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Exclusive: Jack Catterall reveals world title shot against Terry Flanagan is in the works if all goes to plan

Jack Catterall

Jack Catterall is looking to stop opponent Mohamed Kani this Saturday before looking at potential fights.

Terry Flanagan is fighting for the vacant WBO world super lightweight title against Maurice Hooker on June 9th. The fight has alerted all the super lightweight challengers with many boxers eyeing the winner.

With one eye on the winner of Hooker-Flanagan Catterall revealed some exciting news, but first shared his prediction.

He told Ringnews24.com:

“It’s a tough fight. Terry certainly won’t over look Hooker. Terry’s been at that level in world title fights before and that might give him a slight edge. I hope Terry can come through that fight. That’s a potential fight in the future; I wish him all the best.

“I do predict him to win the fight.”

In an interview with Ringnews24, Ohara Davies revealed he would like to face Flanagan. But in an honest assessment he felt Catterall was more deserving of a world title shot. Davies looks to rebuild his career after his split from Matchroom Boxing.

Catterall agreed and he believes he has worked hard to get into the that WBO position.

“Definitely [more deserving], I’ve been on the WBO route now for some years. I’ve won the WBO European, the WBO Inter-Continental and defended them both – I’m ranked number four with the WBO.

“And at the backend of last year I won the British title that kept my ranking high. My opinion is biased, but I certainly believe I’ve put myself in a better position than Ohara to fight Terry next. “

Catterall shared some exciting news for his fans as a world title fight looms.

“It’s been mentioned a few times. He’s [Terry Flanagan] not boxed for the title yet, he’s got to come through that and win it. I’ve got a fight scheduled, it’s all about timing, but the fight has been talked about. They [promoter/manager] have said: ‘that fight can be made if the planning goes correctly,’ I’m confident it will happen.”