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The Past Week in Action 23 October 2018


-Demetrius Andrade outclasses Walter Kautondokwa to win the vacant WBO middleweight title

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-Rob Brant spring major upset as he outpoints Ryota Murata for the secondary WBA middleweight title

-Tevin Farmer halts James Tennyson in IBF super feather title defence

-Emmanuel Rodriguez just edges out Jason Moloney to retain the IBF bantam title and moves into the semi-finals of the WBSS tournament and Yuniel Dorticos get close verdict over Mateusz Masternak to qualify for the semi-finals of the WBSS cruiser tournament

Arsen Goulamirian stops Mark Flanagan in defence of his interim WBA cruiser title

-Kid Galahad gets unanimous verdict over Toka Kahn Clary in IBF featherweight eliminator and Brits Tommy Coyle and Scott Quigg also score wins in Boston

-Johnny Garton wins the vacant British welterweight title with stoppage of former WBO title challenger Gary Corcoran and Anthony Yarde moves to 17-0 with stoppage of Argentinian Walter Sequeira

-Prospects Michael Conlan, Esquiva Falcao, Jason Quigley and Maxim Dadashev continue unbeaten

-Emmanuel Tagoe gets wide unanimous decision over Namibian veteran Paulus Moses who announces his retirement


October 20

Boston. MA, USA: Super Feather: Tevin Farmer (27-4-1,1ND) W KO 5 James Tennyson (22-3). Middle: Demetrius Andrade (26-0) W PTS 12 Walter Kautondokwa (17-1). Feather: Kid Galahad (25-0) W PTS 12 Toka Kahn Clary (25-2). Super Light: Tommy Coyle (25-4) W PTS 10 Ryan Kielczewski (29-4). Super Welter: Mark DeLuca (22-1) W PTS 10 Walter Wright (17-5). Feather: Scott Quigg (36-2-2) W TKO 2 Mario Briones (29-8-2). Heavy: Niall Kennedy (12-0-1) W PTS 6 Brendan Barrett (7-1-2). Welter: Daniyar Yeleussinov (4-0) W TKO 1 Matt Doherty (8-6-1).

Farmer vs. Tennyson

Farmer uses some wicked left hooks to the body to end Tennyson’s challenge and retain the IBF title.

Round 1

Fast-paced opener as Tennyson takes the fight to Farmer marching forward firing jabs and rights. Farmer on the back foot scoring with southpaw jabs and left hooks. Plenty of movement from Farmer who is quicker of hand and foot and finds gaps for counters.

Score 10-9 Farmer

Round 2

Tennyson still trying to get inside but Farmer too quick. The champion is sliding home jabs and countering with lefts to head and body changing angles and firing flashy combinations. Tennyson manages to work inside late in the round but Farmer’s round easily.

Score 10-9 Farmer Farmer 20-18

Round 3

Much better round for Tennyson. He hustles Farmer for the whole three minutes doing a better job of cutting off the ring. Farmer off target with many of his punches and drawn into a brawl over the last minute of the round.

Score 10-9 Tennyson Farmer 29-28

Round 4

Tennyson marching forward again. Farmer on the back foot but this time avoiding working inside. He is moving fast and pinging Tennyson with light, quick punches as Tennyson comes forward. Late in the round he curves a left around Tennyson’s guard and into the ribs that collapses Tennyson to his hands and knees in pain. Tennyson is up at seven and goes back onto the attack until the bell.

Score 10-8 Farmer Farmer 39-36

Official scores: 40-35, 40-36 and 38-37 for Farmer

Round 5

Farmer is put under pressure again in this one. He is getting through with rights to the body but Tennyson keeps coming. Farmer on the back foot is landing quick jabs and straight rights but without power. A right to the body sees Tennyson dip at the knees obviously hurt. He goes back onto the attack but another left hook drops him and the referee rules the fight over with Tennyson disputing the speed of the referee’s decision as he had arisen from the same punch in the fourth and fought on.

“American Idol”, Farmer, 28, was making the first defence of the IBF title he won with a points win over Billy Dib in August. After losing on an eighth round stoppage to Jose Pedraza in 2012 he was a very modest 7-4-1, He has now gone 20-0,1ND in his last 21 fights. The story behind the No Decision is that in December he lost on a split decision against Kenichi Ogawa in a fight for the vacant IBF title only for Ogawa to test positive for a banned substance resulting in a No Decision ruling. Farmer is very fast and very clever but at times looked a little light weight. Tennyson 25 was 14-1 in his last 15 fights before this one. He had won the European and Commonwealth titles by overcoming unbeaten Martin Joseph Ward but the body punching from Farmer was just too much for him and he suffers his third loss by KO/TKO.

Andrade vs. Kautondokwa

Andrade wins the vacant WBO title as he floors Namibian Kautondokwa four times on the way to a unanimous points victory.

Round 1

Great start for Andrade. He was much quicker than the big Namibian and was sliding punches through Kautondokwa’s guard. Late in the round Andrade threw two straight lefts. The first landed and shook Kautondokwa but in avoiding the second he tumbled to the canvas. He had one knee and one glove on the floor when Andrade landed another punch. Kautondokwa was up at eight and before signalling for the fight to continue the referee warned Andrade for the foul punch. Andrade got off too lightly as his action deserved at least a point deduction if not disqualification. Andrade was unable to land another meaningful punch in the time remaining in the round.

Score 10-8 Andrade

Round 2

Andrade used dazzling footwork and fast hands to outbox the Namibian. Kautondokwa was trundling after Andrade but was just not letting his hands go. The movement of Andrade was making it difficult for Kautondokwa to find his range and Andrade was buzzing around the Namibian nipping in and landing and getting out before Kautondokwa could counter.

Score 10-9 Andrade Andrade 20-17

Round 3

After being outboxed at the start of the round Kautondokwa finally managed to get close and land some powerful hooks to the body. He threw a right cross which Andrade stepped inside and as Kautondokwa was straightening up Andrade came over the top with a crunching left that floored Kautondokwa. Andrade thought the fight was over and raced to a corner and climbed the ropes to celebrate. Whilst he was doing that Kautondokwa was climbing to his feet at the count of six and was ready to continue the fight. Andrade went for the finish and landed some lefts but Kautondokwa fought back to the bell.

Score 10-8 Andrade Andrade 30-25

Round 4

Andrade was looking to finish it and letting fly with lefts. Kautondokwa seemed to have recovered from the knockdown in the third but as he drove forward Andrade drilled him with a left and Kautondokwa dropped to his knees. Andrade was knocked off balance as he landed the punch and his gloves touched the canvas as he righted himself. Kautondokwa was up at eight and tried to march forward but was walking into hard counters from both hands and another floored him. He was up early and again tried to chase down Andrade but was nailed with some hefty lefts.

Score 10-7Andrade Andrade 40-32

Round 5

With Kautondokwa having been down four times it seemed that the fight could not last much longer and the referee asked the doctor to examine Kautondokwa before the start of the round but the fight continued. This was an incident free round. Kautondokwa scored with a good right early and was not lunging in so much. Andrade was moving more than punching less. He finished the round with a flashy combination but some of the punches were low

Score 10-9 Andrade Andrade 50-41

Round 6

The pace had dropped dramatically Andrade was finding gaps but throwing fewer punches and Kautondokwa was slow and inaccurate with his punches. Andrade did most of the scoring but again many of his punches were landing low. Both fighters went over but they were from trips.

Score 10-9 Andrade Andrade 60-50

Round 7

Andrade briefly switched to orthodox but it brought him no success so he switched back to southpaw. He was getting through with his jab and occasionally throwing a burst of punches and Kautondokwa landed one hard right but the fight was flat.

Score 10-9 Andrade Andrade 70-59

Round 8

Another low action round. Andrade was moving too quickly for Kautondokwa to connect but was throwing fewer punches himself and not loading up on those he did throw. Kautondokwa did land one right to the head but that was all.

Score 10-9 Andrade Andrade 80-68

Round 9

No change. Andrade was waiting for Kautondokwa to lunge forward and then scoring with a quick burst of counters but he was not taking the initiative just countering. Kautondokwa was still failing to land anything of note in a drab fight.

Score 10-9 Andrade Andrade 90-77

Round 10

Another low intensity round with even less punches thrown than in the ninth. It was close as Kautondokwa had come to taking a round because Andrade did so little but Andrade was more accurate with the punches he did throw.

Score 10-9 Andarde Andrade 100-86

Round 11

Andrade let his lefts go more in this round but was mostly luring Kautondokwa forward and countering and there was no sustained action from either fighter. Kautondokwa landed one right and that was his contribution to another dreary round.

Score 10-9 Andrade Andrade 110-95

Round 12

Andrade threw a lot more punches in this round actually taking the fight to Kautondokwa and landing quick combinations. Again he was not sustaining his attacks and both fighters seemed content to not take any risks as Andrade boxed his way to victory.

Score 10-9 Andrade Andrade 120-104

Official scores: 120-104 twice and 119-105 all for Andrade.

Andrade wins and becomes a two division champion already having held the WBO and secondary WBA titles at super welter. Over the first four rounds he looked a class act but despite his celebration of victory in the third round he then fell away badly from the fifth and it was a pedestrian performance after that. The WBO title was vacant because champion Billy Joe Saunders had a controversial positive test for a banned substance and although the British Board followed their rules and did not suspend Saunders the Massachusetts Commission banned Saunders from fighting in their State. Hopefully the matter can be settled and Saunders gets a chance to regain his title. Namibian Kautondokwa, 33, came in at only two weeks’ notice and had never faced anyone close to the level of Andrade. He did well not to buckle under after those four early knockdowns but he lacked the speed or technique to threaten Andrade.

Galahad vs. Clary

Galahad gets an important win as he outpoints southpaw Clary in an IBF eliminator. The silky skills of the Sheffield fighter were just too much for Clary. Constantly switching guards and angles Galahad swept the early rounds. He was busier and more accurate and apart from the occasional heavy left he managed to land Clary just could not compete. After Clary landed one of those in the fourth Galahad fired back with an array of punches in the fifth to keep control of the fight. Clary banged home another of his lefts in the seventh but again Galahad came back and raked Clary with punches throughout the tenth. Clary tried hard to find a home for his left over the last two rounds but Galahad was too clever and too quick and was a clear winner. Scores 118-110 twice and 115-113 for Galahad. The No 1 and No 2 spots in the IBF ratings are vacant but with this win Galahad should be able to move into the mandatory challenger slot. The champion Josh Warrington has a big fight coming against Carl Frampton in December and Galahad will be hoping to fight the winner in the New Year. There were big questions over Clary’s future when he was knocked out in 90 seconds by Filipino Jhon Gemino but a run of six wins had seen him climb to No 8 in the IBF ratings.

Coyle vs. Kielczewski

Coyle gets a good win over late substitute Kielczewski. Both fighters enjoyed some success over the opening two rounds with Coyle just getting the better of the exchanges. The fight remained close over the following four rounds with Coyle still in front due to his busier style and more accurate punching. There was still a chance that Kielczewski might turn things around but in the seventh a left to the head saw Kielczewski drop to one knee in a delayed action knockdown. He made it to his feet and fought off Coyle’s attempts to end things. Kielczewski tired to claw back the lost points but Coyle took no chances knowing he was in front he chose to box his way to the win. Scores 99-90, 98-91 and 96-93 all for Coyle. The Hull man has been in some outstanding fights particularly his win over Daniel Brizuela in 2014 when he climbed off the floor four times before halting Brizuela in the twelfth. He floored and stopped Michael Katsidis in the same year but lost to Luke Campbell and Tyrone Nurse. He collected the Commonwealth title in April this year with a victory over Sean Dodd. “The Polish Prince” Kielczewski won his opening 22 fights. He then went 4-3 in 7 but had rebounded with three inside the distance win before this fight.

DeLuca vs. Wright

DeLuca gets revenge for his only defeat as he takes unanimous decision over Wright. DeLuca took an early lead hurting Wright with some powerful southpaw lefts in rounds one and two. Wright fired back over the third and fourth to keep things close. DeLuca was constantly switching guards in the fight. He took the fifth scoring with some strong rights but they both landed some crisp punches in the sixth. Deluca looked to have taken the seventh as a right sent Wright’s mouthguard flying but Wright fought back hard in the eighth and ninth to put the result in the balance. DeLuca just had that bit more left in the last and edged the round to take the decision. Scores 96-94 twice and 97-93 for DeLuca. “Bazooka” DeLuca gets back the IBA world and WBA-NABA titles he lost to Wright in October. Wright, 37, is now 3-1 since returning with a win in January for his first fight for five years.

Quigg vs. Briones

In his first fight since losing to Oscar Valdez for the WBO featherweight title in March Quigg blasts out Briones with a ferocious attack in the second round. Both scored with some tasty punches in the first with Briones landing a hard right. Quigg was undeterred and in the second as they traded punches Quigg landed a right uppercut a left to the head and a huge right to send Briones into the ropes. Quigg then landed three blistering head punches and the referee jumped forward to stop the fight. Briones protested but it was a good stoppage. Quigg goes to 16 wins by KO/TKO. and will be looking for a title shot next year. He suffered a broken jaw when losing to Carl Frampton and a broken nose when losing to Oscar Valdez so will be hoping for another title shot this at featherweight and an injury free fight. Mexican Briones was 21-1-1 at the start of his career but is 4-5 in his last 9 fights with four of those losses by KO/TKO.

Kennedy vs. Barrett

After having to settle for a majority draw in his last fight Irishman Kennedy puts another win on his record as he outpoints Barrett. Both scored with some crisp punches in the first. Kennedy was down in the second but he was violently thrown there and Barrett was given a warning. Kennedy was using his height and reach to do the cleaner scoring but Barrett remained competitive as they traded punches in the third and fourth. In the fifth Kennedy sent Barrett down with an overhand right and he rocked Barrett with a right in the last to secure a good win. Scores 60-53 twice and 58-55 for 34-year-old Kennedy who is making progress but slowly. Barrett loses for the first time.

Yeleussinov vs. Doherty

Brooklyn based “Kazak Thunder” Yeleussinov gets a quick win as he halts Doherty in the opening round. Yeleussinov showered poor Doherty with punches simply overwhelming the local fighter before landing a wicked body shot that had the referee stepping in quickly before Doherty even went down. The 27-year-old has gold medals from the Olympics and World championships and gets his second pro win. Third loss in a row for Doherty.

Orlando, FL, USA: Bantam: Emmanuel Rodriguez (19-0) W PTS 12 Jason Moloney (17-1). Cruiser: Yunier Dorticos (23-1) W PTS 12 Mateusz Masternak (41-5). Cruiser: Mike Perez (24-3-1) W PTS 10 Keith Tapia (18-2). Bantam: Stephon Young (18-1-3) W PTS 10 Wilner Soto (21-5).

Rodriguez vs. Moloney

Rodriguez gets split decision over Moloney to go through to the semi-finals of the WBSS tournament and keeps his IBF title.

Round 1

In a fast-paced first round Rodriguez was on the front foot scoring with quick jabs and countering when Moloney surged forward. Moloney scored a couple of nice rights but the left hooks to the body and countering rights gave Rodriguez the edge.

Score 10-9 Rodriguez

Round 2

They were two very quick little men. Moloney had some success with his attacks early but then Rodriguez began to anticipate them. He was landing sharp left hooks on the advancing Australian and doubling up on his left hooks inside and outscoring Moloney.

Score 10-9 Rodriguez Rodriguez 20-18

Round 3

Maloney made a good start to the third landed a couple of rights and then sent Rodriguez back on heels with a left hook. He frustrated Rodriguez’s attempts to land with some clever movement and landed a couple on hooks to take the round.

Score 10-9 Moloney Rodriguez 29-28

Round 4

A much closer round. Both were firing jabs and hooks. Moloney was circling the ring and then stepping in with bursts of punches. Rodriguez was tracking the Australian and countering and scoring inside and just did enough to edge the round.

Score 10-9 Rodriguez Rodriguez 39-37

Round 5

Rodriguez scored with some left hooks and a straight right as he upped his pace in this one. He was spearing Moloney with his jab and landing his trade mark left hooks. Moloney was finding it difficult to score inside and it was Rodriguez’s round

Score 10-9 Rodriguez Rodriguez 49-46

Round 6

Moloney was scoring with snappy jabs and then getting inside with hooks to the body and not giving Rodriguez the time to counter. He outworked Rodriguez who was unable to land anything of note.

Score 10-9 Moloney Rodriguez 58-56

Round 7

Another close one. They traded jabs at the start. Rodriguez scored with a bunch of hooks half way through the round. Moloney landed some short right hooks and Rodriguez landed a sharp right and was generally more accurate which was just enough for him to shade the round.

Score 10-9 Rodriguez Rodriguez 68-65

Round 8

Rodriguez was working well with the jab using it more than he had earlier and also using some clever upper body movement to slip Moloney’s punches. Moloney tried to press harder but Rodriguez was picking him off with lefts.

Score 10-9 Rodriguez Rodriguez 78-74

Round 9

Once again in a $1 million fight the $5 tape on Rodriguez wrist came loose. This can’t be difficult to solve. Moloney needed a good round and he produced one. He buzzed around nipping in and scoring with burst of three or four hooks and then getting out. Rodriguez’s work rate was down and Moloney was on the front foot and pressurising Rodriguez for the whole three minutes. Rodriguez did get home one big right but that was all

Score 10-9 Moloney Rodriguez 87-84

Round 10

Rodriguez was now the one on the back foot but he was boxing well and landing counter hooks as Moloney tried to get inside. Moloney kept marching forward but was being caught with jabs. Rodriguez was tying Moloney up inside and was warned for holding. Moloney kept throwing punches but not much of what he was throwing was landing

Score 10-9 Rodriguez Rodriguez 97-93

Round 11

Rodriguez was doing some scoring at distance at the start of the round but then Moloney began to get inside and hook to the body with both hands. Rodriguez stopped punching and was trying just to stay close to stifle Moloney’s attacks but not really working himself and Moloney finished the round with some smart hooks.

Score 10-9 Moloney Rodriguez 106-103

Round 12

In a wild last round Moloney was cut in a clash of heads and then proceeded to hunt Rodriguez down landing more and harder punches with a tired Rodriguez firing back but with no power and little accuracy

Score 10-9 Moloney Rodriguez 115-113

Official scores: 115-113 twice for Rodriguez and 115-113 for Moloney

Rodriguez just held onto his title on the basis of the early rounds and Moloney came so close to winning. The Puerto Rican will now go on to face Naoya Inoue in the semi-finals and Moloney will keep busy as he waits for another world title chance which will come for sure in 2019.

Dorticos vs. Masternak

Another round of the WBSS tournament and another close decision. It looked as though the bigger puncher Dorticos might end this one early as he dominated the opening rounds. The Cuban just did enough to edge the first and was landing straight rights through the Pole’s high guard and curving hooks around t Masternak’s elbows and into his ribs in the second. He looked to have shaken Masternak with a volley of punches at the end of the round. Things looked bleak for Masternak in the third as he suffered two cuts, one around each eye. Despite these setbacks Masternak was by no means out of the fight and he began to score with his strong jab and get home with rights of his own as he clawed his way back into the fight. Dorticos was by far the harder puncher but he had put a lot into those early rounds and by the eighth was noticeably slowing. Masternak had a good ninth and looked to be almost on level terms but Dorticos took the tenth as again his power made the difference. The eleventh was a vital round and Dorticos jarred Masternak early with his jab and landed enough long rights to take the round. Masternak put in a huge effort in the last storming forward behind his jab and landing clubbing shots up and down. An exhausted Dorticos was holding on at the end but had done enough. Scores 115-113 twice and 116-112 all for Dorticos. The 32-year-old Cuban lost in the first cruiser series on a twelfth round stoppage against Murat Gassiev. This time he will face unbeaten Andrew Tabiti. Masternak lost a very close decision to Tony Bellew for the vacant European title in 2015 but had bounced back with five wins including victories over Ismayl Sillah and Youri Kayembre Kalenga and at 31 there are still some good fights for him.

Tapia vs. Perez

The fight started badly for southpaw Perez. The taller Tapia was sliding home jabs and long rights and near the end of the round as Tapia bent over to avoid a punch Perez landed a shot to the back of the Puerto Rican’s head and was deducted a point. So one round over and already two points down for Perez. Both scored with good punches in the second but Perez began to use his strength to get past the jab and thump away to Tapia’s body. Tapia scored with some tasty counters in the fifth but again in an untidy sixth Perez was muscling his way inside. Perez continued to drive past Tapia’s jab in the seventh and eighth and rough the Puerto Rican up. A tiring Tapia was having difficulty in keeping Perez out in the ninth and was being outfought on the inside with Perez throwing Tapia to the canvas at the end of the round. Both fighters gave it everything in the last each landing some wild, tired swings as they brawled to the bell. Scores 96-93 twice and 97-92 for Perez. The 32-year-old Cuban “Rebel” started out as a heavyweight where he drew with Carlos Takam but lost on a first round stoppage against Alex Povetkin for the WBC Silver title in 2015. He took a year out and moved down to cruiser losing on points to Mairis Breidis for the WBC title in a quarter-final of the WBSS tournament. Bronx-born Tapia won his first 17 fights before losing on points to Andrew Tapia in 2016. He was then inactive for 16 months before outpointing Lateef Kayode in September last year.

Young vs. Soto

St Louis southpaw Young has too much speed and skill for a willing but limited Soto. A straight left from Young put Soto over after just two minutes of the first round but despite shipping some more rights Soto made it to the bell. The flashy skills of Young saw him outboxing Soto over the next six rounds but persistent aggression from Soto kept Young busy .Young was winning the rounds but over the last three Soto kept coming forcing Young to stand and trade more and in the end Young had to fight hard to the last bell to get the verdict. Scores 99-90 twice and 97-92 for Young. First fight for Young since losing to unbeaten Filipino Rey Gaballo for the interim WBA bantam title in March. Colombian Soto had won 5 of his last 6.

Las Vegas, NV, USA: Middle: Rob Brant (24-1) W PTS 12 Ryota Murata (14-2). Super Light: Maxim Dadashev (12-0) W PTS 10 Antonio DeMarco (33-7-1). Middle: Esquiva Falcao (22-0) W PTS 10 Guido Pitto (25-5-2). Light: Fazliddin Gaibnazarov (6-0) W TKO 2 Wilbert Lopez (23-10). Michael Conlan (9-0) W TKO 7 Nicola Cipolletta (14-7-2).

Brant vs. Murata

Brant springs a major shock as he totally outboxes Murata and wins a wide unanimous decision to lift the secondary WBA title and scupper any plans for a Murata vs. Gennady Golovkin fight.

Round 1

This was a totally different Brant to the hesitant almost frozen fighter who lost to Juergen Brahmer in the WBSS. He was into his stride immediately firing jabs straight rights and hooks with both hands and a right uppercut was the best punch in the round. Murata was walking forward behind a high guard and did not really throw much until the closing minute. It was the same Murata who lost to Hassan N’Dam N’Jikam because of such a slow start.

Score 10-9 Brant

Round 2

Brant’s round. He was firing lots of punches at an almost static Murata who was walking forward in a straight line. Brant was able to land a bunch of punches and move before Murata could counter. Murata was throwing single punches and being outworked.

Score 10-9 Brant Brant 20-18

Round 3

Much better from Murata. He was upping his pace and using his right landing a couple of clubbing shots early. He was following his jab with solid left hooks to the body and Brant was only able to counter with light, quick punches. It was Murata’s round but he was showing a slight swelling under his right eye.

Score 10-9 Murata Brant 29-28

Round 4

Brant was moving and punching again and slotting a stream of jabs thorough the guard of the advancing Murata. The Japanese fighter came to life over the last minute and landed some hard rights but Brant was peppering him with light jabs and straight rights. Murata now had swellings under both eyes.

Score 10-9 Brant Brant 39-37

Round 5

Brant was comfortably outboxing Murata in the first third of this round but over the second and third parts of the round Murata was landing hard straight rights. Brant kept throwing bursts of punches but it was Murata’s round.

Score 10-9 Murata Brant 48-47

Round 6

Brant back in control. He could not miss Murata with his jab and was finding a home for the straight rights and left hooks that he strung together whilst boxing on the back foot. Murata was just too slow and loading up on his rights and not throwing or landing enough.

Score 10-9 Brant Brant 58-56

Round 7

Murata was marching forward throwing hard rights and for a while Brant seemed to be finding the power of the champion too much for him. He rallied and was countering with quick, accurate punches but Murata scored with some hefty rights to take the round.

Score 10-9 Murata Brant 67-66

Round 8

Brant was back on form in this one. He was on the move spearing the oncoming Murata with jabs and drilling him with straight rights. Murata kept marching into the punches but the constant movement from Brant was leaving him a pace behind and all too often pawing at the place where Brant had been. Murata’s right eye had a swelling above and below and also under his left eye.

Score 10-9 Brant Brant 77-75

Round 9

A close round but Brant’s Murata landed some strong rights but again single punches. Brant was raking Murata with jabs and straight rights and whenever Murata landed a right Brant was firing back with four or five punches of his own and the rights Murata did land did not shake Brant in the least.

Score 10-9 Brant Brant 87-84

Round 10

Murata was a tired man trying to win the fight with one punch. He kept throwing the right. A couple landed but Brant was piercing Murata’s guard with an array of punches and Brant finished the round with a flourish forcing Murata back and landing some eye-catching combinations.

Score 10-9 Brant Brant 97-93

Round 11

Another round for Brant. He was still moving slickly and scoring with flashing combinations. Murata landed a couple of rights but the only effect they had on Brant was to spur him into firing punches of his own including a blazing six-punch combination all of which landed on a wide open Murata

Score 10-9 Brant 107-102

Round 12

Two tired guys swung their way through this one. Both landed some hard shots but as the round closed Brant was the one pounding the punches home with Murata rocked on a couple of occasions as his title slipped away.

Score 10-9 Brant Scores 117-111

Official scores 119-109, 119-109 and 118-110 all for Brant

Brant boxed far better than expected and Murata far worse. Brant can now put his dismal performance in the WBSS super middleweight tournament behind him and look for some big fights in his natural division. Murata was a huge disappointment. He looked limited and slow and although he has powerful backers it is difficult at 32 to see him giving any of the top middleweights sleepless nights.

Dadashev vs. DeMarco

Dadashev keeps his NABF title with victory over DeMarco. This was very much a tactical battle, interesting but not enthralling. Both showed excellent skills and the first two rounds could have been scored either way. Dadashev scored with some rights early in the third but DeMarco ended the round strongly knocking Dadashev back with a southpaw left and landing some more powerful shots. Dadashev did better in the fourth with left hooks and strong rights that twice halted DeMarco in his tracks. They both boxed neatly in the fifth until the end of the round. A fierce exchange saw the punches flying with DeMarco getting the better of the exchange. The sixth, seventh and eighth were close but Dadashev boxing on the back foot and countering did enough to shade them. DeMarco tried to force the fight in the ninth and scored with some long lefts but Dadashev was busier and bombarded the Mexican with hooks from both hands with a tired DeMarco often trapped on the ropes and under fire. DeMarco needed a knockout and he marched forward in the tenth throwing punches. Dadashev boxed brilliantly ducking, bobbing weaving to leave DeMarco punching air and then bouncing in with quick bursts of hooks and uppercuts and out again. Scores 98-92, 97-93 and 96-94 all for Dadashev but he looked a clearer winner that the last score. The 28-year-old Russian “Mad Max” from Leningrad is a class boxer with great hand speed clever and quick movement and excellent defensive skills. He had lots of success as an amateur but at the European Games in 2015 he lost a very controversial decision to Ireland’s Dean Walsh. The two judges who voted for Walsh were reportedly both sacked and that helped Dadashev make up his mind to turn pro. He is rated No 13 with the WBO. Former WBC lightweight champion DeMarco took 14 months out after consecutive losses to Jessie Vargas, Rances Barthelemy and Omar Figueroa but had two good wins last year.

Falcao vs. Pitto

Brazilian Falcao goes ten rounds for the first time with victory over Argentinian Pitto. A focused body attack from southpaw Falcao formed the basis for this win. He was always in control but came out with quite a few bumps and bruises from headwork by Pitto. Falcao’s punches already brought out a bruise under Pitto’s left eye at the end of the first round. Pitto landed some good punches in the second but a Falcao punch opened a cut over Pitto’s left eye in the third. Falcao outlanded Pitto in the fourth but the fifth was more even. From the sixth Falcao was in control and he had Pitto badly shaken in the ninth. The Argentinian survived but took more punishment in the tenth. Scores 100-90 for Falcao. He won a silver medal in the 2011 World Championships and silver at the 2012 Olympics losing to Ryota Murata at both tournaments. Pitto pulled off a big surprise when in 2013 when he took a split decision over then unbeaten Jack Culcay but lost to Culcay in a return and was stopped by Zaurbek Baysangurov for the IBO title in 2014. Now based in Barcelona he is 2-3-1 in his last six fights.

Gaibnazarov vs. Lopez

Olympic gold medallist Gaibnazarov seems to be finding his feet as a pro. The Uzbek southpaw looked more poised and let his hands go more freely than in his other five pro fights. Although Lopez was 5” taller than Gaibnazarov he could not keep the Uzbek out and was taking a beating when the referee stopped the fight. Third win by KO/TKO for Gaibnazarov. Lopez, also a southpaw, had won 5 of his last six.

Conlan vs. Cipolletta

Conlan halts a defence minded Cipolletta. Conlan had the Italian on the back foot early scoring with powerful jabs and body punches. A right had Cipolletta in trouble in the second and Conlan stepped up his body attacks in the third. From there Cipolletta was just looking to survive making life difficult for Conlan who was looking to get him out of there. Cipolletta might have survived to the last bell but the referee stopped the one-sided fight in the seventh. The 26-year-old from Belfast is more than ready for better opposition than this as he gets his sixth win by KO/TKO. Cipolletta is a former Italian featherweight champion and had lost and drawn in challenges for the super featherweight title but was no real test for Conlan.

Marseille, France: Cruiser: Arsen Goulamirian (24-0) W TKO 9 Mark Flanagan (24-6). Super Middle: Dylan Charrat (17-0-1) DREW 12 Howard Cospolite (17-6-3). Super Middle: Louis Toutin (12-0) W TKO 4 Jose Varela (25-8) Super Welter: Mohammed Rabii (7-0) W TKO 1 Gogi Knezevic (33-8-1). Super Middle; Michael Diallo (17-0-2) W KO 1 Luis Paz (12-6-1). Light Heavy: Mehdi Amar (35-6) W PTS 6 Genaro Quiroga (14-14).

Goulamirian vs. Flanagan

Goulamirian retains the interim WBA title with brutal stoppage of Australian Flanagan. The challenger made a confident start boxing on the retreat but scoring with quick jabs and left hooks to the body. He strayed low and was given two warnings. Goulamirian was tracking Flanagan but finding the Australian a difficult target. In the second Goulamirian walked in behind a high guard and Flanagan speared him with jabs and quick hooks whilst circling the perimeter of the ring. Two cracking rights from Goulamirian showed he was the one with the power. Flanagan stood and exchange punches with Goulamirian at the start of the third but then went onto the back foot again. The challenger was doing his share of the scoring but Goulamirian was increasing the pressure and it was obvious that Flanagan lacked the power to hurt Goulamirian. Goulamirian upped his punch output in the fourth again landing some body shots and Flanagan was slowing and he was shaken by a huge straight right in the fifth. Goulamirian cut loose in the sixth forcing Flanagan back with a strong jab and then landing left hooks to the body and right uppercuts. Flanagan’s work rate had dropped and he was mainly just trying to hold Goulamirian off. He was being systematically broken down by Goulamirian who was now putting together some cruel combinations. Flanagan made a spirited effort in the seventh scoring with some quick hooks but was driven back by Goulamirian who was landing left hooks to the body and a straight rights. Goulamirian continued to pound on Flanagan in the eighth landing some heavy rights to the head. A series of punches in the ninth dropped Flanagan and although he made it to his feet he was put down again. He was up quickly but was being driven across the ring by a series of head punches and the referee halted the contest. First defence of the title for the 31-year-old Armenian-born “Fire” Goulamirian and win No 16 by KO/TKO. He was just too strong and punched too hard for Flanagan. The challenger, the WBA No 10, is now 13-2 in his last 15 fights with the other loss being on points against Denis Lebedev for the WBA title in July last year.

Charrat vs. Cospolite

The European Union title remains vacant after these two Frenchman ended up honours even. The unbeaten Charrat was favourite but Cospolite looked unlucky not to get the decision. Scores 117-111 for Cospolite, 115-113 for Charrat and 115-115. No guarantee these two will contest the title again as sometimes the EBU look towards giving other fighters a chance and there is a lack of quality in Charrat’s victims and Cospolite was making the second attempt to win an EU title.

Toutin vs. Varela

No trouble here for the hot prospect Toutin. After chasing down veteran Varela over the first two rounds He caught up with him in the third flooring the Nicaraguan. Varela made it to his feet and to the bell but in the fourth two left hooks had him staggering and an overhand right and a left put him down and the fight was stopped. The 21-year-old Toutin, a member of the French Traveller community, won the French light heavy title last year with a first round kayo of experienced Hugo Kasperski but relinquished to title to return to the super middles. He gets his eleventh win by KO/TKO. Varela, 39, has been in with names such as Daniel Jacobs and Erislandy Lara but this is his fifth loss by KO/TKO.

Rabii vs. Knezevic

Rabii bombs out Knezevic in the first round. Knezevic was trying to take the fight to Rabii but a left hook stopped him in his tracks and a straight right sent him staggering back to the ropes and down. Knezevic beat the count but was on very shaky legs and when the referee signalled for the action to restart Rabii landed three rights to the head of Knezevic and the fight was stopped. The 25-year-old World Championship gold and Olympic bronze medallist from Moroccan gets his fifth win by KO/TKO. Austrian Knezevic, 39, no real test for Rabii.

Diallo vs. Paz

The hard-punching “Catalonian Bomber” Diallo wipes out Argentinian Paz inside three minutes. The French-born Diallo had an unimpressive start to his career with a couple of early draws but has now won 13 of his last 14 fights by KO/TKO. Paz was having his second fight in France having been stopped in one round by Christian Mbilli in one round in April.

Amar vs. Quiroga

Home city fighter Amar takes a gentle first step back after losing to Olek Gvozdyk for the interim WBC light heavy title in March. He got in six rounds of work in beating Argentinian Quiroga but at 36 he will find it hard to get another title shot. Quiroga was coming off consecutive inside the distance losses in Canada late last year.

October 18

Indio, CA, USA: Middle: Jason Quigley (15-0) W PTS 10 Freddy Hernandez (34-10,1ND). Welter: Eddie Gomez (22-3) W PTS 8 Shoki Sakai (23-9-2). Light: Rey Perez (24-10) W TKO 7 Chris Gonzalez (19-3).

Quigley vs. Hernandez

Quigley gets another win in bloody battle with veteran Hernandez. The outstanding Irish prospect made this tougher than it needed to be by letting himself get drawn into a brawl in parts of the fight. Over the early rounds Quigley boxed well making Hernandez eat jabs and landing cleanly to the body. A clash of heads in the fourth saw Quigley emerge with a cut by his left eye. That seemed to unsettle Quigley. He let Hernandez get a toe hold in the fight and for a couple of rounds Hernandez looked to betting on top. In the seventh both fighters were cut with a punch opening a cut by Quigley’s right eye and a clash of heads seeing Hernandez suffer a worse cut. Quigley steadied himself and although Hernandez kept marching forward Quigley finished the fight strongly. Scores 98-92 twice and 99-91 all for Quigley. The 27-year-old “Animal” retains his NABF title. He is rated WBC 4/ WBA 8. Top Rank and Teiken, who handle the business for Ryota Murata, wanted Quigley to challenge Murata for the secondary WBO title this week but the WBA had committed themselves to giving Rob Brant a title shot. Quigley must have a good chance of fighting for the title early next year. At 39 Hernandez can still give opponents a tough night. He had the misfortune to last less than a round when challenging Andre Berto for the WBC welter title in 2010 and in 2012 through 2014 suffered six losses in a row but all against high level opposition including Demetrius Andrade and Erislandy Lara. Over 2015 and 2016 he scored four wins including a decision over Alfredo Angulo but lost to Wale Omotoso in his only fight last year.

Gomez vs. Sakai

Gomez takes every round against limited Japanese fighter Sakai. After dominating the first round Gomez never really let Sakai into the fight. He had too much skill for Sakai and contented himself with outworking the Japanese fighter and coasting to victory. Scores 80-72 from all three judges. Gomez is on a rebuilding project. After going 16-0 at the start of his pro career he then went 4-3 in his next 7. He took a good first step on the road back with a victory in March over 18-1-1 Keandre Gibson. Mexican-based Sakai is now 2-4-2 in his last 8 fights but one of the two wins was over former WBA title challenger Ashley Theophane.

Perez vs. Gonzalez

Back in February Gonzalez lost an upset decision against Filipino Perez. He wanted another try to put things right but instead finishing up with another loss. Over the first six rounds Gonzalez looked to be on track to get his revenge. He was bossing the exchanges inside landing hooks and uppercuts and building a commanding lead with the scores reading 58-56 twice and 59-55 for Gonzalez. Of the two fighters Gonzalez was the bigger puncher with 15 wins by KO/TKO to 7 for Perez The body punches seemed to be getting to Perez but suddenly a in the seventh Perez had Gonzalez badly shaken with a left. Perez saw his chance and put Gonzalez over with a left hook. Gonzalez beat the count but was taking fire on the ropes when his corner waived the towel for the fight to be stopped. Perez, 28, a former Philippines super fly champion, was coming off an eighth round stoppage of Roberto Marroquin in July. Gonzalez was 16-0 at one time but a second round kayo by Filipino Romero Duno snapped that run and three fights later he lost to Perez. He needs to avoid Filipino fighters.

October 19

Bangkok, Thailand: Super Welter: Teerachai (39-1) W KO 4 Manyi Issa (11-2-2).

A gift for Teerachai. He punched too hard for Tanzanian Issa. After a feeling-out first round Teerachai staggered Issa with a punch in the second and almost dropped him in the third. The Thai ended it in the fourth. He put Issa down early in the round and although Issa beat the count he was pinned to the ropes under fire when the referee halted the fight. First fight for the 26-year-old Thai since losing on a eighth round knockout against Lucas Matthysse for the vacant secondary WBA title in January. The ratings “elevator” works both ways. From being No 1 in the WBA ratings when he fought Matthysse for the title he was dropped out of the ratings altogether the next month. Ludicrous! First fight outside Tanzania for Issa and way out of his depth.

Ontario, CA, USA: Super Feather: Rafael Rivera (26-2-2) W TKO 1 Jose Ramos (10-15-1). Bantam: Saul Sanchez (11-0) W PTS 8 Luis Saavedra (7-6).

Rivera vs. Ramos

Rivera obliterates poor Ramos inside two minutes. The first left hook that Rivera landed staggered Ramos and sent him on the retreat. A double left hook shook him and he looked very fragile. Another left hook sent him tumbling into the ropes and only the middle strand stopped him going down. The referee applied an eight count

And then Rivera drove Ramos to the ropes and with Ramos taking punishment and not making any attempt to fire back the fight was stopped. The 24-year-old “Big Bang” Rivera from Tijuana now has 17 wins by KO/TKO. He was coming off consecutive losses to unbeaten fighters Joseph Diaz and Joet Gonzalez but has win over Wilfredo Diaz Jr in the credit side of his ledger. Ramos was no match for Rivera and he is now 2-8 in his last 10 fights and this is his tenth loss by KO/TKO.

Sanchez vs. Saavedra

This was a tough exciting fight and one that was tough to score with Sanchez getting a majority decision. In a ferocious first round Sanchez stunned Saavedra with a left hook but Saavedra kept Sanchez pinned to the ropes for the last 30 seconds of the round. The fight veered from Saavedra on top and looking a likely winner in the second to Sanchez rocking Saavedra with head punches in the third and fourth. The action continued hot with neither fighter caring too much about defence and constant fiery exchanges. Feeling he was behind Saavedra switched to southpaw for much of the seventh and eighth and hunted Sanchez who was moving not looking to stand trade and countering with hooks. The result could have gone either way but Sanchez took got the vote. Scores 77-75 twice and 76-76. The 21-year-old Sanchez gets his fifth win this year and Saavedra his fourth loss in a row but he played his part in a classic small hall eight round battle.

Santiago de Chile, Chile: Light: Cristian Olivares (9-0) W PTS 10 Patricio Carrion (6-1). Former Chilean amateur champion Olivares wins the vacant national title with split decision over Carrion. It was blood and thunder from the first in this one. Local fighter Olivares was the one forcing the action but Carrion boxed well and landed sharp counters. In the seventh a right from Carrion put Olivares down but the local fighter got a point back in the same round when Carrion lost a point for careless use of his head. It was a close one to call but the winner was Olivares with two judges going 95-94 for him and the third having it 97-93 for Carrion.

October 20

Brentwood, England: Welter: Johnny Garton (23-1-1) W TKO 11Gary Corcoran (18-3). Light Heavy: Anthony Yarde (17-0) W TKO 4 Walter Sequeira (21-5). Welter: Bradley Skeete (28-2) W TKO 3 Fernando Valencia (8-7). Heavy: Nathan Gorman (14-0) W PTS 8 Kamil Sokolowski (5-13-2).Middle: Joe Mullender (11-2,1ND) W TKO 7 Ben Capps (15-4-2).

Garton vs. Corcoran

For a few years I thought that Garton was going to be one of that cast of great small

hall fighters who always entertain but never quite make it to the next level. Garton proved me wrong here as he halted Corcoran in the eleventh round of a war to win the vacant British title. Neither of these fighters are the sort to take a step back so from the first bell they were trading heavy punches. The opening two rounds were close with first one and then the other scoring well. In the third a clash of head opened a cut by the left eye of Garton but that just seemed to spur Garton on and he got through with hooks and uppercuts. Corcoran battled back and had a good fourth and they both had good spells in the fifth. In the sixth the heads banged together again and this time Garton was cut on his forehead and the blood quickly began to run down to his eyes. This time it was Corcoran spurred in by blood and he landed the bigger shots in the seventh and eighth and looked to be taking control. Garton was the fresher of the two and he had a big ninth hurting Corcoran with counters and then landing a series of hooks swinging the fight convincingly his way. Garton rocked Corcoran with a left in the tenth and then piled on the punishment with a series of left hooks as Corcoran began to buckle under the pressure. In the eleventh a right from Garton sent Corcoran stumbling back to the ropes. Garton unleashed a storm of punches to head and body and when a huge left hook saw Corcoran tumbling along the ropes the referee came in immediately and stopped the fight. Corcoran protested but it was a well timed stoppage. The 31-year-old “Pexican (he comes from Peckham in London and fights like a Mexican) gets his tenth win by KO/TKO and is now 12-0-1 in his last 13 fights. His only loss was against Sam Eggington in a Prizefighter competition in 2014. Corcoran knows all about stepping up to the next level as in December he found himself in Brisbane challenging Jeff Horn for the WBO title. The 27-year-old “Hellraiser” will take a rest and then fight his way back.

Yarde vs. Sequeira

Yarde much too big and too strong for game little Sequeira Yarde towered over Argentinian Sequeira and was scoring with stiff jabs in the first. Sequeira was lunging in with his attacks but when he did land there was no power. Sequeira made a brave start to the second taking Yarde to the ropes and throwing looping overhand rights. Yarde had no trouble getting off the ropes but Sequeira took him back there trying to nullify Yarde’s reach and deny him leverage for his punches. When he found room Yarde was scoring with thudding jabs and winning the rounds but Sequeira was proving an awkward opponent. Yarde landed a chopping right early in the third which shook Sequeira and a couple of hurtful right uppercuts and the Argentinian did well to stay on his feet after shipping two heavy rights. Sequeira was able to get inside early in the fourth but a right from Yarde that landed behind Sequeira’s ear forced him to drop to his knees. He got up and tried to fight his way out of trouble but was dropped by a right and a left to the head. He was up at seven but then Yarde landed some more shots punctuated with a heavy right and Sequeira went down again. He was up at six but the referee completed the eight count and then waived the fight off. Yarde, rated No 2 by the WBO, makes it 15 wins in a row by KO/TKO , The No 2 rating is a problem for Yarde as he needs more and better opposition before going against Eleider Alvarez or any of the other champions . Only the second loss by KO/TKO for Argentinian champion Sequeira but he was too small to pose any real threat to Yarde.

Skeete vs. Valencia

Skeete eases himself back into the winning column with stoppage of Mexican Valencia. Skeete sharpened up his skills over the first two rounds and then handed out enough punishment in the third for the referee to call things off in the third. The lanky South Londoner suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of Kerman Lejarraga for the vacant European title in April. A former undefeated Commonwealth and British champion he will be back in the title hunt next year. Now four losses in a row for Valencia.

Gorman vs. Sokolowski

Heavyweight hope Gorman gets a win in a keep busy fight against former victim Sokolowski. Gorman handled Sokolowski with ease outboxing and outpunching the Pole. It was disappointing that he did not stop Sokolowski as he had beaten him in five rounds in 2016 but it was hinted that he may have injured his hand in the fight which might explain why he did not go full out. The 22-year-old 6’3” Gorman is said to be looking to get a title fight in early 2019 possibly the Commonwealth title held by Joe Joyce. British-based Sokolowski usually goes the distance.

Mullender vs. Capps

”Smokin” Joe Mullender wore down and halted Capps in the seventh round. Capps was competitive at the start with some crisp body punches but Mullender quickly took control. He put Capps down in the fourth with a left to the head. Capps beat the count but was on the floor again in the fourth from a body punch. The breaking down continued. At the start of the seventh Capps was down once more. He looked hurt and exhausted but got up and carried on in spectacular style hammering Mullender with a series of punches. When the storm blew over Mullender drove home a right to the body and Capps went down on his hands and knees and although he made it to his feet the fight was stopped. Fourth win by KO/TKO for Mullender and his first fight since his win in December over Lee Churcher which was changed to a No decision after Mullender tested positive for a banned substance. Although English born Capps turned pro in Australia and had his first twenty fights there before returning to Britain.

Tecate. Mexico: Light: Jose Zepeda (30-1,1ND) W TKO 7 Domicio Rondon (15-5). Fly: Dwayne Beamon (16-1-1) W PTS 8 Martin Tecuapetla (14-10-4).

Zepeda vs. Rondon

Zepeda keeps on track for a world title fight with stoppage of gutsy Venezuelan Rondon. It looked like an early night when southpaw Zepeda put Rondon down in both the first and second rounds. Rondon buckled but did not break and tried hard to fight back over the next four rounds. Zepeda closed the fight out in the seventh. Rondon was taking the fight to Zepeda when a straight left had him stumbling back. Zepeda followed him and landed two more powerful lefts and the referee came between them to save Rondon. When Zepeda dislocated his shoulder in the second round of his fight with Terry Flanagan for the vacant WBO lightweight title in 2015 it seemed likely that he would get another shot quickly. That still has not happened. He briefly went up to super light but in June he knocked out 26-0 Carlos Diaz for the WBA Inter-Continental lightweight title. All of the lightweight title holders already have dates on their dance cards so Zepeda will have to wait still more. Rondo was coming off a technical decision loss in June against 28-1 Pedro Campa so his last two opponents have been 57-2 with 44 wins by KO/TKO. Its great the jobs a brave manager can get you as long as you are the one doing the fighting.

Beamon vs. Tecuapetla

American “Mr Stop Running” Beamon gets a quick chance for revenge for the only loss on his record and takes it. A super aggressive Tecuapetla had forced Beamon to enter into an eight round brawl when the met in August but this time Beamon fought a smarter fight. He used his superior hand speed and accuracy together with clever movement to take this one. Tecuapetla never stopped coming and Beamon was often dragged into a brawl where Tecuapetla was able to dig to the body but Beamon was a clear victor. Scores 78-74 twice and 79-73 for the fighter from North Carolina. At 33 time is against Beamon but hopefully he will get a chance to test himself against rated opposition soon. Tecuapetla’s statistics don’t look very impressive but he only lost on a majority decision to Milan Melindo in 2014, took Akira Yaegashi to a split decision in a challenge for the IBF light flyweight title in 2016 and gave current WBC flyweight champion Cristofer Rosales a hard fight in 2017.

Cozumel, Mexico: Super Fly: Francisco Rodriguez (29-4-2) W KO 3 Hernan Marquez (43-10-2). Super Light: Lindolfo Delgado (7-0) W TKO 6 Luis Moreno (2-1).

Rodriguez vs. Marquez

Rodriguez floors former WBA champion Marquez twice to close out the fight. The sound of the bell was the signal for war to commence and these went straight to it. Rodriguez was picking his punches better and dominated the exchanges over the first two rounds. In the third he floored to advancing Marquez with a counter left to the head. Marquez made it to his feet and soaked up some heavy lefts to the head even managing to stagger Rodriguez with a right. When he tried to capitalise on that two right to the body sent him down and as the referee picked up the count Marquez’s seconds were already climbing into the ring. Rodriguez, 25, is a former WBO and IBF minimumweight champion. He relinquished both titles to move up in weight. He has scored nine wins in a row and is No 2 flyweight with the WBO. As the champion Sho Kimura is defending against No 1 Tanaka a title fight should be Rodriguez’s in 2019. Marquez has slipped a long way from when he was 27-0 at the start of his career. He is now looked on as a stepping-stone and is 4-5-1 in his last 10 fights.

Delgado vs. Moreno

Delgado makes it seven wins by KO/TKO in seven fights with stoppage of novice Cruz. It was not a very impressive showing by Delgado. He was able to score almost at will against the crude Moreno who was just putting his head down and swinging. Moreno showed “ability” to take lots of punishment but when he was hurt and staggered by a right in the sixth the referee stopped the one-sided spectacle. Delgado, 23, won a silver medal at the Central American and Caribbean games, competed in the World Series of Boxing for two seasons and at the 2016 Olympics. Hopefully he will improve

Liege, Belgium: Cruiser: Bilal Laggoune (24-1-2) W KO 4 Tamas Lodi (19-11-2). Cruiser: Ryad Merhy (26-1) W PTS 8 Demetrius Banks (10-6). Super Light: Jessy Petitjean (13-0) W PTS 10 Jarkko Putkonen (15-5-2).

Laggoune vs. Lodi

With his much anticipated fight against Jai Opetaia delayed until December 15 Laggoune took his frustration out on Hungarian Lodi. Laggoune hammered Lodi to head and body for three rounds and then ended it in some style in the fourth. He backed Lodi to the ropes and then landed a wicked right uppercut to the head and a left hook to the body with Lodi sinking to the floor to be counted out. Laggoune’s only loss is a split decision defeat against Doudou Ngumbu for the WBC Francophone title in February last year and this is his fourth win since then. After scoring an unexpected third round kayo win over Finn Juho Haapoja in Helsinki in 2016 Lodi lost fourth very tough assignments in a row but Finland must be a good place for him as in May this year he stopped 17-1 Sami Enbom in three rounds.

Merhy vs. Banks

Merhy returns with a win as he decisions Banks. Merhy was slow to get into his stride and Banks did enough to make the first three rounds close From the fourth Merhy began to roll hurting Banks with hooks to face and body. Banks had to survive a torrid time over the last four rounds but stayed the full route. Scores 80-73 twice and 79-74 for Merhy The Ivory Coast-born Merhy, rated No 9 by the WBA, is aiming to stay busy and then try to get a return with Arsen Goulamirian who stopped him in eleven rounds for the interim WBA title in March. Detroit’s Banks has lost 6 of his last 7 but the losses were all against good quality opposition.

Petitjean vs. Putkonen

Local fighter Petitjean remains unbeaten with comfortable decision over Finn Putkonen. Scores 99-90 twice and 100-89 for Petitjean. Putkonen is 3-5-2 in his last ten including losses to Jack Catterall and Robbie Davies,

Dakar, Senegal: Super Light: Mohamed Mimoune (21-2 W PTS 12 Franck Petitjean (22-5-3).

Mimoune retains the IBO title in his first defence as he outboxes fellow-Frenchman and fellow-southpaw Petitjean. Giving away height and reach Petitjean was forced to march forward but Mimoune knew those were the obvious tactics for Petitijean and he avoided the challengers attacks and scored with some strong uppercuts and straight lefts. Mimoune had suffered a fracture of his left hand and this was the first test for it. Petitjean kept marching forward but “The Problem” as Mimoune is known was a problem for Petitijean as he dodged Petitjean’s attacks with some smart footwork and was always in a position to counter and ran out a clear winner. Scores 118-110, 118-111 and 117-111 all for the 31-year-old from Toulouse. Mimoune is a former undefeated European champion and has won his last ten fights. Petitjean, a former undefeated French and European Union champion was unbeaten in his last 11 fights.

Hamilton, Canada: Super Light: Steven Wilcox (19-3-1) W PTS 8 Enrique Escobar (17-5,1ND). Light Heavy: Ryan Rozicki (8-0) W KO 1 Abokan Bokpe (8-1).

Wilcox vs. Escobar

Home town fighter Wilcox wins every round against Argentinian Escobar. The visitor was cut over the left eye but it was never a factor as Wilcox comfortably outboxed his limited opponent. Scores 80-70 for Wilcox on all three cards. Wilcox was having his first fight since returning from a trip to Australia in March where he lost on points to Darragh Foley. Escobar was having his second fight in a row in Canada having been stopped in two rounds by Mikael Zewski in December.

Rozicki vs. Bokpe

Rozicki blasts out Bokpe inside a round. The Nova Scotia fighter was tracking southpaw Bokpe and when he trapped him on the ropes landed a couple of hard combinations to head and body. Bokpe managed to get through with a couple of counters then slid his way along the ropes. Rozicki rocked him with a right and then put him down and out with a booming straight right. All of Rozicki’s fights have ended inside the distance taking him less than 14 rounds to accomplish. He collects the WBA-NABA title. Bokpe had won 3 of his last 4 fights.

Montreal. Canada: Super Welter: Sebastien Bouchard (17-1) W KO 2 Carlos Gorham (16-5-1). Super Middle: Shakeel Phinn (19-2) W TKO 1Crispulo Andino (20-12-1). Middle: Francis Lafreniere (17-6-2) W TKO 1 Samir dos Santos Barbosa (37-15-3). Super Feather: Alex Dilmaghani (18-1,1ND) W TKO 1 Cristian Arrazola (24-16-3)

Bouchard vs. Gorham

Bouchard seems to be finding some power as he registered his second inside the distance win in a row with the stoppage of Mexican Gorham. Two head punches, a right and a left ended this one early in the second. Bouchard’s only loss was on points against Frank Galarza in 2014 and he has won nine on the bounce since then against a reasonable level of opposition. Gorham is 9-2-1 in his last 12 fights with the other loss being on points against former IBF super welter champion Carlos Molina

Phinn vs. Andino

Phinn gets this one over quickly. He floored Andino early in the first round and although the Argentinian made it to his feet he was rocked by a big right and the referee stopped the fight. “The Jamaican Juggernaut” moves to thirteen wins by KO/TKO and his third win since having his winning streak snapped on a majority decision against Mexican Ramon Aguinaga in December. Eight losses by KO/TKO for Andino.

Lafreniere vs. Barbosa

Lafreniere overwhelms poor Brazilian in another bout that fails to go three minutes. Lafreniere was landing heavy punches from the start. He drove Barbosa to the ropes and was scoring with powerful shots to head and body with Barbosa soaking up the punishment and not fighting back and the fight was halted. After winning only three of his first ten fights Lafreniere then won 13 in a row before being beaten on a majority verdict by Albert Onolunose in March. Barbosa is 2-5 in his last 7 fights.

Dilmaghani vs. Arrazola

Yet another fast finish as Dilmaghani stops Arrazola just before the bell to end the round. The British-born southpaw put Arrazola down three times and the fight was stopped right on the three minute mark. Southpaw Dilmaghani started his career in England then shifted his base to Mexico and this is his fifth fight in Canada. He has 13 wins by KO/TKO. Arrazola is now 0-5 in fights in Canada.

Accra, Ghana: Light: Emmanuel Tagoe (29-1) W PTS 12 Paulus Moses (40-5,1ND). Super Light: Robert Quaye (16-0) W TKO 9 Kpakpo Allotey (12-1). Light: Sherrif Quaye (16-1-1) W PTS 12 Michael Ansah (15-9-2).

Tagoe vs. Moses

Tagoe outclasses a very faded Moses to win the vacant WBO African title. It was embarrassingly easy for the Ghanaian as Moses was too slow to be completive. Tagoe was whipping out flashy jabs with Paulus reacting too slowly to block them and rarely being quick enough to counter. Tagoe was able to move around the largely static Moses spearing him with jabs and then moving in with a string of hooks and straight rights, and getting back out of range and then repeating the process. Moses was trundling forward but was just not throwing enough punches to ever threaten Tagoe. Occasionally Moses did get close and land some body punches but those occasions were rare and did not trouble Tagoe. The Ghanaian was able to do as he liked often leading with his right off the wrong foot and it was almost exhibition stuff as he cruised to victory. Scores 120-109 twice and 120-110 which show Tagoe’s dominance. The 29-year-old “Game Boy” gave up his IBO title by refusing to fight challenger Fedor Papazov in Russia. It is surprising how often a successful fighter actually lost their first pro fight and that is what happened with Tagoe so now he has 29 wins in a row. He is not currently rated but Paulus was No 13 with the WBO so he will probably be rated now. The dream fight would be with Richard Commey. Now 40 Namibian Moses has had a great career. He won the secondary WBA lightweight title by beating Yusuke Kobori in Japan in 2009 and challenged for the WBO title losing to Ricky Burns in 2012. He fought his way back and in February this year put up a credible performance when losing to Ray Beltran again for the vacant WBO title but he was outclassed here and announced his retirement.

Quaye vs. Allotey

Someone’s “0” had to go in this one and it was Allotey’s. Quaye was the better boxer and had the power here. He was well on his way to victory when he finally ended the fight in the ninth. He had Allotey badly shaken with a couple of hooks Allotey sidled along the ropes but another couple of hooks sent him tottering across the ring until the ropes stopped him and held him up. Quaye stepped in and was unloading fierce punches from both hands when the referee threw his hands around Allotey to save him. Quaye, a former undefeated national lightweight champion and current super lightweight king now has 13 wins by KO/TKO. Allotey had scored nine wins by KO/TKO but was outpunched in this one.

Quaye vs. Ansah

Quaye retains the national lightweight title with points win over Ansah. This was a very competitive fight providing plenty of furious trading but Quaye was a good winner. His only loss was a split decision in Morocco against local fighter 17-1 Mohamed El Marcouchi last year and he has now rebuilt with five wins. This is the fourth unsuccessful challenge for a national title by Ansah.

Buenos Aires, Argentina: Super Bantam: Luis Cusolito (27-2,1ND) ND 2 Julian Aristule (33-9,1ND). Light: Elias Araujo (19-1) W PTS 8 Gustavo Pereyra (11-9-4).

Cusolito vs. Aristule

These two clash again-literally. When the fought each other in 2013 a clash of heads saw Aristule suffer a cut in the fourth round and the judges all had Cusolito in front so Cusolito won a technical decision. This time after Cusolito had taken the opening round the banged heads together again and Aristule was again cut but this time as the second round had not been completed it was ruled a No Decision so the interim Argentinian title remains vacant. It was not all bad news for the local fighter Cusolito. This was a semi-final of a national tournament and because the cut suffered by Aristule would sideline him Cusolito goes on to face Javier Chacon in the final in early December.

Araujo vs. Pereyra

Araujo returns to action for the first time since losing his Argentinian lightweight title to Javier Clavero and gets unanimous decision over Pereyra. Araujo had trouble with Pereyra’s style and dropped the first round but then dominated throught the next six before slowing and allowing Pereyra to take the last. Scores 79-75, 78-74 and 77-75 for Araujo who will be looking to get a return with Clavero. Pereyra has won only one of his last six fights.

Phoenix, AZ, USA: Super Middle: Andrew Hernandez (20-7-2,1ND) DREW 10 Fidel Hernandez (19-5-1). Two fighters named Hernandez both from Phoenix so plenty of pride at stake here. In the end with both fighters suffering cuts the fight ended as a draw with two judges giving the score as 95-95 and the third having Andrew “Hurricane” Hernandez in front 97-93. “Hurricane”, very much the younger man, has been in tough losing matches against Jesse Hart, Patrick Teixeira and Caleb Plant. Fidel, 41, turned pro way back in 1996 but was out of action for 16 years before returning in 2017.

October 21

East London, South Africa: Super Feather: Azinga Fuzile (12-0) W TKO 4 Malcolm Klassen (34-9-2). Super Feather: Phila Mpontshana (15-1) W PTS 12 Anthony Moloisane (10-3-1)

Fuzile vs. Klassen

Fuzile rings up another impressive win as he floors former IBF champion Klassen twice and forces Klassen out of the fight, A growing talent the 22-year-old local southpaw had Klassen down in the first and third rounds and was punishing Klassen in the fourth when Klassen just turned his back and stopped fighting. Fuzile retains the IBF Continental Africa title and gets his fourth inside the distance win in a row, Klassen is past his best. This is only his second loss by KO/TKO but it is time to put away the gloves Malcolm.

Mpontshana vs. Moloisane

Mpontshana makes it three successful defences of the national title as he wins a wide unanimous decision over southpaw challenger Moloisane. Scores 118-109, 119-108 and 118-111 all for Mpontshana and his ninth win in a row. Moloisane was 7-1-1 going into this one.

Fight of the week (Entertainment): Johnny Garton vs. Gary Corcoran a small hall war on a big stage. Emmanuel Rodriguez vs. Jason Moloney also deserves a mention.

Fight of the week (Significance): Two really as the wins by Demetrius Andrade over Walter Kautondokwa and Rob Brant over Ryota Murata were not by any means entertaining they have blown the middleweight division wide open

Fighter of the week: Has to be Rob Brant who surprised Murata and everyone else with his smart tactics in a fight he was given no chance of winning

Punch of the week: Ryan Rozicki’s straight right that finished Abokan was a beauty but nothing too spectacular this week

Upset of the week: Has to be Rob Brant beating Murata

Prospect watch: Both Maxim Dadashev 12-0 and Azinga Fuzile 12-0 are worth follow.

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