Dillian Whyte: “My grandmother could stop Tom Schwarz”

Anthony Cocks

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Dillian Whyte has taken aim at Tyson Fury ahead of his Las Vegas debut against little-known German Tom Schwarz this Saturday night.

In the latest rankings by Ring Magazine, Fury was installed as the number one heavyweight in the world.

“Mate… it’s up to them [The Ring Magazine] to decide. But I don’t know how you call yourself the number one heavyweight in the world and be fighting Tom Schwarz. He’s number 56 in the world and seven in Germany!” Whyte told talkSPORT.

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“You can’t be the best in the world, giving it the biggun and be fighting Tom Schwarz. Fury turned down my next opponent, Oscar Rivas, to fight a bum. These guys think they are clever. They just want to keep tricking the fans.

“He talks s***, he says bad things about everyone else because of his own insecurities. He knows he is fighting a bum and goes on like he is the best heavyweight around – but he is not.

“I am fighting Rivas, an unbeaten former Olympian and a highly dangerous fighter who wrecked AJ-conqueror Andy Ruiz Jr’s Olympic hopes and he is fighting Tom Schwarz.

“Fury is conning the public. One thing he is doing though is giving Wilder a run for his money when it comes to being a coward.

“A few weeks ago he publicly called me out and when I happily accepted, he said he’d only fight me if the WBC would put the diamond belt on the line. When they agreed and made an order for us to fight for the diamond belt, he bottled it and couldn’t run away fast enough. Pathetic. So he’s not a fighting man as he claims, he’s not the Gypsy King, but a running man.

“He’s the Gypsy Coward. Hopefully, the IBC (Imaginary Boxing Council) will now strip him of their prestigious Imaginary Lineal Championship belt and remove him from their imaginary rankings.”

Whyte questioned the quality of Schwarz, labelling him a quitter.

“Tom Schwarz is garbage. If Fury doesn’t stop Tom Schwarz in the first few rounds, it is a terrible performance. My grandmother could stop Tom Schwarz. He is a quitter. Watch his fight with Senad Gashi. Gashi is a journeyman and he wanted to quit against him,” Whyte continued.

“If he beats Fury, it will be the greatest shock in the history of boxing. In fact, it will be the greatest shock in the history of sport.

“If Fury had flu, dengue fever and one arm, he would still beat Tom Schwarz! It is a nonsense fight. How can he get away with that being a main event in Las Vegas? It’s a joke.”

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