Jez Smith finding it difficult to balance work and full time training as he prepares for 12th fight

Harry Drinkwater

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Welterweight Jez Smith has spoken on the difficulty of balancing work with full time training as he prepares for his 12th professional fight this weekend.

Harrow-born Smith was a successful amateur and is from boxing family in which his brother Mitchell – who was voted best young boxer in 2015.

After building his resume back up from his draw with Macaulay McGowan in 2016, Smith has been slowly rebuilding with Mo Prior’s British Warriors who’s show he fights on Saturday.

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The 24-year-old is currently unbeaten in his professional career and is set to win big titles in the near future, however despite his successful career he balances all of his training with working full-time still.

“I still work as a plumber and then when I am not at work I train and do my running outside of that,” Jez explains.

“It’s not easy, I am always focussed on my boxing but you still need to earn money. I feel like I am ready for titles, but you can’t just give up working.

“I am always on the lookout for sponsorship and support, even if it means I can just cut my hours down then that will help enormously.

“I truly believe with the right support I can go on to win major titles. I want to make a serious career out of this, I feel I have the talent so it would be great to get that little bit of help.

“Only fighters who are not fighting full-time and work around their training will really understand how hard it is, I know my own potential and where I would be if I could stop working.

Jez would like to thank Beyond The Ropes Podcast for their constant support. He is currently looking for more sponsors so if any companies would like to get in contact with Jez for sponsorship/endorsements then you can contact him via his Twitter: @jezsmith.

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