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Exclusive: Chantelle Cameron is targeting Delfine Persoon

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Chantelle Cameron is the current IBO World female lightweight champion and undefeated as a professional in six fights.

Delfine Persoon is the most experienced boxer in the lightweight division having been involved in 41 professional contests.

The two are on course to meet in the not too distant future.

In an interview with Ringnews24, Barry McGuigan added:

“We’ll fight any of them, there’s none that we are concerned about. The great thing about Chantelle is she is 26-years-old and all these girls are older than her. The two that we are targeting – Persoon and Taylor – are 32 and 31 years of age. Chantelle is in her prime years, and she’s getting better every day.”

Cameron revealed she is targeting Persoon, but first she would like to gain more experience.

She told Ringnews24.com:

“She’s very good, she can do it all. She can box, she can fight, she’s clever and she’s a really good opponent. She’s been world champion for years and years. She would be a big fight for me and a massive challenge. I’m targeting her, but I have to make sure I’m making the right adjustments as I don’t want to get in there and get beat – I still need to get more experience.”

Persoon is 33-years-old, while Cameron is in her prime at the age of 27. Cameron believes she is continuing to grow and develop as a boxer.

“I feel like the best of me is coming out right now. I’m getting stronger, each camp I feel like I’m getting stronger and stronger and I’m punching harder. My fitness is there, I’m always pretty fit. My level of fitness is different to others. I have this weird fitness about me. I know that I have the engine. She’s a clever fighter and she’s been around for years. I want to gain more experience working inside the ring.”

Persoon has been involved in 11 world title fights in her nine year career and has been involved in an impressive 41 fights.

Cameron has been a professional boxer for a year in her debut season, and has won all of her six fights. She was involved in three world title fights picking up titles at featherweight and lightweight.

The Northampton boxer doesn’t feel she is too far away from a fight with Persoon.

“I don’t think I’m far away. I’m not worried about her record; I’ve had plenty of amateur fights. The amount of fights she has had doesn’t faze me. I just need to progress in the pro ranks, I’ve only had six fights and I’ve only been a pro a year. I’m still learning the whole transition, I was amateur long enough. I think within a couple of fights I’ll be confident enough to challenge her.”