Jarrell Miller spotted in Las Vegas for Fury vs. Schwarz and opens up on his failed tests and the latest with his career

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Ever since his fight with Anthony Joshua was cancelled, due to him failing three separate pre-fight drug tests, unbeaten heavyweight contender Jarrell Miller has laid low a little bit. Miller was to fight Joshua on June 1st inside of Madison Square Garden, yet Andy Ruiz Jr. was given the shot once Miller failed his tests.

Ruiz went on to score a shocking upset over Joshua by way of 7th round TKO.

Miller has been scorned by many in the boxing world, yet he surely has his own view of what happened with his tests. Miller was recently spotted in Las Vegas for Tyson Fury’s blowout of Thomas Schwarz and gave some updates on his life and career.

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“It’s a lot of miscommunication, you know, just wrong information,” Miller spoke to Fight Hub TV. “Nothing was intentional. Dealing with an injury, I wanted to be 100% for my fight, you know. Everything that was released in the media, you know, prematurely, was just wrong information. You know, nothing was a testosterone boost, none of that was an anabolic steroid. It was something that does help with a ligament tear and I had bone spurs in my elbow that I’ve been dealing with since the Johann Duhuapas fight that promoters knew about, stuff like that.”

If anything, Miller believes that he simply didn’t educate himself enough on the substances he was taking.

“But it was just wrong homework on the medical side, that I didn’t do, to do my homework,” said Miller. “You know, everybody knew about my injury but people, sometimes when it’s dirt being thrown, everybody moves out the way and let one person take it. But I’m the fighter, I’ll take it, I’ll deal with it. But when I come back I know who my true friends are and who’s really fighting for Big Baby and who’s on the Big Baby team.”

One thing that Miller does take offense to is people insisting he failed three tests. He took a moment to clear the air.

“It wasn’t three drug tests, it was two drug tests,” said Miller. “The first drug test was the one I originally failed, it was GW1516 that we knew came from a tainted supplement. We’re still figuring out [which supplement it came from] because it’s in the labs right now. The crazy part about it was when I failed that, I was the one that asked to get the second drug test. They said, ‘oh no, there’s no reason to because you failed the first one, the fight is already out the window.’ I said ‘no, I still wanna get drug test.’ When they drug test me for the second one, that’s when the HGH and [EPO came out], so I’m the one that shot myself in the foot. A lot of people don’t even know about that, ‘cause they wasn’t even gonna so the second drug test.”

It might not me a long road back for Miller, who has been rumored as a possible opponent for Fury. Some expected him to be suspended for a while, yet Miller says you just must look at his history as a fighter to understand.

“I mean listen, you can look at my past fight, my present fight, you can say I’ve gained weight, I’ve lost weight, like I said before, everything that was taken isn’t an anabolic steroid,” said Miller. “You’ve got other fighters that have eaten meat that’s an anabolic steroid, or other fighters that have really taken testosterone. I ain’t take no testosterone, that’s not what I took. They can say what they want but when I make my return, when I’m 100% clean, everything by the book, what are they gonna say after that?”

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