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The Past Week in Action 27 January 2020 


-Danny Garcia scores comfortable win over Ivan Redkach to preserve his WBO No 1 rating

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-Stephen Fulton gets wide unanimous decision over Arnold Khegai in WBO super bantam eliminator

-Jarrett Hurd eases his way back into action with decision over Francisco Santana

-Caleb Truax needs the help of two point deductions against David Kitooke to scrape by with a majority decision

-Top German prospects Abass Baraou and Artem Harutyunyan score inside the distance wins on historic first joint promotion by Team Sauerland and reconstituted Universum

– Montreal-based Kazak Batyrzhan Jukembayev and Russian Artur Ziyatdinov both score quick wins

-Irish hope Jason Quigley continues to rebuild with a win

23 January

Costa Mesa, CA, USA: Middle: Jason Quigley (18-1) W KO 3 Fernando Marin (16-5-3). Super Welter: Ferdinand Kerobyan (14-1) W KO 2 Azael Cosio (21-9-2,1ND).Heavy: Mihai Nistor (2-0) W KO 1 Jaime Solorio (12-4-2,1ND).


Quigley vs. Marin

Quigley beats down a gutsy Marin over three rounds. Quigley went to work quickly in the opener connecting with a left hook and knocking Marin off balance with a right. He was driving Marin to the ropes and landing overhand rights and shook Marin a couple of times before the bell. Quigley adopted more of a counter-punchers role early in the second but then launched a ferocious attack drilling Marin with straight rights. He drove Marin along the ropes with Marin reeling and rocking and a stoppage looked possible but Marin took the punishment and was fighting back hard at the bell. Marin was walking forward in the third signalling for Quigley to stand and fight. Quigley clipped Marin with a left hook but Marin returned to the attack. As he came forward Quigley landed a straight right that landed on Marin’s right cheek and had Marin going backwards across the ring and down with the referee immediately seeing Marin was in some distress and stopping the fight.  Another brick in the wall as Irish hope Quigley continues his rebuilding after a stoppage loss against Tureano Johnson in July. The former European Youth and Senior champion has fourteen inside the distance victories. Mexican Marin had started his career by going 13-0-3 but has fallen away badly with only three wins in his last eight fights.

Kerobyan vs. Cosio

Kerobyan blows away Panamanian veteran Cosio inside two rounds. A sharp looking Kerobyan put Cosio down twice in the first. Cosio was up quickly on both occasions with poor balance seemingly an element in the two knockdowns.  In the second Cosio was under pressure but just could not keep his footing as his boots kept slipping on the canvas. He lunged forward and fell bringing Kerobyan down with him. Kerobyan was connecting with heavy rights but twice Cosio’s feet just slid out under him when Kerobyan was nowhere near him. Kerobyan then  scored with a succession of punches that had Cosio trapped on the ropes. As Cosio slid down the ropes to the canvas the referee stopped the fight but he too slipped as he stepped in and bumped Kerobyan who also went over so that all three of them were on the canvas at the same time. The 22-year-old Armenian-born Kerobyan gets his ninth win by KO/TKO and his third quick win since losing a close decision to unbeaten Blair Cobbs in March. Kerobyan won US titles at Under-17 and Junior levels and competed at the US Olympic Trials for Rio. He is quick and punches hard so bears watching. Cosio, 38, was a useful fighter at one time but is 1-6 in his 7 most recent outings with 5 of his 6 losses by KO/TKO.

Nistor vs. Solorio

In a piece of absolute rubbish Nistor halts a pathetic Solorio in the opening round. Inside the first minute Romanian Nistor pushed Solorio back to the ropes and the Mexican went down from a left to the body. He was up at five and Nistor huffed and puffed trying to land more body punches and suffered the indignity of a nose bleed from a Solorio right.  Late in the round an innocuous straight right to the head saw Solorio drop to his knees. The referee had counted to eight by which time Solorio’s second had climbed on the ring apron and the referee waived the fight off. The 29-year-old Nistor has won both of his fights by KO/TKO but against terrible opposition. He is saleable on the basis of a stoppage win over Anthony Joshua back in 2011. He also beat guys such as Tony Yoka and Filip Hrgovic but came up short in the big events. At 5’11” and 244 ¼ lbs (17 ½ stones/111kilos) He is more in the Andy Ruiz mould than the Joshua one. He was positively svelte by comparison with Solorio. He was 5’9” and 234 ¼ lbs, was having his first fight for nineteen months and was 51lbs heavier than in that last fight. He had even been as low as 152lbs early in his career


24 January


Rosario, Argentina: Super Fly: Kevin Munoz (10-0) W PTS 12 Ramon Averanga (9-2). Light Heavy: Braian Suarez (11-0) W KO 3 Esteban Lopez (7-8-1).

Munoz vs. Averanga

Munoz wins the vacant South American title but in a flat performance. A heavy favourite Munoz just was not able to put his punches together even though dominating the action. He scored a knockdown in the third round with a left to the head but Averanga was able to survive. In the eighth Munoz was in some trouble. He was hurt by a left and as he ducked to avoid the following right his knee touched the canvas but the referee let the action continue with a shaky Munoz making it to the bell to end the round. Munoz won the rest of the way. Scores 118-108, 118-109, and 118-110 for Munoz. “The Diamond”, 21, is trained by former world champion Pablo Chacon. Bolivian Averanga suffers his second loss in a row.

Suarez vs. Lopez

Suarez gets another inside the distance victory. Fighting at heavyweight for the first time Suarez dug in some hurtful body shots in the first with Lopez dropping to one knee to survive. Suarez continued to pound Lopez in the second and then put Lopez down with a left to the body in the third with the towel then coming in from Lopez’s corner. The former top level amateur and WBS fighter jumped from light heavy to heavy for this one and gets his tenth win by KO/TKO. Lopez dips to 1-5-1 in his last seven contests.


Pomezia, Italy: Cruiser: Francesco Versaci (21-3) W PTS 10 Francesco Cataldo (7-7).Versaci lifts the vacant Italian cruiser title at the second attempt with a unanimous decision in a close fight. Cataldo was able to get close and work well with hooks inside over the first three rounds with a static Versaci struggling to make space to use his longer reach. From the fourth Versaci became more mobile using good footwork to blunt Cataldo’s attacks and finding the range with his jab and rights. Versaci built a lead but after a close eighth Cataldo had a good ninth rocking Versaci with hard right hooks. Versaci took no risks after that and boxed with caution in the tenth. Scores 97-93, 97-94 and 96-95 for 34-year-old Versaci a former holder of the national light heavy title. He turned pro back in 2005 at the age of twenty at which time he was the Youngest professional boxer in Italy but was inactive in 2014 and 2015 and in 2017 and 2018. Cataldo, 38, lost in a shot at this title in 2017 and was 1-4 in his last 5 going into this one.


Bangkok, Thailand: Super Bantam: Kongfah (31-1) W PTS 10 Edison Berwela (-44-8). Bantam: Petch Sor Chitpattana (54-1) W TKO 6 Hicham Boulahri (0-1). Super Fly: Yodmongkol (57-4) W PTS 6 Ali Mortazavi (0-2).

Kongfah vs. Berwela 

Kongfah (Jakkrawut Majoogoen) outpoints Filipino travelling opponent Berwela. Scores 97-93 for Kongfah on all three cards. The 24-year-old Thai has won 17 in a row since being stopped in seven rounds by future champion Daigo Higa in 2015. Berwela is no 2-7 in his last nine fights but that includes contests in  Japan, Thailand twice, Russia, Indonesia and Taipei.

Sor Chitpattana vs. Boulahri

Just some paid sparring for Sor Chitpattana (Tasana Salapat) as he stops a guy with no traceable record. Sor Chitpattana’s only loss was on points against Takuma Inoue for the interim WBC bantamweight title in December 2018.

Yodmongkol vs. Mortazavi

More paid sparring as former two-time WBA title challenger Yodmongkol decisions total novice Mortazavi. Yodmongkol has lost inside the distance in challenges against Juan Carlos Rivera for the secondary WBA title and to Artem Dalakian for the full title. Poor Iranian Mortazavi, 22, has gone the distance against two fighters with combined records of 126-9. Only in Thailand does this happen.


25 January


Montreal, Canada: Super Light: Batyrzhan Jukembayev (18-0) W  KO 2 Ricardo Lara (22-8). Light Heavy: Artur Ziyatdinov (12-0) W  KO 5 Cesar Reynoso (16-14-4). Super Middle: Vince Thibault (10-0) W TKO 2 Genaro Ortiz (10-8-2). Middle: Mponda Kalunga (8-2) W PTS 8 Clovis Drolet (11-1).

Jukembayev vs. Lara

Jukembayev brutalises Lara in destructive second round win. A wicked straight left followed by some heavy right hooks to the body dropped Lara in the first and he spat out his mouthguard to get some additional recovery time. It was a futile gesture as Jukembayev pounded Lara to the floor twice in the second. The 28-year-old Kazak southpaw has fourteen inside the distance wins and decisioned former IBF champion Manuel Vazquez in September. He looked sharp and vicious in his work here and the plan is to take him across the border into the USA to heighten his profile. Lara had lost a close decision to Tony Luis in October but was brushed aside in this one.

Ziyatdinov vs. Reynoso

Russian Ziyatdinov chalks up another victory as he halts Reynoso in five rounds. Ziyatdinov dominated this one all the way scoring three knockdowns before ending the fight with a left uppercut in the fifth. The 23-year-old 6’2” tall fighter from the Crimea started out as a cruiserweight but has now moved down to light heavy and has only had to go the distance three times in his twelve wins.  Argentinian Reynoso, a former victim of Callum Smith is now 0-3 in visits to Canada.

Thibault vs. Ortiz

Former Elite level amateur Thibault returns after injury with quick victory over Ortiz. Thibault floored Ortiz twice in the first with head punches and after another knockdown in the second the referee just waived the fight off. A back injury sidelined the Quebec southpaw who was moving up to eight rounds for the first time. Ortiz has won only two of his last twelve fights and had been beaten on first round stoppage in each of his last two visits to Canada.

Kalunga vs. Drolin

Toronto-based Kalunga springs a surprise with split decision over unbeaten former Canadian amateur champion Drolin.  It was Drolin who took the lead early with some strong attacks. He was coming forward in the third when he walked onto a left hook that put him on the floor. Drolin climbed up quickly but after a signal from his corn dropped again. He recovered well but in the fourth was sent to the canvas by a counter left hook and had to crawl to the ropes to pull himself up. He beat the count and fought back hard but the four points lost in the knockdowns was too much for him to claw back. Scores 76-74 twice for Kalunga and 76-74 for Drolin but not sure how Drolin could get 76 points after suffering two clean knockdowns.  Sixth win in a row for Kalunga. Drolet was Canadian amateur champion in 2014 and 205 and competed at the Pan American Games. He had strong backing so will be given plenty of chance to get his career back on track.


Orleans, France: Middle: Rachid Achoul (15-0) W PTS 10 Michel Mothmora (31-29-2) W. Bantam: Loic Tajan (5-1) W TEC DEC 6 Anthony Chapat (5-3-1).

Achoul vs. Mothmora 

Achoul outpoints champion Mothmora to win the national title. Achoul was taller with a longer reach and Mothmora never came to terms with that. The veteran is used to having edges in those departments but with Achoul the one enjoying those assets Mothmora just never really managed to get onto the fight. Achoul was on the front foot for all ten rounds. Mothmora used his experience to create some counters but was never able to get on the front foot and struggled all the way against a stronger opponent. Scores 98-92 twice and 97-93 for Achoul. The 28-year –old winner was in his first ten round fight. He looked strong but a bit stilted in his style. Mothmora was disappointed as it took him seven tries before he finally won a French title and he lost has lost it in his first defence. At 39 he has not yet announced his retirement and says he will wait until June before deciding as that will mark his 40th birthday.

Tajan vs. Chapat 

Southpaw Tajan wins the vacant French title with technical decision over Chapat in an entertaining scrap. Tajan went out in front early flooring Chapat with a body punch in the first. Chapat fought back strongly bombarding Tajan with punches in the third and Tajan was cut over the left eye in a clash of heads. The third fourth and fifth saw both have some success in a fierce battle and I felt Chapat had moved into the lead. The cut over Tajan’s eye was bleeding heavily in the sixth and Chapat worsened it with some straight rights until the referee stopped the fight and the doctor ruled the cut was too bad for Tajan to continue. Scores 58-52, 58-53 and 57-53 for Tajan. His only loss was in September when he challenged unbeaten Elie Koki for the national title and lost a close decision. Former French flyweight champion Chapat battled hard but has now lost in two shots at the title.


Hamburg, Germany: Super Light: Artem Harutyunyan (9-0) W RTD 5 Miguel Antin (19-5). Super Welter: Abass Baraou (9-0) W RTD 5 Abraham Juarez (16-5). Light Heavy: James Kraft (17-0-1) W PTS 8 Nicolas Holcapfel (11-3). Heavy: Kem Ljungquist (10-0) W PTS 8 German Skobenko (5-5-2). Heavy: Mariano Strunz (14-15-1) W TKO 2 Jose Larduet (2-1). 

Harutyunyan vs.  Antin

On the first show co-promoted by Universum and Team Sauerland Olympic bronze medallist Harutyunyan dismantles Argentinian Antin.  Harutyunyan was a few classes above Antin and was in full control from the first bell. He put Antin down in the third. Antin was already just looking to last the distance but as Harutyunyan came forward throwing punches Antin actually managed to drop before any of them landed. Harutyunyan continued to pound on Antin in the fourth and Antin declined to come out for the fifth. The Armenian-born Harutyunyan retains the IBO International title with win No 6 by KO/TKO but Antin was awful. With the help of some spectacularly judicious matching Antin was 17-0 at one time but is now 2-5 with three of those losses by KO/TKO.

Baraou vs. Juarez

Baraou has no trouble disposing of Juarez in four rounds. Baraou, one of the top prospects in German boxing was rocking Juarez with wicked combinations over the first three rounds. In the fourth Juarez took the fight to Baraou driving him to the ropes and firing some looping punches. That left him wide open and Baraou connected with a blazing left hook and straight right that had Juarez backing up on shaky legs. Baraou followed-up with more hooks as Juarez tumbled back to the floor. Juarez beat the count and made it to the bell but retired in his corner. The 25-year-old German of Togolese descent holds the WBC International title but that was not on the line here. He was one of Germany’s most successful amateur boxers winning gold at the European Championships and bronze at the World Championships. Additionally he was German champion in 2014, 2015 and 2016 and also won a gold medal in 2014. 2015 and 2016 at the prestigious Chemistry Cup Tournament. For the first time he was without his usual trainer, the almost legendary Ulli Wegner who is recovering from a broken neck bone. This is the third inside the distance loss for Juarez but they have all been against unbeaten European prospects.

Kraft vs. Holcapfel 

Lanky “Baby Boy” Kraft eases to victory over late substitute Holcapfel. Kraft scored a knockdown in the fourth on his way to a unanimous points win. Scores 80-72 twice and 79-72 for Kraft.  The 23-year-old 6’3” Kraft is of Kosovon descent with his real name being Musa Avdimetaj. He is being carefully matched but at 23 has plenty of time. Slovakian Holcapfel, 19, turned pro at 17 and has now lost three of his last four fights. He was given a 30 day suspension by the Swiss Commission that ended on the day of this fight.

Ljungquist vs.  Skobenko

Danish heavyweight hope Ljungquist outpoints Ukrainian Skobenko but in a flat performance. The 6’6 ½” southpaw used his big edges in height and reach against the 6’0 ½” Skobenko and made a bright enough start. He never really kicked on from there with the fight being one-paced with few highlights. Skobenko never looked like turning the fight his way and Ljungquist never looked like winning inside the distance. Scores 80-72, 80-74 and 79-73 for Ljungquist.  A former Danish amateur champion Ljungquist competed at the European championships where he decisioned Peter Kadiru but lost to Frazer Clarke. Four losses on the trot for Skobenko.

Larduet vs. Strunz

Huge disappointment for experienced Cuban Larduet. What should have been a comfortable win for Larduet ended in the second round with Larduet suffering a knee injury. He was unable to continue and Argentinian Strunz was crowned the winner. The 6’ 4 ½” 29-year-old Larduet only turned pro in September last year after winning a substantial number of gold medals in compiling a 118-39 record. No idea yet of the seriousness of the injury. Strunz was 1-6 going in so he gets a very unexpected victory.


Minneapolis, MN, USA: Super Middle: Caleb Truax (31-4-2,1ND) W PTS 10 David Kitooke (16-5-1). Disappointing performance by former IBF champion Truax as he relies on two point deductions against Kitooke (Basajjamivule) to get the majority division. With less than five rounds of activity over the last seventeen months at least he got in some ring time. Truax actually started well scoring with some heavy rights and opening a bad cut over the right eye of the Ugandan in the third round.  Kitooke was deducted a point in the fourth for as punch to the back of the head but came on strong over the middle rounds. Truax rallied in the seventh and eighth only for Kitooke to finish strongly and then lose another point in the tenth again for a punch to the back of the neck. Scores 97-91 and 95-93 for Truax and 94-94. The 36-year-old local was having his first fight since his contest with Peter Quillin in April last year. That lasted less than two rounds when Truax was cut in a head clash leading to a No Decision verdict. He is scheduled to fight Ghanaian Ernest Amuzu in Nashville on 15 February. Kenyan-based Kitooke was having his first fight since losing to Russian Ruslan Fayfer in June 2017 but showed no rust and his losses have all come against quality fighters.


New York, NY, USA: Welter: Danny Garcia (36-2) W PTS 12 Ivan Redkach (23-5-1,1ND). Super bantam: Stephen Fulton (18-0) W PTS 12 Arnold Khegai (16-1-1).Super Welter: Jarrett Hurd (24-1) W PTS 10 Francisco Santana (25-8-1). 

Garcia vs. Redkach

Garcia protects his WBO No 1 ranking with untesting victory over Redkach. Garcia just had too much of everything for Redkach and dominated the action in every round in a slow-paced fight without any real high points-apart from a biting incident. Redkach was taking the fight to Garcia in the early rounds which suited Garcia who was able to find the range with his jab and score well with body punches. Redkach kept pressing but as early as the fourth he was already showing some slowing from Garcia’s body punches. Garcia began to go on the front foot more over the fifth and six and rocked Redkach with an uppercut in the seventh. He looked close to forcing a stoppage as he bombarded Redkach with punches in the eighth with Redkach taking a bite out of Garcia in frustration but the referee missed the incident so no punishment for that sin. The doctor checked on Redkach before the start of the ninth and let him continue. In the ninth and tenth Garcia continued to get through with jabs and hooks to the body with very little coming back from Redkach. A step-up in output from Garcia might have had Redkach ready to go but that step-up did not come and Redkach actually held his own in the eleventh to take the round and he did enough against a slowing Garcia to make the last round close. Scores 117-111 twice and 118-110 for Garcia. Naturally Garcia is looking for a fight with either Manny Pacquiao for the WBA title or with IBF/WBC champion Errol Spencer but right now he is mandatory challenger to Terence Crawford. Ukrainian southpaw Redkach was coming off a sixth round kayo of Devon Alexander in June so the pendulum swings back to negative again for him. As for the biting I am not the kind to make silly jokes about hungry fighters or that Redkach would have fought tooth and nail if he had not been wearing gloves-oops I just did so,

Fulton vs. Khegai

Masterful performance from Fulton as gets wide decision over Khegai. Fulton was the first to settle into his stride as he slotted home jabs and worked well to the body with left hooks over the opening rounds but Khegai  did enough to make both rounds close. Khegai was much more in the fight in the third and fourth as found the range with his jab. He earned a rebuke from the referee after slamming Fulton the floor with a wrestling hold late in the third but he clearly took the fourth with some good body punching that had Fulton backing up signalling for Khegai to do his best-never a good sign in a boxer. Fulton was in the driving seat over the middle rounds. He was outworking Khegai and was more accurate with his shots. Khegai had occasional success when he was able to back Fulton up but Fulton was winning the rounds. The fight was messy for a while with Khegai trying to hustle Fulton out of his control but he was warned for some questionable tactics as the fight slipped away from him. Fulton had swept rounds five to ten but Khegai rallied in the eleventh having Fulton backing up under some powerful hooking.  Fulton boxed his way through the last finding plenty of openings as Khegai looked for a big punch to save the fight. Scores 117-112 twice and 116-112 for Fulton. The 25-year-old Philadelphian wins the vacant WBO Inter-Continental title. He was IBO champion but had to relinquish that title to get the WBO to approve this fight as an eliminator. Filipino Albert Pagara is No 1 so Fulton will probably have to wait until the second half of the year before he gets a title shot. Philadelphia-based Ukrainian Khegai, a former World and European champion at Muay Thai boxing, was No 2 with the WBO but has blown that now along with his high IBF ranking so he starts again

Hurd vs. Santana

With Santana’s poor recent record it was thought possible that Hurd might blow him away early but Hurd was more restrained than in the past and seemed to be intent on boxing his way to victory. He controlled the fight with his jab over the first two rounds with Santana having difficulty in adjusting to these unexpected tactics. Santana pushed hard over the third and fourth but just could get past the strong jabs of Hurd and was also having to take incoming hooks to the body. Briefly in the fifth Hurd upped his attacks standing and trading close with Santana  and using his right more but then he went on the back foot again in the sixth and seventh. The fight was too one sided to be entertaining and there was some booing as the crowd was not getting the usual fireworks from Hurd. The situation was not helped by Hurd allowing his pace to drop in the eighth but he woke up again in the ninth connecting with some hard rights and he finished the fight strongly dropping Santana with a series of left hooks. Santana made it to his feet just as the bell went. Scores 99-90 twice and 97-92 for Hurd. The former IBF/WBA/IBO champion was having his first fight since being floored and outpointed when losing his title to Julian Williams in May. He has set a high standard of power and aggression and his more measured approach in this fight disappointed the fans and it remains to be seen whether this will be the Hurd we see in the future or he reverts to his more exciting but riskier style. Santana was 1-3 going into this one but had been matched tough and not active enough with just one fight in 2017, one in 2018 and his last against Abel Ramos in March 2019.


Fight of the week (Significance): Danny Garcia’s win over Ivan Redkach keeps him in the lucrative welterweight title hunt

Fight of the week (Entertainment): Nothing really stood out.

Fighter of the week: Danny Garcia not at his best but found a way to win

Punch of the week: Driven straight left from Batyrzhan Jukembayev that was the beginning of the end for Ricardo Lara. Honourable mention to the left from Abass Baraou that led to the Mexican’s downfall

Upset of the week: Mponda Kalunga was just meant to be another step along the road for unbeaten Clovis Drolet but proved to be a disguised trip wire.

Prospect watch: Twenty-three-year-old Russian light heavyweight Artur Ziyatdinov 12-0, 9 wins by KO/TKO is progressing well


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