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Vietnam Boxing Commission- Media Release

VSP Boxing and Saigon Sports Club today released news that five of Vietnam’s best fighters will be venturing to Korea next month to compete in a professional Korean Boxing Commission (WBC) event. South Korea have a long and rich tradition in the sport, and are looking to foster ties with Vietnam on both an amateur and professional level. South Korea were welcome guests of the country at an exhibition tournament held in Dong Nai in 2018.

The Vietnam team comprises some of the hardest hitting amateur fighters in the country, who were scouted through their participation in the Victory 8 competitions. Two of the squad, Truong Dinh Hoang and Nguyen Van Hai, have already tasted minor success as pros. The three others that were selected to compete will be making their pro debuts – Nguyen Van Duong, Vu Than Dat, and HCMC fighter Tran Duc Tho. The squad will be mentored by world champion trainers Dave Hedgcock and Ben McCulloch of Australia.

Korea are yet to finalise opponents but have promised the Vietnamese boxers a warm welcome, and have stated that they expect Korea to win all five fights. They have offered to host more Vietnamese fighters in the future, and it is envisaged that as a cultural exchange, Vietnam will stage events in 2020 against Korean opposition.

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