Anthony Mundine renounces retirement, wants Jeff Horn rematch

Anthony Cocks

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In a surprise announcement Australian veteran Anthony Mundine 48-9 (28) has reversed his decision to retire.

The 43-year-old Sydneysider, who was stopped in a single round by a Jeff Horn left hook in Brisbane last month, insists he wants to bow out of the sport on his own terms rather than the 96-second blowout he was delivered at Suncorp Stadium by the former WBO welterweight champion.

After three weeks of reviewing the fight and reassessing his legacy in the sport Mundine reached the conclusion that the journey wasn’t quite over yet.

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“I had time to reflect and contemplate the night, how it went down,” Mundine said in an interview with Fox Sports News in Australia.

“You know I had unbelievable preparation, I was sparring young champions, up-and-comers and I wasn’t just holding my own, I was getting on top.

“Now having looked back at the fight, I really feel he caught me early, through god’s will. I truly believe god has put me in this predicament for a reason.

“I feel that I have enough runs on the board to warrant an immediate rematch because I know that wasn’t me. The fans know it wasn’t me either. I feel he got lucky.

“Good luck to him and his team, but I feel I’ve got the runs on the board in my career to warrant a rematch, I truly believe I can win.

“A lot of the experts and doubters have me as a massive underdog, but for me to go out as I want to go out; I’ve earned that. I would like to try and have another fight with Jeff definitely.

“I like his camp, they’re good people, good guys, it’s nothing personal.”

Mundine announced his retirement in the ring immediately following his demolition at the heavy-hands of Horn 19-1 (13).

“I’ve had a great career. Jeff proved tonight that he was a better man … with a better shot,” Mundine said after the fight. “(He) got me with a shot early. That’s the next generation, man, so I pass it onto them.”

But in a career marked by surprises, Mundine wants to go round one last time.

“For me it’s not about being over,” he said. “I’ll be happy; I’ll be one of the first to celebrate. But you’ve got to understand as a fierce competitor, what I’ve achieved over the past more than two decades, I can’t go out like that.

“I thought it was going to be over after this time too, but when something happens like that and you have time to reflect on it, it’s like man just give me another chance.

“I know what I can do. For me, age isn’t an issue, it isn’t about the age it’s about the desire and dedication and commitment.

“And I’ve only got that for one fight and that’s the rematch.

“I’m reaching out to Jeff and [coach] Glenn [Rushton] to really consider it because I’ve felt I’ve earned it with what I’ve done for the sport over the last two decades, I’ve revived it and made guys. I feel like I deserve to go out the way I want.”

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