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Over the weekend David Light defended his WBO Oriental Cruiserweight title against the Australian Trent Broadhurst in Sydney. David won the fight by TKO but there is controversy surrounding the judges who scored the bout.

The three Judges who scored the contest were Wayne Douglas, Mick Heafey and Will Soulos. All judges are quite experienced judges and all come from New South Wales of Australia. We do know that Combat Sports Authority of New South Wales have very strict rules when it comes to official selections, where only officials from the state of New South Wale can be selected regardless of the fight or title unless its a world title fight. We also know back in August 2018, a world title fight almost didn’t take place due to the Combat Sports Authority didn’t agree with the rules of the IBF. Even in this fight the New Zealand WBO representative Pat Leonard had no say in the fight. Because of the NSW judges selection David Light was already coming into the fight with an unfair advantage.

The judges, in the end, scored the fight 19 – 19 by Wayne Douglas and Mick Heafey, and 20 – 17 to David Light by Will Soulos. These are the scores leading into the third round before the fight ended. Now let’s break down what this means.

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Wayne Douglas and Mick Heafey gave Trent Broadhurst the fight round which is fine and David Light was given the first round by Will Soulos. The controversy part was in the second round of the fight. Because Trent Broadhurst was knockdown twice in the second round, the judges should have awarded David Light a 10 – 7 round. But Wayne Douglas and Mick Heafey award David Light only a 10 – 9 not taking into consideration for the two knockdowns. Will Soulos also scored the fight 10 – 8 which only took into consideration only one knockdown.

Which such poor scoring with the judges I really would hate to think what the scores would be if this went the full 10 rounds. Even some of the officials from New South Wales are criticising these scorecards. It is good that David Light won by TKO to give him the guaranteed win.

So what should David Light’s team do about this? There really are only two things they can do about this and that is either never fight in New South Wales again or refuse to fight with these judges scoring on the fight. The problem with this is that Jai Opetaia, the fight that David Lights Team is aiming for, mostly fights and resides in New South Wales, which could make it difficult in the future if David Light wants that fight and with controversial judges from that state.

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