WBO News: Another Successful Boxing Officials’ Seminar Was Held In Chicago

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The World Boxing Organization and the Illinois State Athletic Commission concluded a successful training seminar for boxing officials at the Garfield Park – Golden Dome, Chicago, Illinois.

This event covered different topics, such as refereeing, judging, rules, and ethics; the seminar followed an interactive format with the purpose of giving ring officials the necessary knowledge, confidence and experience to execute good judgement of a boxing match.

John Duggan, First Vice-President of the WBO, stated that some of the objectives of these events are to “improve the quality of officiating” and he highlighted the importance of cross training ring officials in order to ensure the correct decisions are made during a boxing match, “correct officiating is important to ensure the right and deserving winner is named in a fight”.

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Meanwhile, referee Celestino Ruiz and former referee Gino Rodriguez conducted the referees’ training and stressed out the importance of taking control from the moment instructions are given in the locker room; the necessity of having proper knowledge of the rules and being correctly positioned during a fight.

Ethics and professionalism were also covered, as fundamental aspects in the development of a career as a boxing official.

Videos were used to exemplify, analyze and break down different decisions during a boxing match, this is important to help participants understand some of the scenarios they may have to face, it offers them the possibility to clarify doubts while at the same time put their knowledge to test.

The WBO values these opportunities to contribute with the training of boxing officials and help them attain mastery of their skills.

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