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The Greatest Lives is an upcoming single about poet/humanitarian/boxing champ Muhammad Ali, performed by Thembeka Mnguni. In South Africa, it will be on Thembeka’s upcoming album on Universal SA later this year. In the United States, it will be first released as a single, and then on Joe Deninzon & Anne Leighton’s “The Greatest Lives – Songwriters’ EP.” Both veterans, the two knew they wrote a special song, and asked Thembeka, who is one of their favorite singers, to record it.

Though known for his prowess as a violinist, fronting Stratospheerius and playing in orchestras for acts including Game of Thrones, 50Cent, The Who, Bruce Springsteen, and Renaissance, Joe produces, plays guitar, and bass on it. Other musicians are Carmine Appice (Cactus, Vanilla Fudge, Rod Stewart) on drums and Jeremy Beck on keyboards (piano and Hammond B3); hence the hashtag #BeckDeninzonAppice. The Songwriters’ EP will be released on Joe’s D-Zone Entertainment, and distributed through CDBaby.

A working creative writer and publicist, Anne, who is a poet/songwriter/publicist/etc. got the idea in 1984 after Muhammad Ali announced his diagnosis with Parkinson’s Disease. She wrote “What does he want us to know,” and put it in her song idea box that she started as a teenager.

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(pronounced—Tem-Bekka mm-Guuu-ni –spelling)

Thembeka loved THE GREATEST LIVES’ message about having strong character. “It’s important to always remember that I’m nothing without my supporters ‘cause they drive me by just looking up to me. Though it’s a heavy load but it comes with the job. That’s why I speak so openly about my son, life, past abuse and my current….

Thembeka is signed to South Africa’s Universal Music, and on the verge of releasing her first album. A finalist on The Voice South Africa and a Mommy, Thembeka’s greatest cause is as a spokesperson for Austism. She is also a brand ambassador for MUD Designer Makeup SA and for Body Confidence International.

“The Greatest Lives” is inspired by poet/humanitarian/champ Muhammad Ali’s words and actions. It’ll be on some reverbnation, bandcamp, radio on Ali’s birthday January 17. Listen for it on digital stores and streaming platforms January 31 in time for Black History Month, and then on The Greatest Lives – Songwriters’ EP” on March 21. It’s also on Thembeka Mnguni’s upcoming album on Universal South Africa this year.

If you need WAV or MP3, please write to me at,, or text me at 707-637-6070.
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The Greatest Lives

I won’t look down on those
that look up to me
we all wanna shine bright
but sometimes there’s reason to fight

It’s always the season
to fight for equality
Some may hate what we achieve
but we got reason to believe

CHORUS: The Greatest lives for the greatest lives
there’s light and there’s fight in your inner child
The Greatest lives for the greatest lives
To face all our fears and to Never Say Die

Character matters
and strong action make us masters
Ali says Protect them
so they won’t be suffering.

Sometimes we feel alone
Because others just don’t know
Raise up your fist
and find our courage to resist

CHORUS: The Greatest lives for the greatest lives
There’s light and there is fight in our inner child!
The Greatest lives for the greatest lives
To face all our fears and to never say die

BRIDGE: And even though you feel like screaming
at all the hatred in this world
It’s so surreal you must be dreaming
It’s time to let your love unfurl

© 2019 Joe Deninzon (FiddleFunk Music) and Anne Leighton (Sheer Publishing)
All Rights Reserved.

Lead Vocals, background harmonies: Thembeka Mnguni
Jeremy Beck: piano and Hammond B3
Drums: Carmine Appice
Producer, background vocals, additional percussion, guitars, bass, keyboards, co-writer: Joe Deninzon
Assistant Producer, co-writer: Anne Leighton
Durban Producer/Engineer Dale Wardell
Durban assistant: Sequoia Duncan
Drum engineer: Jz Barrell
Mix: Alex Salzman
Mastering: Fred Kevorkian
Art Work: Arie Monroe

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