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The Past Week in Action 5 November 2018


-Josh Taylor stops Ryan martin to retain the WBC Silver title and move in to the WBSS semi-finals

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-Nonito Donaire gets injury win over Ryan Burnett and wins the WBA bantam title. The eighth time he has won a world title and he moves into the WBSS bantam semi-finals

-Miguel Berchelt stops Miguel Roman to retain the WBC super featherweight title

-I New York Sullivan Barrera outpoints Sean Monaghan and Denis Douglin stops Saul Roman


November 3

Glasgow, Scotland: Super Light: Josh Taylor (14-0) W TKO 7 Ryan Martin (22-1). Bantam: Nonito Donaire (39-5) W RTD 4 Ryan Burnett (19-1). Super Middle: Zach Parker (17-0) W PTS 12 Darryl Williams (17-1). Super Light: Viktor Postol (30-2) W PTS 10 Siar Ozgul (14-2). Bantam: Paul Butler (27-2) W PTS 10 Yoan Boyeaux (41-6,1ND).

Taylor vs. Martin

Taylor eases his way into the semi-finals of the WBSS as he outclasses a very disappointing Martin

Round 1

Easy round for Taylor. He moved well slotted jabs through Martin’s defence and scored with some quick bursts of punches. Martin was always a step behind and hardly threw a punch.

Score 10-9 Taylor

Round 2

Another round for Taylor. He was circling Martin firing jabs through the American’s guard and going to the body with hooks. Martin threw some jabs and a couple of rights but Taylor was too quick for him.

Score 10-9 Taylor Taylor 20-18

Round 3

Taylor had not been loading up on his punches but using them as range finders. In this round he began to put some spite into them particularly his lefts to the body. Taylor was in cruise control he was popping home jabs and then moving quickly in with combinations to the body and Martin was throwing too little too late.

Score 10-9 Taylor 30-27

Round 4

Martin was being outclassed. Taylor was circling, changing angles, firing home jabs and connecting with punches to head and body. Martin landed two rights in the round but other than that he was really a static target for Taylor.

Score 10-9 Taylor 40-36

Round 5

Taylor stared the round with right hooks to the body and a cluster of head punches. Martin was making an effort to let his hands go but Taylor was the one connecting and he again landed a series of thudding body punches inside. The Scot was showing some clever defensive work then moving quickly to the offence with Martin too slow to react.

Score 10-9 Taylor Taylor 50-45

Round 6

Taylor came out for this one fired up and he went straight into Martin firing hooks to the body. Now he was putting Martin under real pressure and a punch opened a cut over Martin’s left eye. Taylor continued to take the fight to Martin who had no answer to the Scot’s hand speed and power..

Score 10-9 Taylor Taylor 60-54

Round 7

Taylor looked to have taken his foot of the pedal in this one. He was moving plenty but not throwing much. Martin was able to come forward but was not posing a threat. Taylor threw a quick series of punches and as Martin ducked and turned away the last one landed behind his right ear. He stumbled to the ropes half bent over and Taylor rushed in and landed a couple of body punches . With Martin having slid to the floor the referee jumped in and signalled that he was stopping the fight. Martin got up immediately protesting he had been hit on the back of the head but the fight was over. The 27-year-old “Tartan Terror” retains the WBC Silver title with his twelfth win by KO/TKO. He will now face Ivan Baranchyk for a place in the final. Taylor was simply too good for Martin who seemed to freeze. Baranchyk will be a different fighter altogether and Taylor’s toughest appoint so far. Martin has to be better than he showed here. His qualifications for a place in the tournament were tenuous and it was reminiscent of Rob Brant against Juergen Brahmer.

Donaire vs. Burnett

Burnett loses his WBA title and misses out on a place in the WBSS semi-finals and is taken from the ring on a stretcher due to a back injury. With this win Filipino wonder Donaire becomes a world champion for the eighth time.

Round 1

Fast open first round. Both scored with good left hooks and sharp jabs. Close round but Donaire just shaded it.

Score 10-9 Donaire

Round 2

Burnett’s round. He was getting into his stride. He was quicker and more accurate with his jab and stopped Donaire in his tracks with a short right. Donaire tried to step up the pace but Burnett ended the round scoring with some clubbing rights to the head.

Score 10-9 Burnett Tied 19-19

Round 3

Donaire trapped Burnett in a corner early in the round and scored with a few rights. Once out of the corner Burnett connected with some hooks and then began to slip his jab though Donaire’s guard and score with straight rights. Donaire finished the round strongly but it was Burnett’s round.

Score 10-9 Burnett Burnett 29-28

Round 4

This was a close round with Donaire just that bit quicker with his jab. With about 50 seconds to go disaster struck for Burnett. He threw a right which Donaire skipped away from Burnett touched his right arm to his back and dropped to one knee in pain. He was up at six and said he was able to continue. Burnett tried to just go backwards and stay out of trouble. Donaire followed him to the ropes and Burnett threw a right that had him wincing with pain. Donaire kept Burnett pinned in the corner and scored with rights to the head. Again Burnett threw a right trying to get out of the corner but twisted his body and was again in pain. As the bell went he hobbled to his corner holding his back and limping badly and he was unable to continue. Finally Burnett left the ring on a stretcher. An awful way for a boxer to lose a world title but when Burnett recovers hopefully he will get a chance to face whoever comes out as the winner of the WBSS tournament. Donaire had lost two of his last three fights being comprehensively beaten by Jessie Magdaleno and Carl Frampton. He was a lucky winner here but a win is a win and it takes him through to the semi-finals.

Parker vs. Williams

Parker overcomes an early injury to outpoint Williams and win the vacant British title but a very controversial decision. After a rousing first round the fight changed as Parker suffered an injury that badly affected his ability to use his left. It was a pity as this was expected to be the best fight of the night . Williams was able to march forward trying to close down space for the classier boxer. Parker switched to southpaw for the rest of the fight so that he could jab with his right and used lots of good movement and a lot of holding to blunt the attacks of Williams. Parker continued to land with jabs as Williams pressed forward relentlessly and although lacking power they were scoring. On the inside Williams was roughing Parker up rubbing his glove in Parker’s face and using his elbow. Williams was given a stern warning in the eighth when his head crashed into Parker’s face. The clever work and holding inside by Parker was frustrating Williams but Parker was now cut over his left eye. Williams continued to chase and pressure Parker to the final bell and he looked to have done enough to win but the scores came out differently. Scores 117-112 and 115-114 for Parker and 115-113 for Williams. A tremendously brave effort by Parker to fight one handed for eleven rounds but a huge disappointment for Williams and hopefully there will be a return when Parker’s arm injury heals.

Postol vs. Ozgul

Ukrainian “Ice Man” Postol, the reserve fighter for the WBSS super light tournament , had everything going for him against British-based Turk Ozgul, Postol had huge edges in height and reach, and far greater experience gained a much higher level of opposition. Despite that Ozgul gave it his best but it was never going to be enough and Postol was a comfortable winner. Referees score 99-91 for Postol. The former WBC champion was having his first fight since losing to Josh Taylor in June. Two losses in a row for Ozgul as he lost his unbeaten tag when being halted in the tenth round by Mikey Sakyi in July.

Butler vs. Boyeaux

Butler boxes his way to victory against tall French opponent Boyeaux. Despite giving away height and reach Butler was quicker with his jab. Boyeaux was trying to walk Butler down behind a high guard but Butler was getting through with short bursts of punches and being out of range when Boyeaux tried to counter. Boyeaux has some success with rights to the head but Butler was outworking the Frenchman and landing rib busting left hooks to the body. Boyeaux did a bit better in the middle rounds when he tended to be on the back foot and making use of his longer reach but swift attacks from Butler were getting past the jab and Butler was firing those hurtful hooks to the body. Boyeaux went onto the front foot again in the seventh but Butler was countering with stinging jabs then landing a flurry of punches and Boyeaux was not getting close enough to work. Later in the seventh Butler began to land a series of head punches and had Boyeaux backing up under fire. Boyeaux pressed hard again in the eighth but Butler was outboxing him and there was no real power in Boyeaux’s punches. By the tenth Boyeaux needed a knockout but that was never on the cards and it was Butler who was coming forward throwing punches as he closed out the fight. Referee’s score 99-91 for Butler. Good, sharp performance from former IBF champion Butler in his first fight since losing on points in May to Emmanuel Rodriguez for the vacant IBF bantamweight title. He will build his way back in 2019 and hope to get another title shot. After a patchy early career Boyeaux, 30, compiled a 31-0 1ND run before being stopped in three rounds by Naoya Inoue for the WBO super flyweight title in December. This is his first fight since then.

El Paso, TX, USA: Super Feather: Miguel Berchelt (35-1) W TKO 9 Miguel Roman (60-13). Feather: Miguel Marriaga (27-3) W KO 4 Jose Estrella (20-15-1). Light: Saul Rodriguez (22-0-1) W TKO 2 Claudio Tapia (28-19-4). Super Feather: Robinson Conceicao (10-0) W PTS 8 Joey Laviolette (9-2).

Berchelt vs. Roman

Berchelt makes it four defences of the WBC title with stoppage of his No 1 challenger a too brave Roman.

Round 1

No time wasted here as these two set to work immediately. Berchelt used his longer reach to spear Roman with jabs and followed with looping hooks from both hands. Roman was moving in behind a high guard and landed well to the body but it was Berchelt’s round

Score 10-9 Berchelt

Round 2

Berchelt opened the second with a series of hooks and then connected with straight lefts and rights. Roman was trying to get inside but Berchelt was landing some sharp counters. Roman was walking through the punches and hammering at Berchelt’s body with hooks and rocked Berchelt with a right to the head. Berchelt launched a fierce attack getting through with hooks and uppercuts and Roman was forced to give ground but his early work just gave Roman the edge

Score 10-9 Roman Tied 19-19

Round 3

Roman was tracking Berchelt around the ring with Berchelt peppering Roman with punches then moving. Roman just kept coming. Berchelt dug in a left hook to the body and then a straight right to the head that shook Roman and sent him stumbling back. Berchelt then bombarded Roman rocking him again and Roman looked to be in trouble as Berchelt staggering him twice more but Roman held and made it to the bell. This could easily have been a 10-8 round

Score 10-9 Berchelt Berchelt 29-28

Round 4

Roman had taken a beating in the third but he was driving forward again. Berchelt was using his longer reach to land long lefts and rights on the advancing Roman but the challenger kept coming. He could not win on the outside so Roman was taking those punches to get inside and he connected with a number of hooks to the head. Berchelt cut loose again at the end of the round and raked Roman with straight lefts and rights.

Score 10-9 Berchelt Berchelt 39-37

Round 5

Although Berchelt was winning the rounds the constant pressure from Roman was making for an entertaining fight and Berchelt was now cut over his left eye. This was a much closer round. Berchelt was still landing a lot more than Roman but over the three minutes Roman did a good job of cutting off the ring and landed with some hard hooks.

Score 10-9 Berchelt Berchelt 49-46

Round 6

Berchelt curt loose with a hail of punches at the start of this round with Roman absorbing some heavy punches as he bobbed and weaved weathering the storm. They stood and traded punches and Roman was going back and looked to be tiring as Berchelt thumped home body punches. Berchelt wrestled an exhausted Roman over but rightly there was no count but then a wicked left hook to the body had Roman backing off and a right to the head put him down on his back. It looked all over as Roman hardly stirred but at five he rolled over and climbed to his feet to beat the count. When the action resumed Roman dropped to his knees under a shower of punches. He was up at seven and the bell went before Berchelt could strike again.

Score 10-7 Berchelt Berchelt 59-53

Round 7

Now it was Berchelt doing the chasing. He bombarded Roman with punches for the whole three minutes. Roman held when he could and landed a couple of rights but he had to absorb punishment from a hail of punches and looked very shaky at the bell. No knockdown but a totally one-sided round.

Score 10-9 Berchelt Berchelt 69-62

Round 8

Roman truly is a warrior. He was pursuing Berchelt along the ropes landing left hooks but then a left hook counter from Berchelt buckled his knees and had him staggering back. Roman didn’t cave in. He tried to fight back but was being allowed to take far too much punishment. He was just too brave and kept trying to punch with Berchelt but almost every punch Berchelt landed stiffened Roman’s legs. A cut was opened over Roman’s left eye and before the bell Berchelt connected with six or seven head punches with Roman indicating to Berchelt for more.

Score 10-9 Berchelt Berchelt 79-71

Round 9

Somehow Roman found the strength to pressure Berchelt hard getting inside and firing hooks. However he was leaving himself wide open and a barrage of punches dropped him. The fight should have been stopped but the referee just asked Roman if he was OK and sent Roman back in for more punishment. Once again Roman found the energy to try to take the fight to Berchelt but he was hammered with a series of head shots and was trapped on the ropes and being bombarded with punches when the referee finally stopped the fight.

The 26-year-old “Scorpion” gets win No 31 by KO/TKO and has now won 13 of his last 14 fights by KO/TKO. It’s a mark of quality when a fighter is still running such a high inside the distance wins percentage even when the opposition gets tougher. The WBC has ordered No 2 Francisco Vargas and No 3 Eduardo “Rocky Hernandez to meet in an eliminator and whoever wins that there is the potential for another great all-Mexican clash. “Mickey” Roman has challenged in the past for both the secondary WBA feather title and the WBC light title and come up short. He was 22-1 in his last 23 fights going into this one but another title shot seems unlikely. He again showed what a warrior he is. Up until the start of the sixth round he had played his part in an exciting scrap but was allowed to take too much punishment over the last three rounds and he can’t keep going to the well.

Marriaga vs. Estrella

Marriaga takes his time and breaks a gutsy Mexican Estrella down in four rounds. Estrella made a positive start out jabbing the taller Marriaga and getting inside with some hooks. Late in the round Marriaga began to find the range with his jab. Estrella opened the second with a flurry of hooks but Marriaga began to use his reach to put Esterella on the back foot. He also beagn to connect with body piunches and ended the round with a solid left hook to the body. In the third once again Estrella was walking forward slinging hooks but Marriaga was landing joling jabs. Estrella went forward with more hooks but a left hook from Marriaga put him on his rump. He was up at six and after the count took some more punishment but was not in trouble again. Estrella scored with a hard right cross early in the fourth and jarred Marriag’s head with a jab but those punches were the exception. Now Marriaga was forcing Estrella back and landing with straight rights and laft hooks, and suddenly a vicious left to the ribs sent Estrella down rolling in agony and he was counted out, The 32-year-old Colombian lost last year to Oscar Valdez for the WBO feather title and Vasyl Lomachenko for the WBO super feather title but had scored a low level win in May this year. All of his losses have come in title fights with his first defeat being against Nicholas Walters for the WBA feather title in 2015. Right now he is rated No 15 by both the WBC and WBA but is looking for a fourth title shot. Seventh loss by KO/TKO for Estrella.

Rodriguez vs. Tapia

Rodriguez floors Tapia three times on the way to a stoppage win. Rodriguez made a studied start stabbing out his jab at a fleshy Tapia. He soon began following the jab with straight rights one of which crunched into Tapia’s chin and Tapia dropped to one knee. Tapia got up reluctantly at about 9 ½. When the action resumed Tapia staggered Rodriguez with a left hook but Rodriguez made him pay as another straight right buckled the Argentinian’s knees and a big swelling under the Argentinian’s left eye that was nearly closing the eye. Tapia came out throwing left hooks in the second and landed a good one. Rodriguez then landed a right cross followed by a wicked left hook the the head that saw Tapia go down on one knee. He was up at nine but Rodriguez landed a couiple more head punches dropping Tapia again and the fight was stopped. Now 16 wins in a row for the 25-year-old Californian and his sixteenth win by KO/TKO. The draw on his record was a technical one. He has wins over experienced fighters such as Daulis Prescott and Oscar Bravo and is being built sensibly. Tapia has lost his last four fights, all in the USA and all against unbeaten fighters with combined records of 61-0-1.

Conceicao vs. Laviolette

Easy night for Conceicao as the Rio gold medallist takes every round against inexperienced Laviolette. With big advantages in height and reach Conceicao was forcing Laviolette back and landing rights to the head. Laviolette tried to punch back but there was no power in his punches. Conceicao found the target with his rights throughout the second round but was loading up on every punch and being wild at times. Laviolette was always willing to stand and trade punches but the better hand speed of Conceicao gave him the edge although the Brazilian was never able to shake Laviolette or stop him coming forward. Conceicao was throwing some flashing combinations but there was a looseness about his punches that seems to take the sting out of them. Conceicao won every round clearly but looked tired over the last two rounds. Score 80-72 for Conceicao. After some quick wins in his early fights Conceicao has had to go the distance in four of his last five fights and he just does not impress me. Canadian Laviolette had won his last three fights and made Conceicao work for his victory.

November 1

Washington DC, USA: Super Light: Sonny Fredrickson (20-1) W PTS 10 Manuel Mendez (16-3-3). At 6’1” and with a correspondingly long reach Fredrickson was in charge at distance. He used a powerful left to force Mendez onto the back foot and was also landing with chopping rights. Mendez was only fighting in bursts but when he did and could pin Fredrickson on the ropes he was clouting Fredrickson with left hooks to the body and rights to the side of the head. Those occasions were too few and a focused body attack from Fredrickson slowed Mendez. Fredrickson was well on top over the late rounds and took the unanimous decision. The 24-year-old from Toledo suffered a crushing defeat when he was stopped in three rounds by unbeaten Uzbek Shohjahon Ergashev in January. He was then inactive until returning with a win in September. Mendez lost only one of his first eighteen fights but is now 1-2-1 in his last four.

Izegem, Belgium: Welter: Sebastiaan Steen (13-0) W KO 1 Janos Andras Vass (8-2). Prospect Steen demolishes Vass in one round. Inside the first 15 seconds a straight right from Steen knocked Vass off balance and he put both gloves on the canvas to steady himself. The referee applied an eight count and when the action resumed Vass tried to box and stay out of trouble but every time Steen landed a punch it shook Vass. Steen connected with a right to the head of Vass and Vass went down on one knee complaining the punch had landed at the back of his head. The referee gave Steen a warning for hitting with the inside of the glove and made it clear to Vass that it had been a punch to the side of the head so no play acting please and get on with the fight. Vass boxed neatly on the retreat landing some quick jabs and an uppercut, Steen connected with a heavy right that staggered Vass and followed up with two more clubbing rights and Vass ended up face down on the canvas and was counted out as he tried to rise. Belgian Steen, 23, was making the first defence of his WBC Youth title. Second loss in a row by KO/TKO for Hungarian Vass

November 2

Douai, France: Welter: Mehdi Mouhib (17-0) W TKO 2 Abdumonem Said (18-1-1). Hometown fighter Mouhib floors and halts Egyptian Said. Late in the first round a pair of punches to the head stunned Said and a left hook to the chin put him. down. Mouhib hurt Said again but the bell saved the visitor. A right floored Said in the second round and his corner threw in the towel to save their man. Mouhib, 28, was in his first fight scheduled for ten rounds and he collects the vacant WBFederation International title in his eleventh win by KO/TKO. He is No 3 in the French ratings and No 16 with the EU. Egyptian champion Said was having his first fight since October last year.

Aulnay-sous-Bois, France: Welter: Yahya Tlaouzil (14-4-3) W PTS 10 Yannick Dehez (17-1-1). Super Middle: Mehdi Bouadla (32-6) W PTS 6 Attila Tibor Nagy (11-34-1).

Tlaouzil vs. Dehez

Local fighter Tlaouzil becomes French champion with very narrow victory over champion Dehez. Having lost his last three fights and up against a clever Dehez Tlaouzil was very much an outsider in the betting. As expected Dehez made a fast start using his skills to outbox Tlaouzil and landing frequently with hooks and some impressive uppercuts. By the half way point Dehez had built a lead but then Tlaouzil stepped up his attacks and Dehez’s work rate dropped. It was close going into the last two rounds with Dehez fighting hard to hold on to his title but with Tlaouzil the harder puncher just doing enough to take the decision. Scores 96-94 twice and 96-95 all for Tlaouzil. Before losing his last three fights the 25-year-old Tlaouzil was on a 15-bout unbeaten run and the losses had been when faced with good level opposition. Dehez was making the second defence of his national title and naturally felt that home advantage gave Tlaouzil the win. Dehez was unbeaten going into this one but he also competes in the WBS and lost a fight in that competition but of course it does not appear on his professional record.

Bouadla vs. Nagy

Veteran Bouadla makes it a home double as he decisions Nagy. A breeze for Bouadla as he wins on scores of 60-55 twice and 60-54 but the ring time was the most important element here. The 36-year-old former French champion lost to Arthur Abraham for the WBO super middle title in 2012 and to Dmitry Chudinov for the interim WBA middle in 2014 and this was his first fight since March 2016. Hungarian Nagy has won only one of his last fourteen fights.

Auckland, New Zealand : Cruiser: David Light (10-0) W TKO 3 Savenaca Naliva (9-2-1). Light takes possession of the vacant WBFoundation Inter-Continental title with early stoppage of Naliva. Initially Light stuck to his jab with Naliva launching leaping attacks throwing wild hooks. Naliva landed a couple of rights but Light connected with a bunch of rights at the bell. In the second Light landed four heavy head punches and Naliva stumbled forward and down on his knees. He was up at eight and survived to the bell. Light took Naliva to a corner in the third and kept him there for two minutes unloading with both hands until the referee came in and halted the fight. The 26-year-old “Great White”, the New Zealand champion, wins the vacant WBFoundation International title with his seventh win by KO/TKO. A silver medallist at the 2014 Commonwealth Games Light is one of eight children but his family is very comfortably situated as his father invented a yoghurt maker which is used all over the world. Fijian Naliva had won his last seven fights all in Fiji and all against very modest opposition.

November 3

New York, NY, USA: Light Heavy: Sullivan Barrera (22-2) W PTS 10 Sean Monaghan (29-2). Super Middle: Denis Douglin (22-6) W KO 6 Saul Roman (43-13).

Barrera vs. Monaghan

Barrera keeps his hopes of another world title fight alive with unanimous verdict over Monaghan. Barrera was quicker and showed more variety in his work, He reddened Monaghan’s face with jabs in the first with Monaghan coming up short with his punches. Monaghan had a better second round boxing exclusively with the jab. Barrera landed a couple of heavy hooks to the head one of which started a swelling on Monaghan left cheek and Barrera took the round. Barrera’s harder punching was giving him the edge but Monaghan was making it close with his jabs, right crosses and some good defensive work. Slowly Barrera began breaking Monaghan down. From the midpoint onwards the Cuban was coming forward with Monaghan under constant pressure. Monaghan scored with a tasty left hook in the sixth but he was being outscored and tiring with bumps under both eyes from the clubbing head punches from Barrera. Monaghan fought hard over the last three rounds but Barrera was stronger and he finished a winner by a clear margin. Scores 99-91 twice and 98-92. The scores a bit harsh on Monaghan but over the last four rounds he was never really a threat to Barrera. The 36-year-old Barrera has lost his two most important fights a decision against Andre Ward and a stoppage against Dmitry Bivol. He has wins over Karo Murat, Vyacheslav Shabranskyy and Joe Smith Jr and with his record would be an acceptable challenger for Artur Beterbiev, Eleider Alvarez and Adonis Stevenson even though he would probably lose to all three. Taking account of this fight and the crushing loss to Marcus Browne at 37 Monaghan has gone as far as he is going. He was still rated by three of the four sanctioning bodies going into this fight but will obviously go down or out now.

Douglin vs. Roman

Douglin overpowers Roman-not always legally- and wins in six rounds. Southpaw Douglin was using his strength to bulldoze Roman to the ropes and work inside, He scored with some heavy lefts to the body with Roman getting home with the occasional right. In the second all of Roman’s 38 years were showing as he was sloppy in his work and lacked the power to keep Douglin out and was again taking a bashing to the body. A very low left dropped Roman in the third but he was wrongly given a count and Douglin worked him over on the ropes for the rest of the round. Two lefts to the head had Roman in trouble in the fourth and again he spent a lot of time pinned to the ropes whilst Douglin banged to the body. A desperately tired Roman was put down in the fifth. Partially from punches and partially from some careless headwork from Douglin. Roman was trapped in a corner taking punishment at the bell but once more his plight was made worse as Douglin’s head had crashed into his face. In the sixth another very low punch saw Roman go down. He was given some recovery time but had nothing left and when he dropped to one knee under another load of punches from Douglin he just sat out the count. It has been a mixed time for Douglin at this point in his career. He lost in seven rounds to George Groves in 2014 and then won three in a row before losing in consecutive fights to David Benavidez and Anthony Dirrell. He got back on track with a victory over unbeaten Vaughan Alexander in August this year so will be looking to move onwards and upwards. Roman very much a spent force and this is his tenth loss by KO/TKO.

Quellon, Chile: Bantam: Jose Velasquez (23-6-2) W KO 6 Abel Silva (5-2-3).

Velasquez gets off the floor twice in a five-knockdown fight to stop Argentinian Silva. In the opening round Silva, used his longer reach to force the much smaller Velasquez onto the back foot. Velasquez dated in with his own jab but in the second he was under constant pressure with Silva landing right crosses and lefts to the body. Velasquez started landing long rights in the third. Silva bounced back with some uppercuts and left hooks to the body. Velasquez looked in trouble but he produced a wicked right to the body that put Silva down. He beat the count but another body punch floored him at the bell. Silva came out swinging in the fourth driving Velasquez to a corner and sending him down with two chopping rights. Madness ensued as Velasquez beat the count and they battered away at each other until a left hook from Silva put Velasquez down for the second time. The bell went just seconds after Velasquez made it to his feet. Velasquez took over in the fifth battering Silva around the ring with hooks and uppercuts and in the sixth a left to the body dropped Silva to his hands and knees and he was counted out. A great little fight featuring five knockdowns. Home town fighter “Pancora”Velasquez, 29, makes it 15 wins in a row and 16 wins by KO/TKO. He is No 10 super bantam with the WBO but his opposition has not been strong. First loss by KO/TKO for Silva.

Balaruc-les-Bains, France: Feather: Sofiane Takoucht (34-3-1) W PTS 8 Nika Kokashvili (23-17-1). Takoucht registers another win as he outpoints Georgian Kokashvili. The 33-year-old French southpaw, a former French and European champion, has won his last seven fights and is No 7 with the EBU. He is just not active enough with those seven fight being spread over four years. Kokashvili has won only two of his last eleven fights.

Alencon, France: Welter: Brice Bassole (12-1-1) W PTS 10 Steve Jamoye (24-6-2). Bassole wins his first international title with a decision over Belgian battler Jamoye. It was the visitor who took the first round with his usual pressure tactics landing hooks to the body. Jamoye constantly changed guards and he may have also edged a close second but Bassole began to roll from the third. Now he was the one scoring with body punches and he dominated the fight from there. Jamoye never stopped coming forward and trying to trap Bassole on the ropes but Bassole was blocking many of Jamoye’s shots and also switching guards. A low right in the seventh hurt Jamoye and there was a short break for him to recover but Bassole went straight back to body punches. Jamoye was cut over his right eye and on his cheek but continued to battle hard without really being able to get back into the fight and Bassole was a clear winner. Scores 98-92 for Bassole on the three judge’s cards. The Burkina Faso-born Bassole , the official challenger for the French super light title, has won his last nine fights. Jamoye is now 5-5-1 in his last eleven fights but the losses have all been against quality opposition.

Wangen im Allgaeu, Germany: Super Light: Timo Schwarzkopf (19-2) W TKO 2 Florin Cardos (19-3). Schwarzkopf wins the European Union title with a second round stoppage of champion Cardos but injury also plays a part in this fight. Tall southpaw Cardos took the first round. He was making good use of his longer reach to get through with jabs and connecting with counters as Schwarzkopf came forward. Early in the second a right to the body saw Cardos go down. He was wearing a support on his right knee and although he was up quickly he was rubbing and flexing that knee. When the action resumed they exchanged a couple of light punches and then after landing a punch Cardos turned away and went down on one knee. The referee did not count but seeing Cardos was injured waived the fight over even though Cardos climbed to his feet protesting the stoppage. A win/win for the 27-year-old Kosovon Schwarzkopf (real name Festim Kryeziu) as he also promoted the fight . Schwarzkopf left war torn Kosovo with his family when just five years old and is now a German citizen. His two losses have been on points against Anthony Yigit and Chris van Heerden with the van Heerden loss coming in the WBC Jose Sulaiman welterweight tournament. British-based Romanian Cardos had won the EU title with an impressive first round kayo of Steve Jamoye and was very unlucky in losing his EU title in his first defence due to an injury. Obviously he had injured the knee previously hence the knee support so hopefully he will get a return match.

Tokyo, Japan: Middle: Kazuto Takesako (10-0) W TKO 2 Sanosuke Sasaki (12-7). Hard punching Takesako disposes of challenger Sasaki to retain the Japanese title. Sasaki made a whirlwind start storming forward throwing right hooks. Takesako let himself be drawn into a wild exchange and seemed to have been shaken by an uppercut but then rocked Sasaki with a left hook to have the challenger in trouble at the bell. Sasaki tried to take the fight to Takesako in the second but a big right from Takesako had him floundering and the referee stopped the fight. Takesako, 27, has won all ten of his fights by KO/TKO taking less than 23 rounds for his victories. He was 30-11 as an amateur and looks a good prospect. Fourth loss by KO/TKO for Sasaki.

London, England: Fly: Jay Harris (14-0) W TKO 3 Ross Murray (8-2).

Harris retains the Commonwealth title with stoppage of Murray. In the first round Murray looked to have the edge. He boxed well and when a right opened a cut over the left eye of Harris it looked promising for the young Scot. Harris showed his power in the second flooring Murray with a body punch. The challenger tried to punch his way out of trouble but Harris was on top and handing out punishment when the referee stopped the fight. First defence of the Commonwealth title and ninth win by KO/TKO for 28-year-old Welshman Harris who is aiming to go for the British title next. Murray really should be boxing at light fly but there are very few fights to be had at that weight so he has to take on heavier men. He had had scored two wins this year but Harris just punched too hard.

Augusta, GA, USA: Welter: Justin DeLoach (18-3) W PTS 8 Michael Odhiambo (15-10). After two losses in a row DeLoach needed a win so he went home to fight in front of his own fans. He went looking for a stoppage early but was caught by some counters from Kenyan Odhiambo. From there he stuck to his boxing controlling the fight with his jab and landing some crisp hooks. He had Odhiambo in trouble in the seventh but Odhiambo refused to crumble and DeLoach has to settle for a points win. After being 17-1 in his first 18 fights the 24-year-old “Chosen One” had been stopped by Nat Gallimore and outpointed by Jeison Rosales. Now he will aim to rebuild. Odhiambo was having his first fight in the USA and has yet to win outside Kenya.

Fight of the week (Entertainment): Miguel Berchelt’s win over Miguel Roman in a war

Fight of the week (Significance): Josh Taylor’s win over Ryan Martin with Nonito Donaire sharing this spot as he wins a world title for the eighth time

Fighter of the week: Josh Taylor who outclassed Ryan Martin

Punch of the week: The laser guided straight right from Saul Rodriguez that floored Claudio Tapia in the first round and Miguel Marriaga’s left to the body that ended his fight with Jose Estrella was special

Upset of the week: Yahya Tlaouzil was not expected to beat 17-0-1 Yannick Dehez and Ryan Burnett was a heavy favourite to beat Donaire

Prospect watch: Saul Rodriguez 22-0-1 looking good

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