Claressa Shields Inspires Female Boxers

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Boxing might still be a male-dominated sport but that is not to say that there aren’t female boxers out there, many looking for a way into the ring but not sure where to start. With strong women boxers rising through the ranks of female boxing, there is undoubtedly evidence that where there is a will, there is a way, and has been struck by the determination shown by this young woman.

From a Rough Start

Claressa didn’t have the best start in life and by her own admission did not enjoy her childhood at all. From a young age, she had a speech impediment which she says was debilitating and unfortunately, she was abused on several occasions. Boxing was an out and something to focus her attention on, as an escape from the problems she was enduring. Working hard it was soon evident that she had a natural talent for boxing and promptly headed to the top of her game hitting not just her opponents but the podium at many of the international tournaments she took part in. Winning medals became the now, and she can add two Olympic gold medals to her already impressive trophy collection. In 2018 she was hoping to face off against Christina Hammer another massive name in the field, but sadly this was not to be as the match fell through.

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Setting the Stage for the Next Generation

One of the things that she held close to her heart is the desire to ensure that woman and girls have access to join the ranks of competitive boxing. Often sold by the fitness industry as a form of keep fit, where they insist that is all women want, Sheilds intends to make sure this message does not put off want to be female boxers by adding her own message in contrast. After I’ve left this sport I want to be happy knowing that I did all I could to make sure that women boxers got a lot of coverage on TV, that they main-event shows, that they made good money and had purses for millions of dollars, that there was equality between men and women’s boxing,” Shields told Sporting News in November.

On into 2019

She hopes to get that battle with Hammer sorted for this year, and it will undoubtedly be an exciting fight as neither of these two ladies was beaten in 2018. Shields was not happy with the reason given by Hammer for cancelling the meeting, and she is keen to get this contest out of the way. Hammer has been on the circuit for a lot longer and is considered to be the best female boxer, so it is brave of Shields to be so confident in this fight, and who knows, a win could indeed be possible. She has already seen off Tori Nelson, Hanna Gabriels, Hannah Rankin, and Femke Hermans. Her coaching team is strong, and with names like Mark Taffet behind her, you can be sure that this is one lady that means business.

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