Roy Jones Jr slams “quitter” Amir Khan, demands apology for the fans

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Former four division world champion Roy Jones Jr has slammed Amir Khan 33-5 (20) after his fight against WBO welterweight champion Terence Crawford 35-0 (26) ended prematurely.

Khan retired in the sixth round after Crawford hit him with a low blow.

Referee David Fields offer Khan the option to take a five-minute break to recover but the British boxer opted out of the fight claiming he was in too much pain to continue.

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Jones Jr was scathing in his assessment of Khan, labelling him a quitter.

“Yes he quit, yes Amir Khan quit,” Jones told TMZ. “I love him for his heart. He did a lot of things in the amateurs that I was excited about, I think he’s a great fighter, but when you quit nobody gets a pass.

“That’s why you never quit in boxing. When I go in the ring, carry me out. I don’t wanna go out on my feet if I lost. Carry me out. I’d rather give it all, or get it all taken away from me.

“I’m not having it, losing a fight standing on my two feet, just not happy with that.

“A foul would never stop me from fighting, unless it’s something that breaks my orbital bone or affects me for the rest of my life. A low blow will not affect me for the rest of my life.”

Jones Jr then took it a step further, calling on Khan to apologise to his fans.

“You stopped at a time we know you could’ve given more. You didn’t give it to us, the fans, your all. You have to apologise. We respect that. Be a man. Be honest for what you did, and move forward,” Jones Jr added.

Meanwhile, Khan’s coach Virgil Hunter insisted his man was significantly injured and in no condition to continue.

“It’s obvious he was in a lot of pain,” Hunter told CBS Sports. “Sometimes you can continue and sometimes you can’t continue, it depends on how hard you were hit in the testicles. I asked him if he could continue and he said, ‘no’.”


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