The Past Week in Action 20 January 2020

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The Past Week in Action 20 January 2020


-Jeison Rosario stops Julian Williams to win the IBF, WBA and IBO super welter titles

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-Chris Colbert lifts the WBA interim super feather belt by decisioning Jezzrel Corrales

-Eleider Alvarez returns with a win as he knocks out Michael Seals

-Sebastian Formella retains the IBO welterweight title with decision over Roberto Arriaza

-Felix Verdejo outpoints Manuel Rojas as he rebuilds

-Former champion Jonathan Guzman and title challenger Chris Diaz score wins




January 18


Philadelphia, PA, USA: Super Welter: Jeison Rosario (20-1-1) W TKO 5 Julian Williams (27-2-1,1ND). Super Feather: Chris Colbert (14-0) W PTS 12 Jezzrel Corrales (23-4,1ND). Super Feather: Jose Luis Gallegos (19-8) W PTS 8 Ricky Lopez (21-5-1). Super Welter: Jorge Cota (30-4) W TKO 5 Thomas LaManna (28-3-1). Middle: Kyrone Davis (15-2) W TKO 4 Antonio Todd (7-2). Super Welter: Paul Kroll (7-0) W TKO 4 Marcel Rivers (7-3)

Rosario vs. Williams 

In a major upset Rosario wins the IBF, WBA and IBO titles as he batters champion Williams to defeat in five rounds.

Round 1

Williams had his jab working well. He was quicker than Rosario and also connected with some sharp straight rights. Rosario was coming forward but not throwing much and being beaten to the punch but he landed enough to raise a bump under the right eye of Williams.

Score: 10-9 Williams

Round 2

A very good round for Rosario. Now he was letting his punches fly. He found the range for his jab and was firing hooks from both hands. Williams was short with his jabs and was firing one punch at a time whereas Rosario was punching in burst. In the last minute of the round Williams was cut on his left eyelid by a punch. Rosario then bombarded Williams  with hooks and uppercuts to the bell.

Score: 10-9 Rosario                            TIED 19-19

Round 3

This was a closer round. Williams was visible affected by the cut and Rosario was able to score with some good rights early. Rosario landed a good combination but Williams stopped Rosario in his tracks with a hard right cross and had his jab on target just doing enough to take the round.

Score: 10-9 Williams                        Williams 29-28

Round 4

Williams jabbed well at the start of the round but gradually Rosario took control and he was the one connecting with strong jabs. He was putting his punches together well cracking home hooks and outworking and outscoring Williams who was dabbing at the blood from his cut.

Score: 10-9 Rosario                            TIED 38-38

Round 5

Williams started the round by forcing Rosario back with his jab. Williams connected with a couple of good hooks  but as they traded punches a left hook staggered Williams and he backed up with Rosario in pursuit. Rosario was landing clubbing punches to the head. Williams was staggering and desperately clutching Rosario who spun around and pushed him off with Williams tumbling to the floor. It was no knockdown but Williams had trouble getting vertical again. He indicated he was willing to continue but Rosario drove him to a corner and unloaded with punches until Williams slid along the ropes and buckled at the legs. He stopped himself from going down but the referee rightly stopped the fight.

Miami-based Dominican Rosario had suffered a crushing defeat when he was floored three times and stopped by Nat Gallimore in 2017 and was distinctly unimpressive when drawing with Mark Hernandez in early 2018. From there he rebuilt in style with wins over Justin DeLoach, Jamontay Clark and Jorge Cota to earn the title shot. He is a rangy hard-punching fighter as he showed with the left hook that was the beginning of the end for Williams. There is a return clause in the contract which Williams has said he will enforce. The IBF rules exclude any return bout agreements if they interfere with the mandatory defence and since Williams was the mandatory challenger when he beat Jarrett Hurd a return with Rosario would not contravene that rule so the return could be done but Williams will need a long rest after this defeat.

Colbert vs. Corrales

Colbert wins the vacant WBA Interim title as he decisions Corrales in a poor fight. It was general posing and probing in the first with both fighters unwilling to commit themselves too much. They were still very cagey in the second with the better work coming from Corrales behind his southpaw jab. The third was dire. The fighters spent most of the round posturing and bobbing weaving around punches that only they could see. Colbert tried to be positive but Corrales hardly threw a punch and the crowd was becoming restive. By the fourth the crowd had gone from restive to outright booing as neither fighter was willing to take any chances. Corrales picked up the points with a couple of quick jabs but these two styles were like oil and water. Corrales connected with a couple of good punches at the start of the fifth then he went back to dodging phantom punches and a frustrated Colbert tried clowning with both hands flapping at waist level but Corrales did not take the bait. It was a little bit better in the sixth and seventh with a few more punches thrown and both having some success with Colbert having the edge but again with periods where the fighters just tried to out-feint each other. The fight finally broke out in the eighth and ninth with some trading and Corrales was down in the tenth as he was caught with a left and then touched the canvas with his glove as he fell back avoiding a right that grazed the top of his head. Things got rough in the eleventh as Colbert landed a series of punches that had Corrales grasping him to get out of trouble. Colbert spun around and threw Corrales off with Corrales going out through the lower ropes and almost off the ruing apron and the bell going as Corrales climbed back into the ring. The last saw both fighters trying to turn things their way but neither really dominated an untidy round. Scores 117-110 twice and 116-111 all for Colbert. A disappointing fight and if it had not been for Colbert forcing it at times there would not have been a fight. The 23-year-old from Brooklyn was US National champion in 2015 but chose to turn professional rather than compete at the US Olympic Trials. He earned his shot at the interim title with wins over Alberto Mercado and Miguel Beltran. No one looks good against a spoiler such as Corrales so Colbert is better than he showed in this fight. Panamanian Corrales, a former WBA super feather champion, lost his title when he failed to make the weight for a defence against Mercado and was knocked out in the fifth round of the fight. In his last fight he lost a split decision against Ladarius Miller but he gets a title shot-now remind me where the WBA is based-oh yes-Panama!

Gallegos vs. Lopez 

Unfancied Gallegos edges out Lopez over eight competitive rounds. Scores 77-74 twice and 76-75 for Gallegos. After four consecutive losses against good level opposition including then unbeaten Erick de Leon and Jhack Tepora Gallegos has bounced back with three wins.  Lopez had put together an 8-0-1 unbeaten run before this one.

Cota vs. LaManna 

Cota steam-rollers La Manna to defeat in five one-sided rounds. That Cota should fight as a southpaw was unexpected but that he would march forward throwing hooks and uppercuts was certainly on the cards. The sheer work rate of Cota was just too much for LaManna. Cota never allowed LaManna any room constantly pinning the taller man against the ropes and showering him with punches. When he was able to make some space LaManna was in the fight but he was making the mistake of handing the initiative to Cota and even urging the Mexican to stand and trade which suited Cota. LaManna’s was showing facial damage from the first round. LaManna occasionally managed to stop Cota in his tracks with right counters but each time Cota just took a step back and then came forward throwing hooks, uppercuts and some punches that don’t even have names yet.  The Mexican was not looking to block LaManna’s punches preferring to use upper body movement leaving his hands free to keep swinging punches. LaManna was slowly being broken apart and was throwing less and less in response. In the fifth Cota landed a couple of choice uppercuts that drove LaManna back and as the towel came in from LaManna’s corner the referee stepped in to stop the fight ironically just as LaManna was signalling for Cota to bring it on. The 32-year-old Cota was put into some tough fights last year only losing on a split decision to now champion Rosario but being knocked out in three rounds by Jermell Charlo. This win should get him some good paydays. He was No 6 with the WBA and but for the possible return match between Rosario and Williams a case could be made for Cota getting a shot at the title. Since losing to Dusty Hernandez Harrison in 2016 LaManna had gone 7-0-1 against good level opposition but any thoughts of a title fight have gone now.

Davis vs. Todd

Davis stops Todd in four rounds for his sixth inside the distance victory as he settles back in as a middleweight. A former National PAL champion Davis tried to step down a weight but a loss to Patrick Day in March 2018 followed by seventeen months of inactivity has seen him up at middleweight again. Second inside the distance loss for Todd who was beaten on a split decision by Nat Gallimore in August.

Kroll vs. Rivers

Philadelphian prospect Kroll crushes Rivers in four rounds. “The Punisher” just punched too hard for the very modest Rivers.  After rattling Rivers a couple of times over the first two rounds Kroll floored him in the third and twice more in the fourth to force the stoppage. Kroll, 24, won the US Olympic Trials for the Rio Olympics but lost in both the Americas and World Qualifiers. He has won six of his pro fights by KO/TKO. Now three losses in a row for fellow-Philadelphian Rivers and this is supposed to be the City of Brotherly Love!


Verona, NY, USA: Light Heavy: Eleider Alvarez (25-1) W KO 7 Michael Seals (24-3). Light: Felix Verdejo (26-1) W PTS 10 Manuel Rojas (18-4). Super Bantam: Jonathan Guzman (24-1,1ND) W KO 3 Rodolfo Hernandez (30-9-1,1ND). Feather: Chris Diaz (25-2) W PTS 8 Adeilson Dos Santos (19-8). Super Feather: Abraham Nova (18-0) W TKO 4 Pedro Navarrete (30-25-3). Heavy: Devin Vargas (22-6) W DISQ 8 Victor Bisbal (23-5). Heavy: Jared Anderson (3-0) W KO 1 Andrew Satterfield (5-3).

Alvarez vs. Seals

Alvarez returns after eleven months of inactivity with kayo of Seals in a slow-paced fight. Alvarez made the more positive start coming in behind his jab and throwing rights. He was off in his timing apart from a strong right cross in the second and Seals was having trouble putting his punches together. By the third an occasional boo from the crowd reflected the lack of any sustained action and it was the same in the fourth with too many untidy clinches and Alvarez doing what clean work there was. Seales showed a bit more fire in the fifth but just before the bell a right from Alvarez staggered Seals. Alvarez upped his pace in the sixth and for a short while there were some fierce exchanges until the clinching started again. Seals was having some success with rights in the seventh but with less than ten seconds to go in the round Alvarez nailed him with a terrific right cross. Seals went down hard landing on his back on the canvas with his head resting on the bottom rope. The referee started to count but saw Seals was not going to get up and just waived the fight over. A great punch to end what had been a disappointing fight. The 35-year-old Colombian is still very much a player in the division in which there are plenty of possible matches for him. . Seales had never gone past six rounds before due mainly to blowing away some substandard opposition and he had managed less than five rounds of boxing in the last 15 months.

Verdejo vs. Rojas

Verdejo takes wide unanimous decision over Rojas but is still some way short of the great prospect he looked three or four years ago. It was apparent in the first that Verdejo had quicker hands and was more mobile as he pierced the guard of Rojas with jabs. Verdejo put more variety into his work in the second and third with combination of hooks and straight rights and he rocked Rojas with a crisp right uppercut. Rojas was effective with his jab bringing a bump under the left eye of Verdejo and a trickle of blood from the Puerto Rican’s nose. Rojas was working hard but Verdejo was more accurate and picking up the points. It was a fast-paced open contest but just did not seem to catch fire. The further the fight went the more important the accurate jabbing and slick movement from Verdejo was in deciding the outcome. Rojas was coming forward over the late rounds but he was never really able to apply any serious pressure on Verdejo and it was the Puerto Rican’s superior skills that dominated the fight. Scores 99-91, 98-92, 97-93 for Verdejo. After being injured in a motorcycle accident and being stopped by Antonio Lozada there were serious questions over the future of Verdejo. Top Rank will give him the opposition he needs to rebuild but on this rather flat performance he has plenty of work to do. After a second round stoppage loss to Andy Vences in 2015 Rojas had put together seven wins but he did not have the skills to match Verdejo.

Guzman vs. Hernandez

A real old fashioned donnybrook sees both former IBF super bantamweight champion Guzman and Hernandez on the floor in three rounds of action between a couple of heavy punchers. Guzman had won 22 of his 23 fights by KO/TKO and it looked like a very early night when he put Hernandez on the floor twice with body punches in the opening round. Hernandez just barely survived and was under fire again in the second. Shortly before the end of the round a big right from Hernandez dropped Guzman hard. He struggled to his feet and this time it was Guzman who only just survived. He was still shaky in the third but half way through the round he connected with a rib-bending left hook that put Hernandez down and he was counted out. Wow! This was Guzman’s first fight for fourteen months and only his second since losing his IBF title to Yukinori Oguni in December 2016. Only 4 of Hernandez’s 42 fights have gone the distance. Unfortunately that includes nine losses by KO/TKO.

Diaz vs. Dos Santos

Diaz gets in some useful work as he easily handles Dos Santos on the way to a unanimous decision. Diaz was taking the fight to Dos Santos early. He was quicker with his jab and stepping in with left hooks to the body and straight rights. Southpaw Dos Santos was mainly on the back foot with Diaz ducking under his jab to connect with hooks. From early in the fight it was clear that Dos Santos was going to be happy to go the distance and that Diaz in his first fight for nine months was boxing well within himself. Diaz put in a big effort in the last driving Dos Santos around the ropes with hooks from both hands but the Brazilian was never in any real danger. Scores 80-72 for Diaz. His two losses have come in big fights against Masayuki Ito for the vacant WBO super feather title and Shakur Stevenson over ten rounds in April last year. With inactivity he has dropped out of the ratings but will be looking to work his way to another title shot. Dos Santos was stopped in two rounds by Jessie Magdaleno in a challenge for the WBO super bantam title in 2017 and has now lost five in a row.

Nova vs. Navarrete

Another blockbuster display by Nova as he dismantles experienced Mexican Navarrete inside four rounds. The 26-year-old Puerto Rican dumped Navarrete on the floor in the second, third and fourth rounds before the fight was halted.  Now fourteen wins inside the distance for “Super” Nova a former National Golden Gloves champion. He has largely flown under the radar having fought many of his recent bouts in Belgium but also in Mexico, Dominican Republic and Chile as well as the USA.  Now 38 Navarrete slips to 2-10 in his last twelve fights but nearly all of them on the other guy’s territory and he usually goes the distance.

Vargas vs. Bisbal

Vargas wins a clash of oldies as Bisbal is thrown out in the eighth round. Despite being floored in the second round Vargas had built a winning lead after seven rounds over the ponderous Bisbal. He was greatly helped by Bisbal being deducted two points in the fourth for fouls. When Bisbal landed low again in the last the referee disqualified him. Vargas, 38, is on a switch-back with his recent results. Before this win he had suffered a first round kayo loss against Andy Ruiz, an inside the distance victory over Niall Kennedy and a loss on points to Junior Fa. Puerto Rican Bisbal, 39, was 21-1 at one time but this is only his fourth fight in almost four years.

Anderson vs. Satterfield

Yet another new face on the heavyweight picture. Anderson floored poor Satterfield twice ending the fight with thirty seconds left in the opening round. The 20-year-old 6’4” tall prospect from Toledo has won all three of his fights in the first round taking less than five minutes to do so. The opposition has been poor but he has shown real power. He collected gold medals at the 2015 US Junior National Championships, the 2016 US Youth National Championships, the 2017 National Golden Gloves and the US Élite National Champions in both 2017 and 2018. Third first round loss for Satterfield.


January 17


Sloan, IA, USA: Super Light: Shohjahon Ergashev (18-0) W KO 1 Adrian Estrella (29-5). Super Middle: Vladimir Shishkin (10-0) W PTS 10 Ulises Sierra (15-1-2).  Super Fly: Jarico O’Quinn (14-0-1) W PTS 8 Oscar Vasquez (15-3-1). Super Light: Brandun Lee (18-0) W KO 1 Miguel Zamudio (44-15-1).

Ergashev vs. Estrella

Ergashev ends this one in quick time with a devastating body punch. He had Estrella backing up and threw a southpaw left hook which blasted under Estrella’s too high right elbow and slammed into the Mexican’s ribs. Estrella took a step back and then collapsed in pain writhing on floor whilst the referee completed the count. All over in 92 seconds. The 28-year-old Detroit-based Uzbek “Descendant of Tamerlane” has won 16 of his 18 fights by KO/TKO and is rated IBF 6//WBA 6/WBO 11 and looks a very real threat. Estrella translates as “star” and Estrella is certainly a fallen star. At one time he was world rated and considered one of the best prospects in Mexico  with his record standing at 28-1 with 24 inside the distance victories, but his 1-4 in his last 5 fights indicates the direction in which he is heading.

Shishkin vs. Sierra

In a clash of unbeaten fighters Russian Shishkin takes unanimous decision over Sierra. Both fighters claimed they had been affected by pre-fight injuries and it was more noticeable in the sparse use of his left by Shishkin. The fight was fairly even over the first four rounds with both connecting well in the second and Shishkin having a slight edge. From the fifth Shishkin was outscoring Sierra landing strong straight rights and Sierra began to tire. Shishkin dominated over the last three rounds rocking Sierra with rights but a gutsy Sierra refused to crumble and was still there at the final bell. Scores 99-91 twice and 100-90 for Shishkin. The 28-year-old Shishkin, a gold medallist at the Russian Under-22 championships and the World Cup of Petroleum Countries, fought with an injured left arm otherwise he might have stopped Sierra in the late rounds. Sierra was having his first fight since beating Fidel Hernandez in April last year

O’Quinn vs. Vasquez

Detroit hope O’Quinn was made to work hard to get his win over Vasquez. Although Vasquez was giving away 6” to the 5’6” O’Quinn It was Vasquez who made the better start connecting with some good shots in the first. O’Quinn settled into the fight in the second. Vasquez kept pressing the action but the slicked and quicker O’Quinn made him pay on the way in with hooks from both hands and more than matched Vasquez inside. It was close-action stuff in every round with O’Quinn the more accurate and having the harder punch rocking Vasquez in both the seventh and eighth. Three scores of 79-73 on the cards for O’Quinn. The 24-year-old has won his last seven fights and is rated No 10 by the WBO. He was a three-time US Youth champion and looks a good prospect.  Vasquez did his job by making O’Quinn work hard but is now 0-2-1in his last three fights. As with Ergashev and Shishkin O’Quinn is trained at the Kronk gym by “Sugarhill” Steward the nephew of the late Manny Steward.

Lee vs. Zamudio

If Lee keeps knocking his opposition out in quick time he is eventually going to get recognised for the prospect that he is. The 20-year-old blasted out more experienced Zamudio inside three minutes for his sixteenth win by KO/TKO and his ninth in a row. Eleven of his wins have come in the first round. Born in California Lee is of mixed Mexican and Korean parentage. He was National Junior Golden Gloves champion three times before turning pro at 17. Mexican Zamudio has been beaten inside the distance fourteen times.


Hinckley, MN, USA: Feather: Ramiro Hernandez (16-0) W PTS 8 Vincent Jennings (6-11-2). Cruiser: Al Sands (21-4-1) W PTS 8 Phil Williams (16-10-3). 

Hernandez vs. Jennings

Hernandez gets off the floor to outpoint Jennings. Hernandez took the lead early forcing Jennings onto the defensive with well-timed punches to head and body.  In the third as Hernandez continued to come forward a counter to the body put him down but it was as much due to Hernandez being off balance as the punch. Hernandez was not hurt and clawed back the two points in the fourth by flooring Jennings. Hernandez seemed to be cruising to victory but a right from Jennings in the last round staggered him. He recovered and finished the round strongly. Scores 78-73 for Hernandez on the three cards. The 30-year-old from Cleveland needs to win to be in contention for the post of best fighter in his family as his mother is a former martial art competitor of martial arts.  Six losses in a row for Jennings.

Sands vs. Williams

Sands gets revenge for an early career defeat as he decisions Williams in a contests between two of the stalwarts of Minnesota boxing. After a couple of slow rounds both connected with good punches in the third and there were some furious exchanges in the fourth. From there Sands made use of his edges in height and reach to outbox southpaw Williams and did enough to earn the decision. Scores 78-74 twice and 77-75 for Sands. “The Haitian Temptation” Sands hovered around the edges of the ratings when he went 15-1 in his first16 bouts but was then stopped inside a round by Williams. That was in 2015 but Sands has finally been able to get revenge. Williams, 42, announced his retirement


Tacoma, WA, USA: Super Light: Dannie Williams (24-3) W PTS 10 Andre Keys (12-2) Being the “house fighter” at the Battle on the Boat does not come with any guarantee of easy fights as Keys discovers. Williams found the target at distance in the opener and Keys did better inside in the second. Williams upped his punch output in the third and used a sharp jab to outscore Keys in the fourth. The fight slowed but better boxing saw Williams take the sixth and seventh. Keys started to get through with heavy punches over the eighth and ninth to make it close and they both had enough success in the last to make that round tight but Williams just outworked Keys. Scores 96-94 twice and 97-93 all for Williams. Now 35 Williams was a national Golden Gloves champion back in 2004. He turned pro in 2006 and was 21-1 before losing on points to Hank Lundy in 2012. He was knocked out in four rounds by John Molina Jr in 2013 and then was inactive for almost six years before returning with a win last April. Keys came in over the contract weight and had to pay a forfeit as well as having his winning run ended at eleven.


Mar del Plata, Argentina: Welter: Luis Veron (18-1-2) W KO 2 Carlos Aquino (18-7-1). Veron gets second win over Aquino. Crisp, accurate jabbing from Veron put Aquino on the defensive in the first and a couple of right crosses from just whistled past Aquino’s chin. Veron continued to press in the second and when Aquino prodded out a weak jab Veron came over the top with a long right that put Aquino down face first on the canvas for the kayo. The 27-year-old local wins the vacant South American title. Important win for Argentinian No 4 Veron after a run of two draws against mediocre domestic opponents and a wide unanimous defeat by Michael McKinson. He knocked out Aquino in 2018. Aquino falls to 1-5-1in recent action.


January 18


Hamburg, Germany: Welter: Sebastian Formella (22-0) W PTS 12 Roberto Arriaza (18-2). Cruiser: Roman Fress (10-0) W PTS 10 Matteo Rondena (9-5). Heavy: Peter Kadiru (7-0) W TKO 6 Tomas Salek (11-2). Heavy: Ali Eren Demirezen (12-1) W PTS 8 Andrei Mazanik (13-10). 

Formella vs. Arriaza

After a slow start Formella outboxes Nicaraguan Arriaza to retain the IBO title. The pattern over the early rounds was of a stronger looking Arriaza chasing Formella down with Formella showing good footwork but the relentless Arriaza doing the scoring. Formella was a difficult target but Arriaza was catching him with hooks to the body and although cut over his left eye was in front after three rounds. In the fourth Formella was finding gaps for his jab and was throwing more punches. He was picking his moment to stand and trade where his hand speed and accuracy gave him the edge. Arriaza continued to chase Formella but the champion’s footwork was just too classy for Arriaza and he was chasing in vain. Arriaza signalled for Formella to stand and fight in the sixth but Formella kept moving and kept sliding punches through Arriaza’s guard. Arriaza did a bit better in the eighth when he was able to trap Formella against the ropes a couple of times but other than that he was just following Formella around the ring being too slow to pin down the champion. Formella was sticking to his game plan. He was not loading up on his punches but was adding more combinations and a frustrated Arriaza was leaving himself open as he lunged after Formella. Arriaza threw everything at Formella in the eleventh but Formella was the one landing as he countered and moved and then danced his way through the last just looking to stay out of trouble with Arriaza probably edging that one. Scores 118-110, 118-112 and 117-111 all for Formella. The 32-year-old Hamburg port worker was making the first defence of the IBO title. He is rated IBF 11(10)/WBC 15 and will be looking to face tougher opposition to get in the welterweight mix. Some sources have him being German born but others say he was born in Poland and moved to Germany with his family at the age of two. Arriaza was strong but limited. His only loss before this was a third round kayo by Egidijus Kavaliauskas in 2018.

Fress vs. Rondena

Fress remains unbeaten and collects the vacant German International title in a tough and gruelling win over an underrated Rondena. The lanky Fress outboxed Rondena over the early rounds using his longer reach and quick hands to score against the slower Italian. Fress suffered a bad cut over his left eye in the third but still seemed to be in control.  In the second half of the fight Rondena’s continued pressing and with Fress lacking the punch to keep the Italian out Rondena began to cut into the Kazak-born fighters lead. The better skills from Fress just gave him the edge in the close rounds and he ran out a good winner but the scores look too harsh on Rondena. The judges saw it 99-92, 98-93 and 96-94 for Fress. Fress is a former German Under-17 and Youth champion who represented Germany at the European and World Championships and is trained by former WBO super middle champion Robert Stieglitz. Rondena was moving up to ten rounds for the first time and had won his last three fights.

Kadiru vs. Salek

Kadiru halts tough Czech Salek in six rounds. In probably his most impressive performance to date Kadiru boxed well against the aggressive Salek and the fight featured plenty of fiery exchanges. His quicker hands and better accuracy gave Kadiru the edge  and he built a good lead before ending the fight in some style. As they traded punches Kadiru connected with a right uppercut that put Salek down. The Czech fighter beat the count but the Kadiru landed an even better uppercut and as Salek dropped to his knees the referee stopped the fight. Kadiru,22, wins the vacant WBC Youth title with his third victory by KO/TKO . Salek, 21, a protégé of former European and interim WBO super welter champion Lukas Konecny gave Kadiru a stiff test before the knockdowns.

Demirezen vs. Mazanik

Demirezen returns to action with a routine win. The Turkish hope was just too strong for a very ordinary Mazanik and was able to bully and bulldoze him over the whole eight rounds. Mazanik bled heavily from the nose over the late rounds but was never in any serious trouble. Scores 80-72 twice and 79-73 for Demirezen. First fight for Demirezen since losing on points to Efe Ajagba in Las Vegas in July. Mazanik is 1-4 in his last five fights.


Tokyo, Japan: Middle: Kazuto Takesako (12-0-1) W PTS 12 Charlie Hosokawa (12-5-1) W. Super Welter: Takeshi Inoue (16-1-1) W RTD 2 Cheng Su (14-3-1).

Takesako vs. Hosokawa

For the first time hard punching Takesako has to go the distance for a win as he outclasses Hosokawa to lift the OPBF title. Japanese champion Takesako forced Hosokawa on to the back foot from the opening bell . Both fighters connected with heavy punches but Takesako was beating on Hosokawa with some vicious body punches and was 40-36 in front on the cards after four rounds. Hosokawa tried to get close and smother Takesako’s power over the middle rounds which led to plenty of wrestling and clinching but did nothing to affect the superiority of the challenger who moved to 80-72 in front on the cards. Takesako’s body punching drained Hosokawa and although he had enough left to trade punches furiously with Takesako in the last round he was well beaten. Scores 119-109 twice and 120-108 for the new champion.  Takesako, 28, had made three defences of the Japanese title before this victory. A former University student he was 30-11 as an amateur including a loss to Ryota Murata. Hosokawa was making the first defence of his title in his second reign as OPBF champion.

Inoue vs. Su

Inoue brushes aside Chinese southpaw Su. A straight right floored Su at the end of the first round but the Chinese fighter survived and went on the attack in the second. He connected with an uppercut and a couple of hooks but late in the round a pair of rights from Inoue dumped him on the floor for the second time and he did not come out for the third round. Third quick win on the bounce for Inoue since losing to Jaime Munguia in a challenge for the WBO title in January last year. Su had won his last four fights.


Pinamar, Argentina: Welter: Franco Ocampo (13-1) W PTS 10 Walter Castillo (14-6). Ocampo lifts the vacant WBA Fedebol title with unanimous verdict over Castillo. Ocampo floored Castillo with a right to the head in the second and that remained a big punch for him throughout the fight. He landed it time and again. Although shaken on occasion Castillo stayed the distance. Ocampo, 23, the Argentinian No 7 gets his ninth consecutive win. Castillo was having his second shot at this title but drops to 2-6 in his last 8 outings


Quellon, Chile: Super Bantam: Jose Velasquez (28-6-2) W PTS 10 Cesar Paredes (14-3-1). Fighting in his home town “Pancora” Velasquez gets majority decision over Peruvian southpaw Paredes for the second time. It was a typical Velasquez fight as the 5’ 2 ½” Chilean marched forward relentlessly for all three minutes of all ten rounds. Taller southpaw Paredes scored well at distance and with counters as Velasquez came forward with Velasquez doing his best work inside. They both tired late but the cleaner and more accurate punching from Paredes should have earned him at least a draw but the decision went to Velasquez with two judges voting 97-93 and 97-95 for the local fighter and the third seeing it 95-95. That gives 30-year-old  “Pancora” his nineteenth win in a row including a stoppage of 21-0 Melvin Lopez in Miami in October. He is rated WBA 11/WBO 13/IBF 14. When these two clashed in December 2018 Velasquez took a split decision and but for a knockdown the decision would have gone to Paredes.


Pili, Philippines: Fly: Michael Mendoza (11-1-2) W KO 1 Stevanus Nana Bau (10-13-2). Welter: Al Sabaupan (26-3-1) W TKO 2 Ray Rahardjo (6-13-5).

Mendoza vs. Bau

Massacre of the overmatched here as Filipino fighters blow away poor Indonesian opposition. Mendoza was the quickest finisher. He was tracking Bau  when the Indonesian suddenly lurched forward to be met with a thudding left to the body and went down rolling in agony whilst the referee needless tolled out the ten. Over and done in 102 seconds. The 21-year-old Filipino southpaw gets his sixth consecutive win and takes the vacant WBFoundation International title. Tenth inside the distance loss for an inept Bau.

Sabaupan vs. Rahardjo

Sabaupan also finished his opponent with ease. Rahardjo managed to get through the first three minutes but not the second. Once again it was a left to the body that ended the fight and this time the referee did not bother with a count. It was the first fight since November 2016 for “Captain A” and win No 21 by KO/TKO. Twelfth inside the distance defeat for Rahardjo.


Montevideo, Uruguay: Feather: Caril Herrera (41-3,2ND) W TKO 3 Diego Pedreira (0-6-1). In a ridiculous mismatch little southpaw Herrera wins the vacant National title with third round stoppage of poor Pedreira. Herrera scored heavily in the first but Perrier stormed out for the second. He threw plenty of punches without really troubling Herrera and by the end of the round Pedreira was already tiring. In the third Herrera opened a cut over the right eye of Pedreira and then connect with a vicious body shot. Pedreira did not go down but he looked pleadingly at his corner who obliged and threw in the towel. Now 39 the 5’1” Herrera was actually unbeaten in his first 22 fights before losing to AJ Banal in an IBF super flyweight eliminator and has stayed active with a couple of fights each year. Pedreira turned pro back in 2009 but was then out for nine years-and is still looking for his first win.


Fight of the week (Significance): Jeison Rosario for his upset win over Julian Williams

Fight of the week (Entertainment): Jonathan Guzman vs. Rodolfo Hernandez-less than three rounds but mayhem

Fighter of the week: Jeison Rosario

Punch of the week: The body punch from Shohjahon Ergashev that collapsed Adrian Estrella was fearsome. Honourable mention to the right from Eleider Alvarez that laid out Michael Seals and the uppercut from Peter Kadiru that led to the stoppage of Tomas Salek

Upset of the week: Rosario’s win over Williams

Prospect watch: Ridiculously early but I am going for 3-0 (3 1st round wins) 20-year-old Jared Anderson.

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