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Giezwa Pierre Hobbs to Star on Hollywood PPV

Giezwa Pierre Hobbs

On March 31st, Giezwa Pierre Hobbs, aka “Papi G”, is ready to walk the red carpet in Hollywood in only his fifth professional fight after a highly decorated amateur career and perfect start to his professional career. Hobbs will be the first Minnesota native to ever be featured as main event on a live streaming PPV at the Avalon in a night featuring both amateur and professional boxing that is presented by KO. High Boxing.

“We are absolutely thrilled to be showcasing a talent such as Giezwa in the main event,” said founder of KO. High Boxing Marvin Columbus, who recently promoted the Logan Paul vs KSI fight that sold over one million PPVs via Youtube alone. Columbus further added, “Mr. Hobbs is an inspiration to all young men, a truly positive role model with a squeaky clean image to back up the family man that he is.”

The production for Fight Night at the Avalon is already underway, as it will be a glorious night of featuring A-List celebrities and entertainment with all the stars coming out for the fight that is situated at a beautiful Hollywood venue that will kick off with a red carpet showcase and live music leading up to Giezwa’s main-event fight, as well as very good talent on the undercard such as Nico Ali, the grandson of Muhammad Ali.

Tickets to the event and the advance PPV sales can be bought on KO. High’s website https://www.kohighboxing.com/ at reduced rates, with the live streaming PPV being sold in advance for only $2.99 starting on March 1st.

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