Sports Betting on Boxing – The Bet Types

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Sports Betting on Boxing – The Bet Types

Betting on boxing is one of the hottest trends right now. Bettors have found new ways to make money online and it would appear that they have focussed their attention on boxing. We imagine the popular trend hit when Mayweather took on McGregor or ever since sports books have been legalized online in some countries, either way boxing is once again in the limelight and this is what you need to know about sports betting on boxing.

In Play / Live Boxing Betting

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If you like betting in play, chances are you are chasing the thrill. In play betting allows betting to begin only after the match has begun. The odds are given and as the match progresses the odds are updated. Punters can either adjust their bets or change their bets at a price, but one thing has remained clear, bettors enjoy in play betting.

Bout or Sparring Betting

This allows punters to bet on who they think the straight up winner will be. Choose between one of the opponents or choose the draw option, although as a first time bettor you should know that betting on a draw is a long shot as draws are a rare occurrence in boxing matches, especially the bigger fights.

Which Round Wins Betting

Betting on a round is a punters wager on which round he thinks the winner will excel in and who the actual winner is. This is an optimal bet if odds are low in favour of the favourite. This kind of bet hints at the favourite losing and the underdog excelling in a round.

Round Group Betting

This form of betting is akin to the above mentioned ‘Round Betting’. The only variance here is that round group betting is somewhat more flexible in terms of betting on the winning round. Choosing which precise moment and round can be tricky, and in most instances, are steered clear from first time punters, making this a preferred method of betting on the rounds.

How the Victor Wins Betting

As the name suggests, this form of boxing betting focuses how the match will end. If the victor has a boxing signature move, punters may bet on that or perhaps the opponent is disqualified, maybe the round ends in a KO or maybe there is a practical knockout.

Going the Extra Mile Betting

This is a simple form of betting determining if both boxers will last all 12 rounds. This is a usual bet when two opponents with strong boxing techniques and stamina’s go head to head.

Under Rounds or Over Rounds Betting

This form of betting requires the punter to put a wager on how many rounds the fight will last for. Should the fight fall under the wagered round, the punter loses, while if the round goes over the wager, the punter wins.

Learn about both opponents in the ring to make the best informed wager, the rest will come naturally, especially after watching boxing styles and techniques.


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