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-Julian Williams upsets the odds with unanimous decision over Jarrett Hurd to win the IBF and WBA super welterweight titles
-Miguel Berchelt halts Francisco Vargas to retain WBC super feather title
-Emanuel Navarrete stops Isaac Dogboe in the last round of their return fight and remains WBO super bantamweight champion
-Stephen Fulton decisions Paulus Ambunda to lift the vacant IBO super bantamweight title
-Stefan Haertel wins European super middleweight title with victory over champion Robin Krasniqi
-Mexican Enrique Tinoco ends unbeaten run of Jordan Gill with a stoppage win and Leigh Wood retains the Commonwealth featherweight title with kayo of Ryan Doyle
-Prospects Ruben Villa, Michael Dutchover, Abraham Nova and Carlos Castro score wins


11 May

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Tucson. AZ. USA: Super Feather: Miguel Berchelt (36-1) W RTD 6 Francisco Vargas (25-2-2). Super Bantam: Emanuel Navarrete (27-1) W TKO 12 Isaac Dogboe (20-2).Super Light: Mykal Fox (20-1) W PTS 10 Fazliddin Gaibnazarov (7-1). Super Bantam: Carlos Castro (23-0) W PTS 10 Mario Diaz (18-3). Feather: Miguel Marriaga (28-3) W RTD 3 Ruben Cervera (10-2,1ND).
Berchelt vs. Vargas
In a rep[eat performance Berchelt dismantles a too brave Vargas and retains the WBC title
Round 1
Both opened cautiously just poking out their jab and feeling each other out. Berchelt moved forward with a small series of punches with Vargas on the front foot but looking for openings. Berchelt fired a couple of short bursts of punches but was warned for straying low twice but finished the round with another series of punches.
Score: 10-9 Berchelt
Round 2
Vargas had been a step behind Berchelt in the first but he upped his pace cutting off the ring and scoring with strong jabs. Berchelt was circling the perimeter of the ring and again firing fast combinations. He wasn’t loading up on them but they were getting through, Over the second half of the round it was toe-to-toe stuff with both firing hooks and uppercuts with Berchelt not so accurate but throwing and land more.
Score: 10-9 Berchelt Berchelt 20-18
Round 3
Vargas continued to roll forward crouching behind a high guard willing to walk through Berchelt’s punches to get inside. Berchelt was firing clusters of combinations and already there was signs of swelling on the face of Vargas from the hooks and uppercuts he was walking onto.
Score: 10-9 Berchelt Berchelt 30-27
Round 4
Berchelt once again was making Vargas pay a heavy price for coming forward. The champion was getting through with bursts of five or six punches with Vargas occasionally stopped in his tracks, After Berchelt landed every one of an eight-punch burst Vargas fired right back but his face was showing lumps and bumps.
Score: 10-9 Berchelt Berchelt 40-36
Round 5
Vargas had some success at the start of this round it looked as though Berchelt had thrown so many punches that he was dialling back on his output allowing Vargas to score with hooks and straight rights. He had Berchelt pinned to the ropes for a spell and although Berchelt began to let his punches fly late in the round Vargas did enough to edge it.
Score: 10-9 Vargas Berchelt 49-46
Round 6
Despite his success in the fifth the face of Vargas was now red raw and there was a swelling under his left eye that was obscuring some of his vision. In a brutal round Berchelt pounded on a too courageous Vergas connecting with hooks to the body and head with Vargas at times like a man caught in a storm with nowhere to hide.
Score: 10-9 Berchelt Berchelt 59-55
Vargas team retired their man.
An imperious display by Berchelt. His combination punching was hugely impressive and he was too quick for Vargas. This was his fifth defence of the WBC title and win No 32 by KO/TKO, At 27 Berchelt seems to get better and better. He is now looking to take on the winner of Masayuki Ito’s WBO title defence against Jamel Herring on 19 May to unify the WBC and WBO titles. Vargas was his No 1 challenger so he has cleared any mandatory obligations, At 34 it is difficult to see where Vargas goes from here. He took a savage beating and his tactics of pressurising and wearing Berchelt down never really looked like working. He showed incredible bravery taking the punishment he did but bravery was not enough.
Navarrete vs. Dogboe
Navarrete retains the WBO title with stoppage of courageous but outclassed Dogboe
Round 1
Navarrete was in the groove immediately circling Dogboe using his much longer reach to spear Dogboe with jabs and landing short left hooks. Dogboe had to lunge with his and overreach with his attacks as with his much longer stride Navarrete was able to get out of range quickly. Dogboe landed a couple of hooks but Navarrete was peppering him with jabs and left hooks.
Score: 10-9 Navarette
Round 2
Dogboe did much better in this round. He started out scoring with jabs and as the round wore on was connecting with hooks. Navarrete was changing guards and continuing to pierce Dogboe’s defence with jabs and connecting with long swinging hooks. His more accurate work gave him the round as he rocked Dogboe with a left hook and with another long left opened a cut on the right eyelid of Dogboe.
Score: 10-9 Navarrete Navarrete 20-18
Round 3
Early in the round a left hook to the temple knocked Dogboe into the ropes and Navarrete pounded on the Ghanaian with rights and left hooks. For a while it looked as though Navarrete was going to finish the fight but Dogboe held and threw enough punches to make it to the bell but it had been one-sided round/.
Score: 10-9 Navarrete Navarrete 30-27
Round 4
A confident Navarrete was now the one marching forward but he was being careless and missing too often with his punches. Dogboe connected with some counters but just before the bell was under fire from a series of left hooks from Navarrete.
Score: 10-9 Navarrete Navarrete 40-46
Official Scores: Judge Jerry Martinez 40-36 Navarrete, Judge Pat Russell 40-36 Navarrete, Judge Zachary Young 40-36 Navarrete
Round 5
Dogboe’s best round so far. His swarming attacks were getting him inside where he was scoring with hooks to the body. Navarrete’s punch output dropped dramatically and again he was too casual and inaccurate with his punches.
Score: 10-9 Dogboe Navarrete 49-46
Round 6
Navarette tightened things up in this round. He was more controlled with his punches and soon had Dogboe backing up under a series of hooks and landed a crunching left hook to the body. With Dogboe hurt Navarrete landed more punches with Dogboe lurching head first into the ropes to escape the storm. Effectively the ropes stopped Dogboe from going down so the referee applied a count. Again it looked as though Navarrete was on the cusp of a stoppage as he drove Dogboe around the ring but Dogboe made it to the bell.
Score: 10-8 Navarrete Navarrete 59-54
Round 7
Navarrete’s dominance was total now; He was walking forward throwing long punches with Dogboe constantly on the retreat and only fighting in short ineffective bursts. Navarrete was now much more accurate connecting with almost 50 % of the punches he threw.
Score: 10-9 Navarrete Navarrete 69-63
Round 8
Dogboe flurried with some punches at the start of this round but Navarrete was soon driving him back with hooks and uppercuts. Dogboe again tried to march forward but he was being met with some hefty counters and was shaken with a left hook at the bell.
Score: 10-9 Navarrete Navarrete 79-72
Official Scores : Martinez 79-72 Navarrete, Russell 79-72 Navarrete, Taylor 79-72 Navarrete
Round 9
A painful round for Dogboe. After his usual early fire Dogboe was then under pressure and being caught consistently with hooks and uppercuts. Navarrete piled on the pressure and twice drove Dogboe into the ropes and with Dogboe stumbling and swaying he only just survived.
Score: 10-9 Navarrete Navarrete 89-81
Round 10
No one could doubt the courage and determination of Dogboe but he was taking a beating. In this round it was Navarrete doing the scoring but by the process of some clever defensive work and lots of movement Dogboe largely stayed out of trouble.
Score: 10-9 Navarrete Navarrete 99-90
Round 11
Dogboe attack more often in this round but was swinging wildly and walking onto punches. As the round close Navarrete scored with heavy punches and Dogboe was in trouble and pinned to the ropes.
Score: 10-9 Navarrete Navarrete 109-99
Round 12
Dogboe tried to stage a strong finish but a series of head punches had him backed into a corner and another volley saw him sag at the knees. He slumped into the ropes and down on one knee. The referee gave him an eight count and was ready to let the action continue but that would have been wrong and Dogboe’s corner man climbed on the ring apron to get the fight stopped.
When these two met in December Navarrete had been a clear winner but the scores were close. This time Navarrete was just too big, too strong and punched too hard for Dogboe. The former champion from Ghana at 5’2” was never able to compete physically against Navarrete but he showed in wins over Javier Chacon, Cesar Juarez and particularly Jesses Magdaleno that he is a top quality fighter and at 24 will be back looking for another title shot.
Fox vs. Gaibnazarov
Fox hands Rio gold medal winner Gaibnazarov his first pro loss with a close but unanimous decision. When Fox uses his freakish 6’3 ½” height and companion reach he can be a difficult opponent for any fighter. He failed to use those assets against 5’ 10 ½” Shohjahon Ergashev in February but against Gaibnazarov who is only 5’6 ½” he was much more effective. The Uzbek southpaw had problems scoring effectively and Fox also had a busier work rate. In addition Gaibnazarov was his own worst enemy dropping points for holding in both the seventh and eighth rounds which would have made things much closer. Scores 95-92 twice and 95-93 for Fox. Southpaw Fox,23, just lacks power and seven of his last eight wins have been decisions and that will be a drawback against more experienced opposition. The difficulty in dealing with Fox’s physical edges and moving up to ten rounds was probably too much of a challenge for Gaibnazarov at this stage of his pro career but it should be only a temporary set-back.
Castro vs. Diaz
Castro continues his emergence as a good prospect with comprehensive victory over Mexican Diaz. Castro was just too good and too busy for Diaz. He floored Diaz in the second round and controlled the action working everything of an educated jab that Diaz never really found an answer to. Scores 100-89 twice and 98-91. The 25-year-old fighter from Phoenix retains the WBC Continental Americas title . His winning run and an impressive victory over 32-1 Genesis Servania in February have him rated IBF 9(8)/ WBC 9. Diaz, 24, capped a fourteen bout winning streak with a victory over 28-1Rayota Whitfield before being stopped in June last year by Erik Ruiz.
Marriaga vs. Cervera
With three world title shots behind him already you would think Marriaga would be satisfied. However since they were all losses he is obviously hoping to make it fourth time lucky. Body punches put paid to late substitute Cervera. Both fighters were on the floor in this one. Marriaga came close to ending the fight in the second when he sent Cervera to the floor but fellow-Colombian Cervera survived. Not for long. There was a slight hiccup for Marriaga when he went down whilst trading punches with Cervera in the third. He was not hurt and he was up quickly and continued to bang away at Cervera’s body and it was no surprise when Cervera did not come out for the fourth. The 32-year-old Marriaga has lost to Nicholas Walters, Oscar Valdez and Vasily Lomachenko in title fights but as he is still rated WBC 6 and WBO 9 and with his record in title fights he could yet land another title bout as very beatable challenger.

Fairfax, VA, USA: Super Welter: Julian Williams (27-1-1,1ND) W PTS 12 Jarrett Hurd (23-1). Super Bantam: Stephen Fulton (16-0) W PTS 12 Paulus Ambunda (27-3). Super Light: Mario Barrios (24-0) W KO 2 Juan Velasco (20-2). Middle: Matvey Korobov (28-2-1) DREW 10 Immanuwel Aleem (18-1-2). Super Fly: Alexandru Marin (18-0) W PTS 10 Luis Concepcion (37-8). 22
Williams vs. Hurd
The heavy punching champion was a big favourite to retain his titles but Williams fought a clever fight boxing on the outside in some rounds and going toe-to-toe in others with Hurd one-dimensional and unable to adapt to those tactics and ending up a clear loser.
Round 1
Confident start from Williams. He was quicker and more accurate with his jab and following in behind it with straight rights, Hurd was cautious and mainly looking to counter with Williams just that bit sharper.
Score: 10-9 Williams
Round 2
Pressure from Hurd made Williams fight inside and he was using upper body movement to make Hurd miss and connecting with short hooks. Hurd was taking away the jab of Williams but paying for it as Williams outscored him inside. The tactic was not working for Hurd and Williams landed an overhand right and two left hooks and Hurd fell to the canvas. He was up quickly but shaken. Williams pinned Hurd to the ropes and unloaded with heavy punches but Hurd managed to duck and weave through the few seconds to the bell
Score: 10-8 Williams Williams 20-17
Round 3
Williams tried to carry on where he had left off in the second and landed some crisp shots. Hurd again took the fight inside and this time he was scoring with thumping body punches and uppercuts. The action was about level until Hurd connected with a hard right cross that shook Williams and from then Hurd was coming forward and doing the scoring.
Score: 10-9 Hurd Williams 29-27
Round 4
They traded jabs at the start with Williams quicker and more accurate. They then brawled for the rest of the round. Williams was cleverly smothering Hurd’s work and finding space to land with hooks and uppercuts to clearly take the round.
Score: 10-9 Williams Williams 39-36
Official Scores: Judge Robin Taylor 39-36 Williams, Judge Steve Weisfeld 39-36 Williams, Judge Alfredo Polanco 39-36 Williams
Round 5
Three minutes of toe-to-toe brawling in this one. Williams did the better work early but over the last minute Hurd was landing thudding hooks and uppercuts and dominated that period.
Score: 10-9 Hurd Williams 48-46
Round 6
Hurd made a blazing start to this round bombing Williams with powerful jabs and right crosses. Williams moved inside and for a while he was outscoring Hurd but Hurd again staged a strong finish with Williams under pressure. It had been anticipated that Hurd would be too strong for Williams and fight had begun followed that script over the last two rounds.
Score: 10-9 Hurd Williams 57-56
Round 7
Williams brilliantly re-wrote the script in this one. He went back to what had worked so well for him in the first round. He was stabbing jabs into Hurd’s face then moving refusing to be dragged inside. He was cleverly changing angles and connecting with quick punches and getting away before Hurd could counter
Score: 10-9 Williams Williams 67-65
Round 8
Williams scored with some jabs and suddenly Hurd backed off pawing at his left eye. Williams strode forward driving Hurd to a corner and pounding him with punches. Hurd fought his way of the ropes and did some good work inside but Williams landed a crisp uppercut that had Hurd backing off and it was Williams doing the scoring at the bell. Hurd was cut over his right eye but still seemed concerned about his left eye.
Score: 10-9 Williams Williams 77-74
Official Scores Taylor 77-74 Williams, Weisfeld 77-74 Williams. Polanco 77-74 Williams
Round 9
Hurd opened this one with a big attack throwing long straight shots. Williams went back to jabbing and moving and then went inside and got the better of the exchanges with short hooks. Hurd banged back but was rocked by an uppercut and taking punishment before firing back at the bell. A round for Williams but really the first round that was close.
Score: 10-9 Williams Williams 87-83
Round 10
Back to the brawl. It was close-quarters work all the way. Both were connecting with clubbing shots but Williams was outlanding Hurd and looked the stronger of the two. He did enough to take the round.
Score: 10-9 Williams Williams 97-92
Round 11
Williams round. He outboxed Hurd early and then when he went inside his punches were shorter and more accurate. He was the stronger man pushing Hurd back and clipping Hurd with uppercuts. Hurd banged back at the end of the round and looked to have hurt Williams with a right.
Score: 10-9 Williams Williams 107-101
Round 12
This had been a tough, gruelling contest and both guys had the cuts and bruises to show that with Hurd cut over both eyes and Williams with a swelling under his left eye. Hurd attacked early but he was tired and Williams was soon opening him up with short uppercuts inside and driving Hurd back. Both were tired but Williams remained the more accurate and took the round.
Score: 10-9 Williams Williams 117-110
Official Scores: Taylor 115-112 for Williams, Weisfeld 115-112 for Williams and Polanco 116-111 for Williams.
I saw it wider than that but as with the judges I saw Williams a clear winner. The 29-year-old “J Rock” from Philadelphia had been stopped by Jermell Charlo for the IBF title in 2016 but had rebuilt with wins over Ishe Smith and Nat Gallimore and now he holds the |IBF, WBA and IBO titles and deservedly so. The first two spots in the IBF ratings are now vacant as nobody in their top 15 has beaten a rated contender and Kell Brook is the No 1 in the WBA ratings but at this time it is not known if Brook wants to go down that route. Hurd has said there is a return clause which he intends to claim so they could go again later this year. Hurd had brushed aside Tony Harrison, Austin Trout and Jason Welborn in IBF title fights and taken a split verdict over Erislandy Lara and if he can return to that form he could well win any return match.
Fulton vs. Ambunda
Fulton ensures that two Philadelphia boxers come away from this night as champions. Fulton collected the IBO belt with a resounding victory over Namibian veteran Ambunda. The Namibian was making the first defence of the IBO title in his second reign as champion. Fulton grabbed his big chance here by outboxing Ambunda. Fulton was faster, set a higher work rate and worked well behind a classy jab. He led from the start and never allowed the slower Namibian to get into the fight. Fulton floored Ambunda with a right in the eighth and won every round. Scores 120-107 for Fulton from all three officials. In theory this was a big step up for 24-year-old Fulton who had only faced very modest opposition and been in only one ten round fight but he was an Elite level amateur and a former National Golden Gloves champion. For 38-year-old Ambunda it was a clear sign that he is way past his best. He hit a peak when winning the WBO title with an upset victory over Thai Pungluang in 2013 and had picked up the IBO title a couple of times but this was by far the widest margin in any of his losses.
Barrios vs. Velasco
Barrios destroys Velasco with a wicked body punch. In the opening round Barrios did most of the scoring. He was more mobile with much quicker hands finding gaps for his jabs and straight rights and Velasco was limited to connecting with a few jabs. Barrios was probing with his jab in the second and then as Velasco stepped in with a punch a lightning-quick left to the body and a right to the head dropped him. It was the body punch that effectively ended the fight with the right being surplus to requirements. Velasco dropped to the a kneeling position with his head touching the canvas. He was in some deep pain and never looked like getting up. It can be argued that on the basis of the opposition he has faced that the WBA’s rating of Barrios as No 1is a travesty but the 23-year-old from San Antonio oozes class and power and he will probably get a title shot later this year when the WSSB super light tournament finishes and the picture at super light becomes clearer. Second loss by KO/TKO for Velasco who was stopped by Regis Prograis in eight rounds last July.
Korobov vs. Aleem
After initial elation at being declared the winner of this one Korobov suffers the disappointment of having the result changed to a draw after a mistake was made in the scorecards. Korobov made the better start taking the first two rounds being accurate with his right jab and landing some straight lefts to the body. Aleem was not committing to his jab and falling short. Aleem pressed his attacks more in the third but Korobov was boxing smartly and countering accurately. Aleem went down late in the round but it was due to being off balance so no count. Aleem continued to come forward in the fourth and landed some punches inside but Korobov was scoring more. Aleem was getting past Korobov’s jab in the fifth and sixth and scoring with short burst of punches inside but Korobov hit back strongly at the end of the sixth and had Aleem in trouble from a series of head punches. The seventh was a close round with neither dominating but Korobov looked to be well ahead. Aleem upped his pace in the eighth with Korobov slowing but still countering well. Aleem finished the round strongly to take it. Aleem finally had some momentum and he was connecting with hooks from both hands with Korobov staggering with exhaustion and his work rate dropping. Aleem had a big last round driving Korobov back and rattling him with hooks to the head. A strong finish by Aleem. As above Initially Korobov was declared the winner by majority decision. After the fighters had left the ring a check of the scorecards revealed an error and the result was changed to a majority draw. Scores 95-95 twice and 97-93 for Korobov. For me the last score was a better reflection of the action. Both of Korobov’s losses have come in title fights. He was beaten by Andy Lee for the vacant WBO middleweight title in 2014 and by Jermall Charlo for the interim WBC title in December last year. At 36 time is running out for Korobov and currently his only ranking is No 14 with the WBC so his chance has probably passed. Local fighter Aleem, 25, is No 15 with the WBC. He suffered a big set-back losing on a third round kayo against Hugo Centeno in 2017. In May last year he stopped Juan De Angel so this was his first fight in twelve months.
Marin vs. Concepcion
Marin gets tight decision over the more experienced Concepcion. The taller Marin (5’7” to 5’2”) was naturally more comfortable working on the outside with Panamanian Concepcion using his experience to get by the longer reach of the Romanian to score with hooks inside. It was a fast-pace fairly even fight . Marin boxed skilfully at distance with a strong jab and walked Concepcion onto some sharp counters. Concepcion kept coming forward looking to draw Marin’s jab and then get past it inside and fire hooks to the body. Marin built an early lead but under relentless pressure from Concepcion his work became untidy and his punch output fell so that the decision could have gone either way. Scores 96-94 twice and 97-93 all for Marin. I thought Concepcion was worth a draw. Maryland-based Marin was defending the IBO Inter-Continental title and coming off a useful win over Bruno Escalante. Concepcion, 33, is a former WBA champion at flyweight and super flyweight but blew the super flyweight title when he came in overweight for a defence against Khalid Yafai in 2016 and also lost the decision. He has now lost 3 of his last 4 fights.

May 13

Tokyo, Japan: Flyweight: Moruti Mthalane (38-2) W PTS 12 Masayuki Kuroda (30-8-3). A real top quality performance by Mthalane sees him retain the IBF title with unanimous verdict over Kuroda. The challenger launches some ferocious attacks early and built a lead with two of the judges seeing him in front after four rounds at 39-37 and the other having them level at 38-38. That’s was as good as the night got for Kuroda. From the fifth the sharp punching and solid defence of Mthalane put him in total control. In a masterful display he outboxed the aggressive Kuroda constantly threading jabs through the taller man’s guard and firing home quick accurate combinations. Mthalane wound up the pace in round after round controlling the fight with his jab and busting up the face of the challenger and after eight rounds had turned the fight around to lead 77-75 on all three cards. Kuroda put in a big effort in the tenth to try to get back into the fight but it was a last fling as the brilliant little South African swept the last two rounds to finish a clear winner. Scores 116-112 twice and 117-111 all for Mthalane. The 36-year-old from Natal was imperious on the night. He is a former IBF champion having relinquished the title in 2014 rather than defend it in Thailand against Amnat Ruenroeng for a derisory purse. That was a gamble but it paid off with Mthalane winning the IBO title in the same year and making three defences before becoming IBF champion again with a victory over unbeaten Muhammad Waseem in July last year. This is his second defence. He is 24-1 in his last 25 fights with the loss being a cuts stoppage against Nonito Donaire back in 2008 and one of the 24 wins being a victory over Zolani Tete who he floored and halted in 2010 in Tete’s only inside the distance defeat. Kuroda lost a wide unanimous decision against Juan Carlos Reveco for the secondary WBA title in 2013 but was Japanese champion and had won his last six fights.

9 May

Toronto, Canada: Super Light: Steven Wilcox (21-3-1) W PTS 10 Roody Pierre Paul (16-5-2,1ND). Wilcox wins the vacant Canadian title with wide unanimous verdict over Quebecor Paul. The local fighter had considerable physical advantages and they were just too much for Paul to combat. Wilcox was able to work on the outside with his jab and with his much longer legs he was able to frustrate Paul’s efforts to get inside with simple movement. Southpaw Paul was more competitive over the middle rounds although still being outscored but then faded again before putting in a vain effort in the last. Scores 100-90 for Wilcox from all three judges. The 29-year-old Wilcox has scored six wins in his last seven fights with the loss being a decision dropped against Darragh Foley in Australia in March last year. Paul, 35, had been on a good run of seven wins and two draws but in his last fight in a dire display he lost a majority decision to Romanian prelim fighter Oszkar Fiko.

Nakhon Phanom, Thailand: Super Welter: Teerachai (41-1) W TKO 12 Ramadhani Shauri (25-15-1). Gutsy display by Tanzanian southpaw Shauri as he forces Teerachai to go into the last round for victory. Teerachai had some problems with Shauri’s style but gradually wore the African down and had him in deep trouble and shipping punishment in the twelfth when the referee halted the contests. Third low level win over a Tanzanian for Teerachai since suffering an eighth round kayo against Lucas Matthysse for the vacant WBA title in January last year. He had beaten Shauri by nine points on each of the three cards when they fought in 2017 so not sure why they bothered with a return. This was billed as for the WBA South Asian title which is yet another addition to the long, long list of invented sanction fee belts. Seventh loss by KO/TKO for Shauri

10 May

Nottingham, England: Feather: Enrique Tinoco (18-5-4) W RTD 8 Jordan Gill (23-1). Feather: Leigh Wood (22-1) W KO 10 Ryan Doyle (17-4-1). Super Feather: Stephen Smith (26-4) W PTS 6 Des Newton (7-5). Cruiser: Chris Billam-Smith (9-0) W RTD 3 Yassine Habachi (5-14-5,1ND). Heavy: Fabio Wardley (7-0) W TKO 3 Dennis Lewandowski (13-4).
Tinoco vs. Gill
Gill loses his unbeaten tag and his WBA International title as he is floored three times and pulled out of the fight by his team after the eighth round. As expected Gill quickly took control with his better boxing skills and looked comfortable over the first two rounds. The fight changed in the third when a couple of left hooks to the body from Tinoco put Gill down. He beat the count and used his speed to stay out of trouble to the bell. Gill seemed to have recovered as he outboxed Tinoco in the fourth but the Mexican was exerting heavy pressure and he put Gill on the floor again in the fifth with another body punch. As in the third Gill got up and managed to steer his way to the bell. Tinoco was now marching forward throwing heavy punches looking for an upset. Gill was sticking to his boxing and countering well but could not keep Tinoco out and Tinoco’s punches had started a swelling by Gill’s left eye. Tinoco’s pressure paid off again in the eighth as Gill was down again from a body punch and at the end of the round Gill’s corner retired their man. Huge set back for the man from Chatteris. A former undefeated Commonwealth champion he had scored wins over Jason Cunningham, Ryan Doyle and Emanuel Dominguez. After the fight Gill revealed that in the lead up to the fight he had suffered from food poisoning and had fractured his right hand in the contest. At 24 he will regroup and come back strongly. Tinoco had weighed 5ozs over the contract weight so could not win the WBA International title. He had lost on points to top prospects Mario Barrios and Devin Haney and will hoping this win leads on to better things.
Wood vs. Doyle
Wood retains the Commonwealth title with kayo of Doyle. The fight took a couple of rounds to catch fire and when it did it was Wood who took over. He was outboxing and outlanding Doyle switching guards and finding the target with hard and hurtful punches. By the fifth he was beginning to wear away at Doyle’s resistance with shots to head and body. Doyle was soaking up punishment but trying to fight back without success. By the tenth he was ready to go and Wood showered Doyle with punches from both hands before sending Doyle down with a wicked left hook and Doyle was counted out. Local fighter Wood, 30, was defending the Commonwealth title for the first time and gets his twelfth win by KO/TKO. His only loss was to world title challenger Gavin McDonnell in 2014 and this is his eleventh win since then. Former Commonwealth champion Doyle had scored a good win over unbeaten Reece Bellotti but lost to Jordan Gill in October.
Smith vs. Newton
Smith throws his hat in the ring as he returns from inactivity with a win. The former IBF and WBA title challenger was given some useful rounds of work by late substitute Newton. He floored Newton with a body punch in the fifth but the Devon fighter survived and stayed to the final bell. Referee’s score 60-54. First fight for Smith, 33, since losing a technical decision against Francisco Vargas in December 2017 when an ear injury forced the fight to be stopped and go to the cards. He will be looking to fight his way to a third title shot. Newton keeps his slate clear of any inside the distance losses.
Billiam-Smith vs. Habachi
Billiam-Smith is emerging as one to watch. “The Gentleman” was much too good for Moroccan Habachi who retires at the end of the third round. The 6’3” Smith, 28, just came up short in the major tournaments as an amateur but has won eight of fights by KO/TKO. He faces his first test when he meets unbeaten Richar Riakporhe in July. Italian-based Habachi is 0-6-4 in his last ten fights.
Wardley vs. Lewandowski
Wardley beats an obese Lewandowski in a farce of a match. All you need to know about Lewandowski is that he is 6’2” and 351lbs. It was like hitting the heavy bag-the very heavy bag-for Wardley. He pounded on the slow Lewandowski for two rounds. In the third a series of uppercuts had blood pouring from Lewandowski’s nose and he dropped under a volley of punches. Despite the nose injury he got up and tried to continue but went down again and the fight was stopped. No chance to get any real assessment of Wardley but he did look very sharp and at 24 and standing 6’5” with six wins by KO/TKO he looks yet another addition to the growing ranks of promising young British heavyweights. German Lewandowski tried but had nothing to offer except a target. He has put on an additional 90lbs since he turned pro in 2014 but this is the first time he has failed to last the distance

Burbank, CA, USA: Light Heavy: Vyacheslav Shabranskyy W TKO 1Gilberto Rubio (9-8). You would have thought that after being out of action for 18 months Shabranskyy might have looked for some useful ring time. Instead he made it an early night as he battered Rubio to defeat inside the opening round. First outing for the tall Ukrainian since being floored and halted in two rounds by Sergey Kovalev in a fight for the vacant WBO light heavy title in November 2017. Really should have expected this one to end early as only three of Shabranskyy’s 21 fights have gone the distance. Ridiculous really putting a 5’8” Rubio in with a 6’3 ½” Shabranskyy. Rubio suffers his sixth loss by KO/TKO.

Corona, CA, USA: Feather: Ruben Villa (16-0) W PTS 10 Luis Lopez (17-2). Bantam: Saul Sanchez (12-0) W KO 8 Brandon Leon Benitez (14-2).Light: Michael Dutchover (13-0) W KO 1 Rosekie Cristobal (15-4). Light: Petr Petrov (40-6-2) W KO 2 Ruben Tamayo (27-13-4).
Villa vs. Lopez
Southpaw Villa wins the vacant WBO International belt by outpointing Lopez. Villa had problems early with the uncoordinated and flailing attacks of Lopez but once he settled his better skills put him in charge. Villa was using sharp accurate jabs to control Lopez’s attacks and opened a cut over the left eye of Lopez with a punch in the fourth round. Body punches from Villa had Lopez tiring and Villa attacked strongly over the last three rounds looking for a stoppage. He rocked Lopez with rights in the tenth but Lopez stayed in the fight to the end. Scores 98-92, 97-93 an 96-94 for Villa. The 22-year-old Villa was in his first ten round contest and he paced the fight well. He is being sensibly matched and remains a top prospect. Mexican Lopez had won his last five fights including a victory over 18-1 Ray Ximenez.
Sanchez vs. Benitez
Sanchez maintains his 100% record and collects the vacant WBO Latino belt with late stoppage of Benitez. Sanchez was marching forward with Benitez boxing on the retreat. Benitez had trouble keeping Sanchez out but he was picking up points with his counters in an interesting contest. Sanchez showed his power by shaking Benitez with a right in the fourth but he was cut under his left eye. That did not stop him from raging in and outlanding Benitez who was slowly being broken down. Sanchez opened a cut over Benitez’s right eye in the seventh and then had Benitez in trouble and ended it in the eighth with a fierce attack. After he shook Benitez with a right the referee halted the contest. Now seven wins by KO/TKO for the 21-year-old Californian who in theory was in his first ten round bout. Second loss by KO/TKO for Mexican Benitez who had won his last 5 bouts.
Dutchover vs. Cristobal
This looked a reasonable fight with the unbeaten Dutchover facing a taller southpaw who in his last fight had taken unbeaten Denys Berinchyk into the seventh round before being stopped. He only lasted 106 seconds against Dutchover. A left hook to the body sent Cristobal down and he was counted out. Tenth win by KO/TKO for the “West Texas Warrior”. Second loss by KO/TKO for Cristobal.
Petrov vs. Tamayo
Petrov continues to edge his way back into contention as he halts Tamayo for whom losing has become a habit. The Russian “Czar” dropped Tamayo three times in the second round and the fight was stopped. Petrov put together a run of good results that saw him win the ESPN Boxcino tournament and the NABA title. A victory over 24-1-2 Mike Perez earned him a title shot but he lost on points to Terry Flanagan for the WBO light title in 2017 and was inactive for a year after losing to Ivan Baranchyk in March 2018. Mexican Tamayo has now lost 9 of his last 10 contests.

Hollywood, FL, USA: Welter: Derrick Cuevas (21-0-1) W PTS 8 Albert Mensah (31-8-1). Welter: Livan Navarro (11-0) W PTS 8 Breidis Prescott (31-17). Feather: Hairon Socarras (22-0-3) W RTD 5 Jesus Martinez (25-8). Heavy: Ivan Dychko (7-0) W Ray Austin (29-9-4). Welter: Logan Yoon (16-0) W PTS 8 Robert Frankel (37-21-1).
Cuevas vs. Mensah
Cuevas has no problem in staying unbeaten as he outpoints a survival-minded Mensah. Cuevas dominated the action with Mensah on the defensive and only fighting back in bursts. Cuevas was able to pin Mensah to the ropes and work on him but Mensah was never in any real trouble and did enough to stop being overwhelmed to a point where the referee might stop the fight. Scores 80-72 twice and 78-74 for Cuevas. No real chance for Cuevas to shine here but he has garnered useful experience in wins over seasoned-if sliding-pros Silverio Ortiz, Breidis Prescott and Ed Paredes. Ghanaian Mensah is 2-3 in his last 5 fights which breaks down as 2 wins in Ghana and 3 losses in the USA.
Navarro vs. Prescott
Cuban hope beats up a very faded Prescott who uses all of his experience to last the distance. Navarro was able to dominate the fight with Prescott only really fighting in bursts and not taking too many chances. Navarro tried hard for an inside the distance finish but despite his pressure and dominance Prescott was never really in trouble. Scores 80-72, 79-73 and 78-74 for Navarro. The tall, 28-year-old “Machine Gun Kid” won gold medals at the two most prestigious tournaments in Cuba, the Copa Roberto Balado and the Giraldo Cordova Cardin. No 36 Prescott has lost 9 of his last 10 fights.
Socarras vs. Martinez
After eight years as a pro Socarras finally seems to be making some progress as far as being more active is concerned. Martinez did not constitute a tough test but Socarras got the job done. He had won every round before flooring Martinez with a left hook in the fifth. Martinez survived to the bell but then retired. The 26-year-old Socarras has 14 wins by KO/TKO. Colombian Martinez is heading in the same direction as fellow-countryman Prescott with 5 losses in his last 6 bouts.
Dychko vs. Austin
Kazak giant Dychko stops ancient and fat Austin, Dychko had won the first two rounds before Austin complained of an injury to his left arm and the referee stopped the fight. The 6’9” Dychko, 28, has won all of his eight fights by KO/TKO but the opposition has been either inferior or old or sometimes both. Dychko was an Elite level amateur winning a bronze medal at the 2012 Olympics losing to Anthony Joshua 11-13 in the semi-final and he collected two silver medals and a bronze at the World Championships. He scored wins over Filip Hrgovic, Efe Ajagba, Erik Pfeifer and Simon Kean in the amateurs but it remains to be seen whether he can convert that to pro success. Austin is 48, and weighed 303lbs for this fight. He needs to think about a future-outside boxing.
Yoon vs. Frankel
Hawaiian prospect Yoon eases his way back into action with comfortable unanimous verdict over seasoned pro Frankel’ The 5’10” Yoon had physical edges over Frankel as well as youth and speed but Frankel was brought in to gave Yoon some needed ring time and he did that. Scores 80-72 twice and 78-74 for Yoon. The 20-year-old from Honolulu looks very promising. Frankel, 38, after 15 years as a pro is a useful if unthreatening opponent for the up and coming young fighters.

Springfield, MA, USA: Super Feather: Abraham Nova (15-0) W TKO 2 Mario Lozano (18-3-1). Middle: Carlos Gongora (16-0) W PTS 10 Damian Bonelli (23-7).
Nova vs. Lozano
Puerto Rican comer Nova wipes out Argentinian Lozano inside two rounds. After taking the first round Novoa ended the contest in the second launching an onslaught of punches that drove Lozano to the canvas with the referee stopping the fight. Despite what looks like a greying beard Nova is only 25 and la very good prospect. This is his fourteenth win by KO/TKO with three of those quick wins coming in fights in Belgium. He has also fought in the Dominican Republic, Mexico and Argentina. He is a former US National champion and won gold medals at the Independence Cup and Jose Che Aponte which are top level amateur tournaments. Lozano had put together a 10-0-1 run before being knocked out in three rounds by Pablo Ojeda in February.
Gongora vs. Bonelli
Gongora moves up to ten rounds for the first time and comes away with a convincing unanimous verdict over Argentinian Bonelli. Scores 98-92 twice and 99-91 for the tall southpaw. He was one of the most successful amateurs in Ecuadorian boxing representing them at the 2008 and 2012 Olympics and at the 2007, 2009 and 2011 World Championships and he scored wins over Shawn Estrada, Terrell Gausha and Yamaguchi Falcao. Bonelli, 41, has lost his last six fights on his travels including going the distance with Steve Rolls who fights Gennady Golovkin in June.

Buenos Aires, Argentina: Feather: Kevin Acevedo (17-2-2) W PTS 10 Claudio Echegaray (22-3-1). Middle: Amilcar Vidal (8-0) W TKO 8 Martin Bulacio (9-4). Super Feather: Jaime Arboleda (14-1) W RTD 3 Jose Saant (12-1-1).
Acevedo vs. Echegaray
Acevedo comes from behind to outpoint Echegaray. It was Echegaray who made the better start outboxing Acevedo over the early rounds. Constant pressure from Acevedo saw Echegaray tire over the second half of the fight and Acevedo did enough to claw back Echegaray’s lead and emerge a winner in a unanimous verdict. Scores of 97-94, 98-95 ½, 96 ½ -95. Good win for Argentinian No 3 Acevedo as he extends his current unbeaten run to 15 with 13 wins and 2 draws. Southpaw Echegaray was unbeaten in his first 22 fights but is now 1-3 in his last 4.
Vidal vs. Bulacio
Uruguayan Vidal gets another inside the distance win as he halts Argentinian Bulacio in the eighth round. The 23-year-old from Montevideo collects something called the WBC South American title with his eighth win by KO/TKO. Bulacio forced the fight hard but Vidal had too much power. He floored Bulacio in the eighth with a left hook. Bulacio made it to his feet but took more punishment and was given a standing only to be hurt again by hooks from Vidal and dropped twice in the eighth to force the stoppage. Bulacio is now 2-3 in his last five fights.
Arboleda vs. Saant
Panamanian prospect Arboleda much too classy for Ecuadorian Saant. Arboleda’s attacks led to the referee giving Saant a standing count in the second. Arboleda continued to dominate the action in the third with Saant spitting out his mouthguard to get some respite. He made it to the bell but his team then pulled him out of the fight. Former top amateur Arboleda is rebuilding after a stoppage loss against Filipino Recky Dulay in 2017. This is his fourth inside the distance win since then and his first fight in Argentina under the banner of Sampson Lewkowicz. First fight outside Ecuador for Saant.

Ghent, Belgium: Middle: Kevin Ongenae (11-6-2) W PTS 10 Kevin Vanderheyden (9-1-1) . Middle: Sash Yengoyan (44-6-1) W PTS 8 Francesco Lezzi (11-14-2). Welter: Hedi Slimani (31-5) W PTS 10 Renald Garrido (24-23-3).
Ongenae vs. Vanderheyden
Home town fighter Ongenae wins the vacant Belgium title with all three judges seeing him as the better man. These two had very similar styles and had fought to a majority draw in October for the vacant title. Neither had the punch to seriously shake the other and as they tired over the last three rounds there was more brawling than boxing but they kept swinging away until the end. The cleaner work came from Ongenae and he was a clear winner. Scores 97-92 twice and 96-93 all for Ongenae He had a run of 8 wins but after it was broken he lost two in a row before drawing with Vanderheyden. These two could probably go again giving Vanderheyden the chance to reverse his only loss.
Yengoyan vs. Lezzi
Yengoyan gets unanimous decision over Lezzi but it is not an impressive win. Yengoyan was marching after Lezzi for the whole fight but having trouble pinning down the Italian. Yengoyan was dangerous with right swings but Lezzi was always moving and stabbing out his jab and scoring with long rights. Yengoyan just did enough to win this one but he is lucky Lezzi is not a puncher or he could have been in trouble. Scores 80-72, 79-73 and 77-75 for Yengoyan. The 34-year-old Armenian is looking very shop-worn. Lezzi has won only two of his last eleven fights.
Slimani vs. Garrido
Slimani takes split decision over Garrido who puts on a typical “Garrido” performance. He was giving away lots of height and reach and could not match Slimani for skill but he rolled forward in round after round throwing plenty of punches getting inside and working the body. Slimani tried to fight on the outside where he controlled the action. He threaded jabs through the leaky guard of Garrido and rocked Garrido with some rights to the head, Garrido never stopped coming forward. He shook Slimani in the sixth and it times it looked as the sheer volume of his punches had Slimani wilting but in the end Slimani’s skill and accuracy were just enough to see him get a decision that could have gone either way. Scores 77-75 and 77-76 for Slimani and 77-75 for Garrido. Tunisian-born Slimani had put together an 18 bout winning run before losing to Richard Commey in 2017. He has since suffered inside the distance losses against Vage Sarukhanyan and Steve Jamoye. He has won his last three fights but he may have gone as far as he is going. Former French super light champion Garrido has a very unimpressive set of figures but has never lost inside the division and always lives up to his “The Lion” nickname.

Tokyo, Japan: Bantam: Keita Kurihara (14-5) W KO 1 Warlito Parrenas (26-10-1). Super Welter: Hironobu Matsunaga (15-1) W RTD 6 Nobuyuki Shindo (20-5-2).
Kurihara vs. Parrenas
This looked a very equal fight on paper but Kurihara tore up the script to retain the OPBF title. He connected with a right hook to the head that put Parrenas down heavily. Parrenas struggled to his feet but too late to beat the count. All over in 35 seconds. Twelfth win by KO/TKO for Kurihara. When he won the OPBF title in December there was some confusion over whether he would get to keep the belt as due to a timekeeping error one round lasted four minutes but it was decided that the result should stand. Japanese-based Filipino Parrenas fought a draw with David Carmona for the vacant interim WBO super fly title in 2015 and was then stopped in two rounds by Naoya Inoue for the full WBO title later the same year. He had suffered two losses against good level Japanese opposition going into the OPBF title fight.
Matsunaga vs. Shindo
In an all-southpaw contest Matsunaga steamrollers champion Shindo to defeat. At 6’1” Shindo had a huge advantage in height and reach over Matsunaga but the challenger was storming forward from the first bell and was working on the body inside. Shindo tried to keep him out with jabs and straight lefts but was constantly pinned to the ropes. After five rounds Matsunaga was up 48-47 on two cards and 49-46 on the third. Shindo tried to turn back the tide in the sixth but Matsunaga kept him in a corner and unloaded punches on the champion and at the end of the round Shindo’s team pulled their man out of the fight. Ninth win in a row for the former bakery worker. Matsunaga was having his first shot at the national title and at one time it seemed his career might be over due a retina injury but now he is champion at thirty-one. Shindo was defending the title for the second time having held on to it with a draw against Akinori Watanabe with a draw in December.

Kempton Park, South Africa: Super Welter: Boyd Allen (4-0) W PTS 12 Brandon Thysse (10-21-1). Super Middle: Rowan Campbell (10-0) W PTS 10 Yanga Phetani (14-3-1,1ND).
Allen vs. Thysse
Allen retains the WBA Pan African title with a split verdict over Thysse. Allen outboxed Thysse and looked a clear winner. Scores 115-113 twice for Allen which tell one story and a score of 119-113 for Thysse which is inexplicable. Allen has crossed over from MMA and made rapid progress. Former South African title challenger Thysse had lost in a fight for the national title in 2017
Campbell vs. Phetani
Campbell also won on a good night for the champions. He held on to his IBO All-African title with a unanimous decision over Phetani, Scores 99-91, 98-92 and 98-93. South African champion Campbell is progressing well. Phetani has been moving up through the weights. He had a shot at the South African super welter title but lost. He then had a try at the middleweight title but lost again only for the result to be changed to No decision after his opponent tested positive for a banned substance. He is No 1 in the national middleweight ratings so should land another shot if he stays at middleweight.

11 May

Magdeburg, Germany: Super Middle: Stefan Haertel (18-1) W PTS 12 Robin Krasniqi (49-6).Cruiser: Juergen Uldadaj (11-0) W PTS 10 Krzys Twardowski (5-2). Heavy: Peter Kadiru (3-0) W PTS 6 Paolo Iannucci (4-4).
Minor upset as Haertel outpoints champion Krasniqi for the European title. Haertel made a strong confident start taking the fight to Krasniqi and constantly finding gaps for his slick jabs. In the second Krasniqi suffered a cut over his right eye that was to be a problem for the rest of the fight. Haertel’s work saw him sweep the first three rounds on all cards but in the fourth Krasniqi connected with some fierce uppercuts which brought blood from Haertel’s nose. After four rounds all three judges had Haertel clearly in front with scores of 39-37, 39-37 and 40-36. Haertel increased his lead with some more pressure and good boxing over the fifth, sixth and seventh but the rounds were close in a fight full of fierce exchanges. Krasniqi’s cut continued to trickle blood but despite also now being cut over his left eye Krasniqi fought back hard but was unable to make a dent in Haertel’s lead with the judges still having the German ahead after eight rounds at 77-75, 78-74 and 80-73. Krasniqi built on his good eighth round rocking Haertel with a right in the ninth but Haertel was boxing well and put the fight out of Krasniqi’s reach by edging the tenth and eleventh. Krasniqi went for broke in the last looking for the knockout he needed. He took the round but it was not enough for him to keep his title. Scores 115-113, 116-112 and 117-112 making the 31-year-old Haertel the new European champion. This had been yet another outstanding European title fight. In the amateurs Haertel had ruled the 75kg division in Germany and competed at the European and World Championships and 2012 Olympics. He had not really shone as a pro and lost a split decision to unbeaten Adam Deines last year but he came good here. After going 1-2 in his first three fights Kosovon-born Krasniqi put together a 38 bout winning steak before losing to Nathan Cleverly for the WBO light heavy title in 2013. He continued to win fights but lost big ones against Juergen Brahmer for the secondary WBA light heavyweight title and Arthur Abraham in a non-title fight before winning the vacant European title in June last year with a victory over 36-2 Stan Kashtanov. At 32 he can still come again.
Uldedaj vs. Twardowski
German-based Uldedaj adds the WBC Youth title to his collection with a victory over Pole Twardowski. Uldedaj outboxed the Pole form the start building a strong early lead dominating the centre of the ring constantly switching guards. He kicked on from there showing better defensive work and varying his attacks to maintain his lead. Twardowski tried hard for a knockout in the tenth but that never looked likely and Uldedaj won 97-93 on all three cards. Reportedly Uldedaj, 21, who already holds the German International and WBO Youth titles, fought from the fourth round with a fractured right hand. Twardowski really just a four and six round prelim fighter did better than expected although a clear loser.
Kadiru vs. Iannucci
Hot prospect Kadiru gets some more pro rounds under his belt as he outpoints rugged and durable Italian Iannucci. Kadiru bossed the fight in every round. He showed a strong jab and connected with some booming rights but Iannucci never looked like falling and provided some useful work for the 21-year-old former top amateur. Scores 60-54 for Kadiru on the three cards. He is being brought along slowly as he is still very much a work in progress. Iannucci’s loses have all been on points.

Buenos Aires, Argentina: Cruiser: Yamil Peralta (3-0) W PTS 10 Marcos Aumada (21-7). Peralta wins his first pro title in only his third fight as he outpoints Aumada to lift the WBC Latino belt. Peralta was far too quick and clever for southpaw Aumada. He used his defensive skills to duck or dodge Aumada’s punches whilst scoring with his jab and hooks. A frustrated Aumada tried to turn the fight into a brawl and succeeded in as far as there was plenty of dirty stuff from both boxers but he just could not match the accuracy of Peralta’s counters and despite a big effort in the last he was an ex-champion. Scores 100-90, 98-92 and 97-93 for Peralta. Although this was only his third pro fight Peralta has a wealth of experience behind him winning bronze medals at the Pan American Games and the World Championships, getting to the quarter-finals of both the 2012 and 2016 Olympics and being an outstanding performer for the Argentina Condors in the WSB. Aumada, “the Thin Man”, was making the third defence of the WBC title and had won his last four fights by KO/TKO.

Esneaux, Belgium: Super Light: Jessy PetitJean (16-0) W PTS 10 Bence Molnar (18-9). Fighting in his home neighbourhood PetitJean is much too good for young Hungarian Molnar. PetitJean cemented the win by flooring Molnar twice in the eighth but really Molnar was never any threat. Scores 100-89, 99-89 and 99-90. PetitJean is No 11 in the European ratings but is going to have to go against some better quality opposition if he is to climb further. Molnar, 23, turned pro at 17 but had been inactive of late with this being only his second fight in almost three years.

Brampton, Canada: Light Heavy: Ryan Young (13-4) W PTS 10 Tim Cronin (11-3-2). Light: Josh O’Reilly (15-0) W PTS 10 Oscar Mejia (14-4-1).
Young vs. Cronin
Young wins battle of local boxers as he outpoints champion Cronin to collect the Canadian title. It was expected to be a competitive fight with the two contestants having similar records being of similar age and level of experience but Young was clearly the better man on the night and lifted the title. Scores 99-91 twice and 97-93 for Young. A needed win as 34-year-old Young was 2-4 in his previous six fight. Cronin, 35, had lost and drawn his previous two bouts.
O’Reilly vs. Mejia
O’Reilly retains the NABA title with points victory over Mejia. Scores 97-93 twice and 96-94 for the Canadian No 2. O’Reilly was making the first defence of the title he won with a majority verdict over fellow-Canadian Cam O’Connell in January. For winning the NABA title the WBA have gifted O’Reilly a No 14 position in their ratings. O’Reilly looked to have won more clearly than the scores suggest but Mejia is strictly a prelim fighter down in Aguascalientes and this was his first ten round fight.

Fight of the week (Significance): Miguel Berchelt’s win over Francisco Vargas will hopefully open the way to an attempt to unify the super featherweight titles
Fight of the week (Entertainment): The fight between Julian Williams and Jarrett Hurd was a battle all the way and the Stefan Haertel vs. Robin Krasniqi European title fight provided plenty of entertainment.
Fighter of the week: Julian Williams for his upset win over Jarrett Hurd with an honourable mention to Moruti Mthalane for a quality performance in retaining his IBF title in Japan
Punch of the week: The left hook from Mario Barrios that ended Juan Velasco’s interest in their fight was special but so was Leigh Wood’s left hook that ended Ryan Doyle’s interest in their fight
Upset of the week: Two really Williams beating Hurd and Mexican Enrique Tinoco stopping unbeaten Jordan Gill
Prospect watch: Super bantamweight Carlos Castro is now 23-0 so one to follow.

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