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Chris Eubank Sr admits fears for his son’s future if he can’t defeat James DeGale

chris eubank jr & his dad

British boxing legend Chris Eubank Sr has admitted to fearing for his son’s future if Chris Eubank Jr cannot defeat James DeGale over the weekend.

Eubank Sr revealed that he was “petrified of what the outcome could be” if his namesake fails to annex the IBO super middleweight title at London’s O2 Arena on Saturday night.

“This is most certainly a 50-50 fight, and for the first time I am petrified of what the outcome could be,” the normally uber-confident Eubank Sr said to the Telegraph.

“DeGale has the pedigree that is spoken about in terms of gold medallists and former world champions. Junior hasn’t. From a physical aspect, Junior has the upper hand but from a pedigree aspect, James may have the upper hand.”

It was difficult to tell if Eubank Sr was simply trying to get inside the head of DeGale, but he did offer up some praise of sorts for 2008 Beijing Olympics gold medallist in the middleweight division.

“Fear gives you your intensity, it gives you your game. They are saying this guy is on the slide but that’s irrelevant,” Eubank Sr continued.

“He has the pedigree and the upper hand, my son has the spirit. We have worked – and I’m talking about Team Eubank – two-and-a-half years to stay on this channel, ITV. I have been the one pushing for this pay-per-view channel to come alive, one which could be eight or nine times bigger than Sky.

“I’ve stayed in for the business for my son to realise the benefits for the price I’ve paid for all these years. So I am petrified that he may not win this fight.”

DeGale has shown open distain for Eubank Jr, baiting him openly at every opportunity with the press.

“You’re a deluded moron, you’re pathetic and on Saturday night I can’t wait to deal with you. It’s all dawned on you, the retirement fight is here. It’s your last fight, I promise you that, you’re going to get a schooling. I’m proven. I’ve been there, I’ve done that, I’ve won everything,” DeGale said.

“You are an idiot, you’ve won nothing and I’m going to beat and retire you. I do have a fear of losing, too. Not a fear of Eubank, but of losing. Look, If I can’t beat Chris Eubank Jr, I’m done.”

Eubank Jr took the criticism in his stride.

“We’re both at a stage where we can’t lose. That’s why this fight is so exciting to watch because it’s two fighters fighting for their careers,” Eubank Jr said. “I’m a world level fighter and this is my chance to prove it once and for all.

“I’m the real deal, and this is a defining fight, a do or die moment, and I’m not underestimating him.”