Exclusive: Lots of broken bones, problems making weight – Scott Quigg wants Oscar Valdez rematch!

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In his last fight Scott Quigg lost a decision to Oscar Valdez, a fighter he had sparred several times.

It wasn’t the start to 2018 that Quigg would have wanted as he aimed to start the year off as the new WBO champion.

The Bury boxer was feeling great and in top condition until he fractured his foot in the lead up to the fight. The injury affected his game plan and training.

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He told

“The first six weeks couldn’t have gone any better. It’s the best I’ve ever felt, it’s the best I’ve been boxing in the gym. I was very sharp, we came up with a great game plan and that was the reason why I didn’t want to pull out of the fight. The first six weeks couldn’t have gone any better.

“Once I fractured my foot that threw a big spanner in the works. I had to change the game plan and I had to be a lot more flat footed. I had to rely on brute strength and my toughness. I did think the fight was going to be toe-to-toe war, like when we sparred. I sparred him about five times and each time we belted ten bells of s**t out of each other. It was good sparring, good to watch and I thought that was how the fight was going to be. I didn’t think I needed much movement to try and get my shots off, but he showed me something different on the night. He picked times when he wanted to fight and he stuck behind his jab and had good lateral movement which caused me problems while closing the distance as my feet was a lot slower due to the injury.”

2.8 pounds overweight, Quigg revealed he plans on staying at featherweight and injury was one of the reasons that prevented him making weight.

“I’d make featherweight, no problem. It was a mistake. I was making weight. I thought better at the time because I brought my weight down early. I was very strict on my nutrition. I brought my nutritionist and chef out earlier once I done my foot as I knew things had to be on point.

“My weight was held too low for a long period of time, that’s why my body wouldn’t shift the last two and a half pounds. I tried everything to shift it, the only thing different was I cut out things earlier than I should of and because I held my weight low for long.

“My body thought it was not being fed and went into shock. It wouldn’t let go of the last bit of fluid that I needed to get out. But no excuses, you make mistakes and I know what I did to try and make the weight. Anyone who thinks I did it on purpose, they can have their opinion, but it’s a load of nonsense. I did everything to try and make the weight on Thursday and Friday morning, but it wasn’t for budging. If I kept trying I probably wouldn’t have been able to fight. “

With lots of broken bones for both opponents – Quigg suffered a broken foot pre-fight and a broken nose during the fight; Valdez suffered a broken jaw which he suffered in round five. Quigg gave an update on his injury and training.

“I am back training. I’ve been back training for about four weeks. When I got back from America I was sat on my arse for eight weeks because I had to let the foot heal. I was just eating junk food and doing nothing – I piled a bit of weight on. The last four weeks now I’ve been back in the gym, lost a load of weight and I’m feeling good and better.”

The 29-year-old loved fighting in America and would like the opportunity to experience fighting in U.S.A again.

“It was good to be honest; it was good. I enjoyed it. It didn’t feel any different. I’ve always said: ‘a ring’s a ring,’ to be honest, I enjoyed it. It was a different experience, but one that I enjoyed – I’d love to fight in America again. The experience was good and with my training over there, it’s not like it was new to me. The area is familiar, I’ve been and watched three or four fights – I’ve been to the Stubhub before. It didn’t feel like I was away from home.”

Quigg didn’t have any complaints with the judges although he thought the fight was closer than the scorecards.

“It is one of them, it depends and I thought it was closer. They could have given him a round, if by if he just nicked a round. The right man won, there are no complaints from me.

“I did think it was a bit closer than that on the cards. There’s no argument I couldn’t say ‘I won the fight,’ it doesn’t really matter. I did think it was closer than what the scorecards suggested, but it doesn’t make much difference. “

With Quigg having a perfect training camp up until his injury there is no doubt his broken foot had an impact on the fight. Quigg wants the chance to avenge the loss.

“I’d be interested in a rematch with Oscar Valdez – I want to avenge both losses [Frampton and Valdez].

“Down the line I’d love to work my way back and get the rematch with Valdez – I do believe I could beat him on another day.”

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