Tyson Fury planning three world title fights in 2020, wants to fight in Antarctica

Anthony Cocks

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Tyson Fury has laughed off comments from rival Deontay Wilder who said he would request the self-styled ‘Gypsy King’ to step aside if he can land a fight with the winner of the rematch between Anthony Joshua and Andy Ruiz Jr in Saudi Arabia on December 7.

WBC heavyweight champion Wilder is expected to face Fury in a rematch of their December draw early in the new year.

“I’ve heard about Wilder saying he wants to pay me some step-aside money [for Wilder to face the winner of Ruiz-Joshua 2] but I wouldn’t take £50 million to step aside because it doesn’t mean that much to me. I only care about winning and victory,” Fury told the Telegraph.

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“The truth is Wilder doesn’t want to fight me. He couldn’t beat me when I’d had three years out the ring and he couldn’t beat me when he knocked me down twice. So he hasn’t got a chance of beating me now.

“I don’t care if he’s got 104 belts. Belts are lovely things to have, to hold, to win. But it’s about more than a belt between me and Deontay Wilder, I want to beat the man himself.”

Fury, who is set to face unbeaten but unknown Swede Otto Wallin in Las Vegas next weekend, insists he isn’t frustrated that the Wilder rematch didn’t get made this year.

“No frustration. Rome wasn’t built in a day,” said Fury. “Big fights take a lot of building, as we saw with Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather. That took five years. I intend to bear Wallin, fight Wilder in February, again in June and the winner of Joshua and Ruiz in December 2020.”

While there has been criticism from some quarters about the Joshua-Ruiz fight landing in Saudi Arabia due to their poor human rights record, Fury is not in that camp.

“It’s everyone to their own,” Fury said. “This is the prize-fighting game. The great trainer Emanuel Steward once told me that if you want to become a superstar in this game you have to travel the world and fight in different continents. So fair play to Eddie Hearn and fair play to Ruiz and Joshua, they’re out there representing themselves and putting themselves on a global scale.

“Isn’t it fantastic that they’re able to bring world championship boxing to a desert where people don’t normally get events like that? This weekend there’s the MMA fight in Abu Dhabi, then the World Cup coming up in Qatar, and now we have the big fight with Joshua versus Ruiz in December.

“Great that people in the Middle East are seeing events on home soil, because they’re usually in the UK or America.

“And although I’ve come to America to crack America as great British fighter have done in the past, I’d never rule out going anywhere.

“The top of my wish list would be to go to Antarctica. We could give those people something to look forward to.”


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