Amron Sands returned to his native Bahamas to visit family when Hurricane Dorian struck

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Following his victory on August 23 in Tampa, FL, DiBella Entertainment’s 25-year-old undefeated heavyweight prospect Amron “The Sandman” Sands (9-0, 8 KOs) returned to his native Bahamas to visit family when Hurricane Dorian struck. With his countrymen, relatives and friends left to recover from the effects of the destruction, Sands has since done all he can to offer his assistance and help the relief efforts.

“What happened to the Bahamas was devastating and my heavyweight, Amron Sands, was among the many thousands of people personally affected by this tragedy,” said Lou DiBella, President of DiBella Entertainment. “He stayed behind to weather the storm with his family to help them and others stay safe and healthy through the devastation. Amron has continued to help by donating fresh water, clothing and other important items. There are many great relief organizations to donate to, including, and DiBella Entertainment supports their efforts.”

“I went back to the Bahamas shortly after my last fight to spend time with my family. About a week later, Hurricane Dorian touched down and ravaged the islands,” said Sands. “My father’s house in Nassau was flooded and left without power and my seventy-year-old grandparents’ home in Freeport was absolutely destroyed. They are currently living in a shelter right now, as the airport in Freeport is shut down and the only way in and out is via helicopter.

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“After the hurricane hit, I moved into a hotel for a few days on Paradise Island. Even with the hotel built at a higher elevation in case of situations like this, the pouring rain was still beating down through the windows, and hotel personnel made everyone on the ground floor move up to at least the third floor. A few friends of mine displaced by the storm came by my room to use the shower and sleep on the floor. I have other friends still sleeping in their cars.

“When I left the Bahamas to head back to Orlando, the airport in Nassau looked like a crowded hospital with people bandaged up and lying on the floor hoping to get out. My sister and I have been bringing packages of water, canned goods, clothes and other helpful supplies to the Bahamas Air terminal at Orlando Airport, where they have been transporting items back to the Bahamas for people in need. Anyone local can go to their drop-off location to donate. I’ll be heading back to the Bahamas myself as soon as I can to help with the cleanup and rebuilding process. I also strongly support hurricane relief groups like and I encourage anyone that is capable to please donate and help those affected by this storm.”

Lance Pugmire, of The Athletic, detailed Sands’ extensive relief work in a story that can be read

The heavy-handed Sands turned professional in 2017 and has scored eight knockouts in his first nine fights, all coming within the first two rounds.
About All Hands and Hearts/Hurricane Dorian

Disaster Profile — Hurricane Dorian battered the Bahamas as a slow-moving category 5 hurricane, with heavy rains, damaging winds and severe storm surges. As Dorian pulls away from the Bahamas and moves up the US Atlantic coast, it has weakened to a category 2 hurricane.

Our Work — Our Disaster Assessment Response Team is prepared to deploy to the Bahamas. Given our 14+ years of experience, having worked in more than 100 disasters, we recognize that our team should not move in until the hurricane has passed, local authorities have signaled that search and rescue is winding down, and they can safely arrive via the airport. All funds donated will be used to help the impacted communities and our experienced team’s preparation will ensure we effectively and efficiently provide needed help. Additionally, our US assessment team has staged in Georgia, in anticipation of Dorian’s potential impact on the US coast. They are prepared to head into affected areas to perform ground assessments as soon as it is safe to do so. We will continue to update our website so please check back for the latest information periodically.

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