Gervonta Davis vs. Abner Mares Cancelled

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It’s official!  Reputable sources are saying that the fight between Gervonta Davis and Abner Mares is off.

The super featherweights were supposed to clash on February 9th on Showtime. Top online sites had Davis as a huge -1250 favorite over Abner Mares.  For comparisons on the best sites to bet on, check this review.

Now on to the news …

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No More Davis vs. Mares; It’s Off


Many reputable sources have stated that the fight is off. Certain heavyweights in the fight media game were skeptical about the rumor mill and confirmed that they made calls to their own sources and found the rumors to be ‘true’.

We know that the Media Day event was officially cancelled. And many consider this a precursor to the fight being cancelled and something that should legitimize the rumors that the fight is off. Apparently, Abner Mares has just released a statement that he has taken an injury at training camp and won’t be able to face the two-time super featherweight champ, Davis. So, at the time of writing this, we are still updating.

Abner Mares didn’t release an official statement, but took to Instagram:

“If only people knew the pain that I am going through right now, emotional knowing that I was beyond ready to fight. Because that’s what I do. I fight and always give it my all for you guys. Hurts people saying I’m faking things, man if they only knew, if they only knew … Thank you to the people with positive messages and wishing me well. God bless you all and you will hear from me soon.”

Although Gervonta Davis was a giant favorite, this was still touted as a great tilt to watch. At 20-0 with 19 knockouts, the pint-sized southpaw from Baltimore is ranked No. 2 in the world. Abner Mares with a record of 31-3-1 and 15 knockouts was a worthy opponent, despite giving away nine years of age to Davis. But with his lack of size and age, Davis was still expected to take over at somepoint during the fight and dominate.

The Showtime Date


Sources say that the Showtime event hasn’t been cancelled and that Gervonta Davis’ camp is scrambling to find a replacement fighter. But who will take the fight with less than two weeks to prepare that is of any real caliber?

Sources say that Gervonta Davis already has a short list of three fighters and they could announce as early as this afternoon (Wednesday Jan 30). And some are suggesting that Javier Fortuna should slide out of the Sharif Bogere fight and move over to fight Davis in a non-weigh in bout.

For that matter, Bogere could be one of those three fighters on the shortlist as well. Neither he nor Fortuna would have to make weight because neither are ranked in the Top-15.  So, we could end up seeing Davis fighting a bigger, heavier fighter. Some think that Bogere is the shoe in because he was already training to face a southpaw. But, could this be a reason why Davis camp would go with a guy like Fortuna instead? Why risk it in a ‘it means nothing’ type fight?

It will be interesting to watch over the next couple of days as this all unfolds. It was recently announced that Hugo Ruiz will be stepping in on short notice to fight Davis. Hopefully we still get a great fight and a decent undercard.


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