponent but also his own co-promoter in Leonard Ellerbe, CEO of Mayweather Promotions.

The 28-year-old Vargas, a natural welterweight, was answering a question at the press conference on Thursday about his perceived size advantage over Broner, who has fought much of his career at 135- and 140-pounds, when the 28-year-old from Cincinnati interrupted.

“I don’t wanna hear none of that shit. When you stepped up and you fought Timothy Bradley you lost and when you stepped up and you fought Pacquiao you lost, so shut that shit up, bitch-ass n*gger,” said Broner.

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“What I’m saying is this: I’m a four-time world champion. I’ve been world champion at ‘47 before. I don’t wanna hear nothin’. Quit talking about all the losses. You ain’t them. You gotta beat me first, no homo… I hope y’all give me credit, cause I’m gonna beat his ass. And I know y’all are against me. Leonard Ellerbe here is against me. They with this bitch-ass n*gger. Leonard a bitch-ass n*gger, too.”

Ellerbe interjected to point out that he represents Mayweather Promotions but Broner was having none of it, insisting that the CEO was there to support Vargas.

“That’s some soft-ass shit. Shut that soft-ass shit up. All that soft-talking. ‘I know you can do it AB.’ Shut that soft-ass shit up. You ain’t with me… y’all against me,” continued Broner.

“This is what they want. They don’t want me to be in nice cars. They don’t want me to be in Rolexes. They don’t want me to be in APs. They don’t want me to be in private jets. They want me to LOSE THIS FIGHT, then go up under the rug and never be talked about again. They don’t want me to see the top of my pinnacle. But guess what man? I trained my ass off. I’m not losing to no Jessie Vargas! Y’all got me f*#ked up. 2018 I’m taking over man. And it starts with Jessie Vargas. And like I said, Leonard, you ain’t with me!”

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