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Badou Jack: “It was just a scratch”

Badou Jacck received almost 100 stitches for this cut after his loss to Marcus Browne. Photo credit: Esther Lin/Showtime

Former two-division world champion Badou Jack 22-2-3 (13) broke the internet over the weekend when photos of the savage cut to his forehead sustained from a head clash during his interim WBA world title bout against Marcus Browne 23-0 (16) at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada on Saturday night went viral.

The deep, jagged vertical cut ran from between the US-based Swede’s eyebrows almost to his hairline. It required 25 external stitches and almost 75 more internally to close the gap.

Many experienced boxing pundits have labelled it the worst cut they have ever seen.

But Jack, the former WBC super middleweight and WBA light heavyweight world titleholder, fought through a mask of blood to finish the fight on his feet after the cut occurred in the seventh round of the 12-round contest.

“I don’t just fight for myself, I fight for the refugee children and I was thinking of them,” said Jack, who has his own not-for-profit charity called the Badou Jack Foundation whose motto is “Giving kids across the globe a fighting chance”.

“They come from war and often don’t have any parents, so what’s a scratch on my forehead? They are going through something much worse. You have to keep fighting.”

With 100 stitches in his dome, Jack says he is feeling great after what he considers to be a minor injury.

“I feel great right now. Things like that can just happen in the ring. It was just some blood,” said Jack.

“The cut was only bothering me because I couldn’t see too well, but I was going to keep fighting no matter what. This isn’t just any other sport; it’s boxing. You have to fight through it.”

Jack insists the fight would have been different if the blood draining from his head didn’t impact his vision in the second half of the fight.

“I was definitely going to make my run like I have in the past,” said Jack. “I think most people in boxing know that this would have been a totally different fight.

“To me, it’s not a big injury. I’m fighting for a bigger cause. Those refugees aren’t going to quit, so I sure wasn’t going to either.”