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The Past Week in Action 4 February 2020


-Joseph Diaz decisions Tevin Farmer to win the IBF feather title

See Also

-Demetrius Andrade stops an overmatched Luke Keller to regain the WBO middleweight title

-Murodjon Akhmedov wins both the IBF and WBA super bantamweight titles with points victory over Daniel Roman

-Ilunga Makabu becomes the Congo’s first world boxing champion with victory on points against Michal Cieslak

-Pedro Taduran is still IBF minimumweight champion after Technical Draw with Daniel Valladares

-Welterweight Custio Clayton is now 19-0 after kayo of Diego Ramirez

-Yordenis Ugas keeps his hopes of another shot at the welterweight title with victory against Mike Dallas




January 30


Miami, FL, USA: Feather: Joseph Diaz (31-1) W PTS 12 Tevin Farmer (30-5-1) W Joseph. Middle: Demetrius Andrade (29-0) W TKO 9 Luke Keeler (17-3-1). Bantam:  Murodjon Akhmadaliev (8-0) W PTS 12 Daniel Roman (27-3-1). Super Middle: Roamer Angulo (26-1) W PTS 10 Anthony Sims Jr (20-1). Light: Otha Jones III (5-0) W TKO 2 Juan Santiago (16-18-2). Super Light: Movladdin Biyarslanov (6-0) W KO 3 Nicolas Velazquez (11-8).

Diaz vs. Farmer

Diaz wins the IBF title as he overcomes a slow start to build a winning lead and holds off a strong finish from champion Farmer.

Round 1

Good opener from Farmer. He was jabbing strongly and letting fly with straight lefts. Diaz began let his punches go late in the round but Farmer was jabbing accurately and took the round

Score: 10-9 Farmer

Round 2

Quality work from both of these southpaws in this round. They were willing to stand and trade, both jabbing well and connecting with hooks to the body. Farmer just had the edge in the jabbing and narrowly outscored Diaz in a close round and Diaz was cut over his left eye in a clash of heads.

Score:10-9 Farmer                        Farmer 20-18

Round 3

Before the start of the round the referee asked the doctor to inspect the cut over Diaz’s left eye but Diaz was allowed to continue. Very good round from Diaz. He upped his pace and had Farmer on the back foot. He was better with his jab, scoring at range with left crosses and outworking Farmer inside.

Score: 10-9 Diaz                        Farmer 29-28

Round 4

After a cagy start from both boxers Diaz was firing straight punches and hooks and uppercuts with very little coming back from Farmer who was no longer using his jab and was under pressure to the bell.

Score: 10-9 Diaz                        TIED 38-38

Official Scores; Judge Alex Levin 38-38, Judge Richard Green 38-38 Judge John Rupert 38-38

Round 5

Good close round as they traded punches early. Farmer was firing long lefts and at times Diaz was holding his left high go protect the cut which was continuing to bleed. Diaz did some excellent work to the body and did enough to edge the round.

Score: 10-9 Diaz                        Diaz 48-47

Round 6

Another close round. Farmer was using his jab more. He connected with some fast lefts and dug to the body well. Diaz was on the front foot matching Farmer’s jabs, connecting with combinations and outfighting Farmer on the inside

Score: 10-9 Diaz                        Diaz 58-56

Round 7

Plenty of body punching from both fighters as this one developed into a test of strength inside. They both dug in heavy body punches and although Farmer began forcing Diaz back once again Diaz was the one landing more and outscoring Farmer.  Diaz’s corner was doing a fantastic job by keeping him in the fight with such a severe cut.

Score: 10-9 Diaz                        Diaz 68-65

Round 8

Farmer was showing signs of tiring and his punch output had dropped. He was circling the ring throwing one punch at a time. Diaz was pressing hard connecting with quick combinations although his output was also down. A dullish round came to life late as they stood toe-to-toe and swapped quality hooks and uppercuts.

Score: 10-9 Diaz                        Diaz 78-74

Official Scores: Judge Levin 78-74 Diaz, Judge Green 77-75 Diaz, Judge Rupert 78-74 Diaz

Round 9

The action slowed in this one and for much of the round they were leaning on each other inside with neither doing a lot of work. The differentiator was that when he did cut loose Diaz was throwing four-five punch flurries but with Farmer the closest he came to a combination was following his right jab followed by a single left.

Score: 10-9 Diaz                        Diaz 88-83

Round 10

More inside work between two fighters tired by the fast pace of the fight. Diaz landed a couple of crisp head punches but then seemed to go into his shell. Farmer took control scoring well with his right jab and wrestling Diaz onto the back foot.

Score: 10-9 Farmer                        Diaz 97-93

Round 11

A round which could have been scored for either fighter. They had spells of leaning on each other inside interspersed with frantic exchanges of short bursts of hooks and uppercuts with Farmer just doing the better work.

Score: 10-9 Farmer                        Diaz 106-103

Round 12

Farmer did the better work at the start of this last round and that was just enough to give him the edge as they provided the finish the contest deserved swinging punch after punch at each other with what strength they still. An excellent title fight.

Score: 10-9 Farmer                        Diaz 115-113

Official Scores: Judge Levin 115-113 Diaz, Judge Green 115-113 Diaz, Judge Rupert 116-112 Diaz.

Diaz wins a world title at the second attempt having lost a unanimous decision to Gary Russell in 2018 in a challenge for the WBC title. His corner did great work to keep him in the fight with such a severed cut now he can have a rest and choose his challenger as the first two places in the IBF rankings are vacant. Farmer put up one of his best performance in losing and will be hoping to get a shot at a title later this year.

Andrade vs. Keeler

Predictable outcome as Andrade retains the WBO title flooring Keller twice early and winning every round before forcing the stoppage

Round 1

The first punch that was thrown was a right jab from Andrade and he then threw a straight left and Keller went down within the first five seconds of the fight. Keller was up quickly but then dropped to one knee before coming all the way up at nine and staying up. Andrade then wrestled Keeler to the canvas so no knockdown but that gave Keller a few more seconds of recovery time. Andrade was too quick with his punches and continued to find gaps in the challengers defence and Keller’s attacks were wild lunges as he came forward pumping out inaccurate punches.

Score: 10-8 Andrade

Round 2

Andrade shoulder charged Keller to the floor at the start of the round and then was again finding gaps in Keller’s defence. Keller was just launching crude attacks pumping out arm punches with little accuracy and no power. Constant bobbing and weaving from Andrade froze Keller and late in the round a left to the chin floored him heavily. He made it to his feet at nine and with twenty seconds left in the round he denied Andrade’s efforts to end the fight.

Score: 10-8 Andrade                    Andrade 20-16

Round 3

Andrade connected with a left to the head but Keller took the punch well. Andrade had Keller on the back foot and not throwing much. When Keller did launch an attack Andrade was anticipating it taking a couple of steps back and landing with countering lefts.

Score: 10-9 Andrade                    Andrade 30-25

Round 4

A change of roles here with Andrade indulging in head down charges and Keller more composed but finding Andrade a difficult target. Andrade’s crouching style makes him a hard fighter to beat but also a hard one to enjoy. Keeler scored with nice hooks but Andrade landed more.

Score: 10-9 Andrade                    Andrade 40-34

Official Scores: Judge Lisa Giampa 40-34 Andrade, Judge Rocky Young 40-34 Andrade, Judge Fernando Barbosa 40-34

Round 5

Andrade landed a left to the head before things became messy with too much mauling and clinching. Andrade was able to find the target when he stood off a little and Keller returned to his school playground wild punching lunges which Andrade avoided or countered.

Score: 10-9 Andrade                    Andrade 50-43

Round 6

Andrade turned this round into a showboating exhibition as he bobbed extravagantly around Keller not throwing punches but just avoiding Keller’s. When he did throw punches he was piercing Keller’s guard with right jabs and landing lefts to the body and he ended the round by side-stepping a Keller charge and giving Keller a push as he passed which sent Keller into and almost through the ropes.

Score: 10-9 Andrade                    Andrade 60-52

 Round 7

Andrade spent the round in his usual crab-like sideways crouch. He had his hands resting on his thighs occasionally snapping jabs through Keller’s guard and scoring with long lefts but not pressing his attacks. Keller tried his best but he was too slow and lacked the power to give Andrade any concerns and was off target with his punches.

Score: 10-9 Andrade                    Andrade 70-61

Round 8

Andrade finally upped his pace. He was firing more jabs and for the first time in the fight putting together some combinations. Again he did not sustain his attack but fought in bursts easily getting past Keeler’s guard. Keeler just could not land on the elusive champion and was swishing punches hitting only air.

Score: 10-9 Andrade                        Andrade 80-70

Official Scores: Judge Giampa 80-70 Andrade, Judge Young 80-70 Andrade, Judge Barbosa 80-70 Andrade

Round 9

Andrade was pressing harder in this round. He was forcing Keller back and getting though with jabs. Late in the round he shook Keller with a left to the head. Keller tottered back to the ropes clearly hurt. Andrade piled on the punches but Keller stood and punched with him. Both landed punches and Keller managed to get off the ropes but was nailed by a huge right uppercut and then a right and a big left to the head. That had Keller stumbling badly with Andrade following landing punches and the referee stepped in and waived the fight over despite protests from Keller

Successful third defence of the WBO title by Andrade but his performance here will not have advanced his hopes of seat at the top table with Gennady Golovkin and Saul Alvarez. Keller did well to survive to the ninth after those two early knockdowns but he was totally outclassed by Andrade.

Akhmadaliev  vs. Roman

Uzbek southpaw Akhmadaliev becomes a national hero as he takes split decision over champion Daniel Roman to collect both the IBF and WBA super bantam titles in only his eighth fight in the professional ranks.

Round 1

No feeling out here as Akhmadaliev is in Roman’s face snapping out right jabs and firing right hooks. He didn’t let Roman settle kept up the pressure and although Roman managed to connect with a few jabs Akhmadaliev outworked him.

Score: 10-9 Akhmadaliev

Round 2

Akhmadaliev had his jab working again from the start and was adding in straight rights. He was out-jabbing  Roman and putting together some quick combinations then walking around Roman changing angles. Roman just could not get the range with his jab and was being outboxed.

Score: 10-9 Akhmadaliev                    Akhmadaliev 20-18

Round 3

Better round from Roman. He had the range with his jab and was letting go with right hooks. Akhmadaliev used his jab well and although he connected with some lefts Roman kept him on the back foot and countered accurately.

Score: 10-9 Roman                        Akhmadaliev 29-28

Round 4

A close round between two excellent technical fighters. Roman was pressing and jabbing well then moving in with straight rights and hooks. Akhmadaliev was attacking with quality shots in short bursts but Roman edged the round.

Score: 10-9 Roman                            TIED 38-38

Round 5

In this round Akhmadaliev returned to the tactics he used in the opening rounds. He was taking the fight to Roman and landing with strong jabs and crisp hurtful hooks. Roman came into things half way through the round but just before the bell Akhmadaliev landed a series of hooks to Roman’s head which had Roman badly shaken.

Score: 10-9 Akhmadaliev                    Akhmadaliev48-47

Round 6

Brilliant boxing from Roman. He worked the jab fired accurate rights kept moving forward pressurising Akhmadaliev. The challenger was countering with classy shots of his own but Roman was mixing his punches to head and body and took the round.

Score: 10-9 Roman                            Tied 57-57

Round 7

A close round but once again Roman was the one taking the fight to Akhmadaliev. He was scoring with well-times, precise jabs and firing quick combinations. Roman landed a perfect right uppercut but Akhmadaliev took it well. Akhmadaliev was connecting with lefts but not enough to offset the busier Roman in a fast-paced high-quality contest.

Score: 10-9 Roman                        Roman 67-66

Round 8

Roman boxed superbly in this one. He was mixing stiff jabs with some fierce uppercuts. Akhmedov had some success with his lefts but as they traded quality shots at the end of the round Roman connected  with a straight right and a peach of a left upper. Akhmadaliev punched back with clubbing lefts and Roman ended the action with a strong right.

Score:10-9 Roman                        Roman 77-75

Round 9

For me Akhmadaliev was falling behind and was he cut over his left eye. He needed to win this round and he did clearly. He was using his jab again. Getting his punches off first including left leads.  His movement was giving Roman problems and he was reaching with his punches allowing Akhmadaliev to counter and Akhmadaliev attacked strongly before the bell landing some hurtful body shots.

Score: 10-9 Akhmadaliev                    Roman 86-85

Round 10

Roman worked steadily behind his jab but that was not enough. Akhmadaliev was circling and them darting in with a series of punches then getting out before retreating and he used that tactic throughout the round. He was letting fly with five or six punch combination and Roman was struggling to get off with his own punches and now Roman was cut over his left eye..

Score: 10-9 Akhmadaliev                    TIED 95-95

Round 11

A close round mainly because Akhmadaliev did very little work over the first two minutes. Roman kept pecking away with his jab and some straight rights. Over the late part of the round Akhmadaliev came to life with more of his fierce bursts of punching landing often enough to steal the round.

Score: 10-9 Akhmadaliev                  Akhmadaliev 105-104

Round 12

Akhmadaliev obviously felt he was so far in front he just had to stay on his feet and that was almost all he did. He danced around with Roman chasing and landing. Whenever Roman caught up with Akhmadaliev he showered with him with crisp, accurate hooks and uppercuts and Akhmadaliev only began to throw any punches over the last twenty seconds.

Score: Roman 10-9                        DRAW 114-114

Official Scores:  Judge Nelson Vazquez 115-113 Akhmadaliev, Judge Carlos Sucre 115-113 Akhmadaliev, Judge Rodolfo Aguilar  115-113 Roman

The 25-year-old Californian based Akhmadaliev had boxed only twenty-eight rounds as a pro before winning the two titles. Behind that lies a long list of achievements in the amateurs starting with a silver medal at 49kg at the World Youth Championships in 2012 , Uzbek titles in 2013 and 2014, a silver medal at the World Championships in 2015, where he lost to Michael Conlan, and in the same year some appearances in prestigious European tournaments winning gold at the Strandja and silver at the Chemistry Cup. He also collecting gold at the Asian Championships before earning a bronze in the Rio Olympics where he lost to Cuban Robeisy Ramirez. He continued on to take a gold medal at the 2017 Asian Championships but in his last major tournament, the 2017 World Championships he was outpointed by the eventual gold medallist . This is the tail of the comet behind his eight professional fights which is typical of so many East European stars of today. Fortunately for Akhmadaliev both of the mandatory slots for the IBF and WBA titles are vacant  so he may not get pressed too hard over a defence,. Roman was making the fifth defence of the WBA title and the first of the IBF belt. He was to have defended against Akhmadaliev in September but Roman injured a shoulder and the fight was rescheduled. This was close enough to go again and Roman deserves a return.

Sims vs. Angulo

Minor upset as Angulo gets a split decision over Sims. It was a contest of contrasting styles. Sims wanted to work on the outside using his superior hand speed and better footwork to box at distance and Angulo wanted to rumble forward work to inside. Neither fighter really took control of the first two rounds but Sims probably had a narrow edge. Angulo stepped up the pressure in the third and fourth pushing Sims to the ropes and punching away. His work was sloppy but he was scoring. In the fifth Sims had a slight edge but that was increased by a point deduction against Angulo. The deduction seemed to throw Angulo out of kilter and Sims edged the sixth. Angulo was back on track in the seventh connecting with hooks and uppercuts inside as Sims struggled to create some space. The eighth was another close round but Angulo again worked inside to take the ninth. The tenth did not provide the fireworks that such a close fight called for and it could have been scored for either fighter. Scores 96-93 twice for Angulo and 95-94 for Sims. Angulo’s record is liberally sprinkled with weak opposition. His loss was to Gilberto Ramirez in a challenge for the WBO super middle title in 2018 where he struggled to win a round. Really there was nothing in the 35-year-old Colombian’s record to indicate a threat to the talented Sims but Angulo won and now there will probably be some choice paydays ahead for him. Sims will have to work out what went wrong here and at 24 if he learns the lessons he will come to the fore again.

Jones vs. Santiago

Teenage prospect Jones  dismisses experienced Santiago in two rounds. The young Matchroom prospect floored Santiago and then piled on the punches until the referee stopped the fight. The 19-year-old from Toledo, he will be 20 on 6 February, was US Under-17 and Under-19 champion and competed at the World Youth Olympics so it will be interesting to see how he develops as a pro. Santiago is a poor 1-6 in his last 7 fights.

Biyarslanov vs. Velazquez 

Canadian Olympian Biyarslanov punches too hard for Argentinian Velazquez. Biyarslanov dropped Velazquez with a body punch in the second  and another punch to the liver in the third saw Velazquez take a knee and remain there for the count. Born in Chechnya Biyarslanov moved to Canada with his parents when he was four. He was a gold medal winner at the 2015 Pan American Games and competed at the Commonwealth games, 2016 Olympics and the 2017 World Championships. Velasquez no test as he suffers his fourth inside the distance defeat.


January 31


Kinshasa, DRC: Cruiser: Ilunga Makabu (27-2) W PTS 12 Michal Cieslak (19-1).

Local fighter Makabu delights the citizens of the DRC as he overcomes a slow start to outpoint Cieslak .

Round 1

After some probing and prodding Cieslak began to take the fight to Makabu and scored repeatedly to the body with rights. Makabu tried some right jabs and connected with a good left hook but it was Cieslak’s round.

Score: 10-9 Cieslak

Round 2

Another round for Cieslak. He was quicker to the punch piercing Makabu’s guard with jabs and again getting through with rights to the body. Makabu was off target with his jabs and was throwing single shots whereas Cieslak was putting together some quick accurate bursts of punches.

Score: 10-9 Cieslak                        Cieslak 20-18

Round 3

A closer round. Makabu threw more and was finding the target to the body. Cieslak was now on the back foot . He still used his faster hands to connect but Makabu heavier punching was just enough for him to pocket his first winning round.

Score: 10-9 Makabu                        Cieslak 29-28

Round 4

Makabu was much livelier now. He was landed strongly with body punches and had Cieslak on the back foot. Cieslak was still getting home counters but suddenly he stopped and turned away from the action as if he thought the round was over. As he walked away from behind him Makabu curled two left hooks which Cieslak did not see coming and they put Cieslak down heavily. He beat the count but had to absorb some clubbing shots to the end of the round. Defend yourself at all times.

Score: 10-8 Makabu                        Makabu 38-37

Official Scores: Judge Omar Mintun 38-37 Makabu, Judge Carlos Flores 38-37 Cieslak, Judge Humberto Olivares 38-37 Makabu

Round 5

Cieslak connected with two rights early in the round. He landed a third which sent Makabu staggering back and he touched the canvas with his gloves leading to an eight count. When the action resumed Makabu was back to his body attacks and Cieslak was using his quicker hands to score with busts of punches.

Score: 10-8 Cieslak                        Cieslak 47-46

Round 6

Constant pressure from Makabu in this one. He strode forward stabbing out powerful jabs and following with solid lefts to head and body. Cieslak’s output had dropped and the snap had gone out of his punches

Score: 10-9 Makabu                        TIED 56-56

Round 7

Makabu continued to crowd Cieslak forcing the Pole back with stiff jabs and then connecting with savage body punches. Cieslak was under heavy pressure and lost his mouthguard which gave him momentary relief but soon Makabu was on him with more booming rights wearing Cieslak down.

Score: 10-9 Makabu                    Makabu 66-65

Round 8

Makabu is not quick but his body punching had slowed Cieslak to his speed. Makabu was still scoring with thudding body punches and Cieslak’s counters lacked the power to stop Makabu marching forward and he pounded away at the Pole at the bell.

Score:  10-9 Makabu                    Makabu 76-74

Official Scores: Judge Mintun 76-74 Cieslak, Judge Flores 76-75 Makabu, Judge Olivares 76-74 Makabu

Round 9

Cieslak was looking to draw Makabu onto right counters and had some success. Eventually pressure from Makabu saw him spend more time against the ropes where the heavier punching of Makabu had Cieslak busy defending and throwing little.

Score: 10-9 Makabu                    Makabu 86-83

Round 10

A much closer round. It was a walking pace fight with both contestants looking arm weary. Cieslak ‘s punches had no power and even Makabu was getting little leverage in his punches but Cieslak just outlanded Makabu.

Score: 10-9 Cieslak                    Makabu 95-93

Round 11

Two very tired fighters just knocked lumps of each other in slow motion. Cieslak was holding his own as he scored with rights but as the round closed his head was being snapped back by punches from Makabu.

Score: 10-9 Makabu                    Makabu 105-102

Round 12

Cieslak was lively at the start of the round but then Makabu ground him down again forcing him to the ropes and landing with hard shots to head and body.  Cieslak fired a couple of bursts of punches but then subsided as Makabu worked solidly to the bell.

Score:10-9 Makabu                    Makabu 115-111

Official Scores: Judge Mintun 114-112 Makabu, Judge Flores: 116-111 Makabu, Judge Olivares 115-111 Makabu

Makabu  wins the WBC title at the second attempt and become the DRC’s first world champion. Makabu had been stopped in three rounds by Tony Bellew in 2016 for the same vacant  title. Since then he had then won eight in a row. Not sure what is next for him now as the WBC have decided to make the No 1 spot in their ratings vacant and of course Yuniel Dorticos and Mairis Breidis are to contests the WSSB final . Cieslak, 30, was fighting outside Poland for the first time as a pro. He had landed the co-challenger spot partially with wins over Olan Durodola and Youri Kayembre Kalenga and partially due the WBSS soaking up other possible candidates and the WBA having more champions  than a wonder horse series. Another title shot for Cieslak once the smoke clears from the WBSS is a possibility.


February 1


Guadalupe, Mexico: Minimumweight: Pedro Taduran (14-2-1) TEC DRAW 4 Daniel Valladares (22-1-1). Super Feather: Mauricio Lara (19-2 W TKO 4 Alejandro Palmero (8-6-1). 

Taduran vs. Valladares

Taduran retains the IBF title with a majority technical draw in an unfortunate end to what could have been a barn-burner of a contest.

Round 1

Hostilities started before the sound of the bell had faded as they stood and traded body punches. Valladares had a longer reach but Taduran was able to score well with southpaw lefts to the body. As they came together to exchange more punches their heads banged together and Valladares suffered a bad gash over his right eye. The doctor examined the cut but allowed the fight to continue and they again traded a whole bunch of punches to the bell with Valladares just getting the better of the exchanges.

Score: 10-9 Valladares

Round 2

Valladares made good use of his reach to land early in the round. Taduran was driving forward getting inside and flailing away at the body. Valladares injury seemed to be under control and his greater accuracy gave him this one.

Score: 10-9 Valladares                    Valladares 20-18

Round 3

Valladares tried to box in this one but Taduran dragged him into a brawl and the blood began to flow from the cut. They then went toe-to-toe over the last two minutes of the round both just pumping out punches. Valladares was forcing Taduran back but Taduran was winning the exchanges and the challenger’s face was a mask of blood.

Score: 10-9 Taduran                        Valladares 29-28

Round 4

The war carried on with Valladares again forcing Taduran back but being outpunched. The fight was stopped for another inspection of Valladares’ cut and although it was a wide gash the doctor said it was okay to continue.  Once again both were pumping out punches with no thought defence. Both landed some clubbing shots but Taduran caught the eye with his straight lefts and his punches seemed targeted whereas for Valladares it was head down and let the hands go where they would.

Score: 10-9 Taduran                        TIED 38-38

When it was clear Valladares could not continue Taduran started to celebrate but as the stoppage was due to a clash of heads it went to the score cards.

Official Scorecards: Judge Ellis Johnson 38-38, Judge Jonathan Davis 38-38, Judge John Basile 39-37 Valladares

A majority draw

It was a real pity it ended like this as all of the ingredients were there for a great little title fight between two tigers in the ring. Filipino Taduran, 23, was making the first defence of the IBF title he came off the floor against Samuel Salva to win in September.  As this one finished early he could be looking to defend again soon and as the first two slots in the IBF rankings are vacant he can choose his opponent. He lost on points to Wanheng for the WBC title 2018. Mexican Valladares was rated No 1 light flyweight by the IBF although he had not fought at minimumweight for two-to-three years. He certainly deserves another title chance,

Lara vs. Palmero

“Bronco” Lara used a focused body attack to overpower prelim fighter Palmero. By the fourth Palmero was finished and floored. He made it to his feet but the referee showed mercy and stopped the fight.  Eight wins in a row, seven by KO/TKO for the 21-year-old from Mexico City. Only the third fight in the past three years for inexperienced Palmero.


January 28


Toronto, Canada: Welter: Custio Clayton (18-0) W KO 8 Diego Ramirez (21-4). Middle: Steve Rolls (20-1) W TKO 4 Gilberto Pereira dos Santos (16-11). Middle: Hurshidbek Normatov (10-0) W PTS 8 Uriel Hernandez (13-6). 

Clayton vs. Ramirez

Clayton marches on. The unbeaten Canadian worked the body and slowly beat the resistance out of Ramirez . By the eighth Ramirez had nothing left.  Early in the round Clayton backed him to the ropes and then landed a left to the body and Ramirez went down on his knees hanging over the ropes as he was counted out. Clayton was defending the NABF title. This is his twelfth win by KO/TKO and the plan is for the 32-year-old fighter from Nova Scotia to raise his profile with contests in the USA. Argentinian Ramirez was coming off a disappointing loss in domestic action but had scored a good win in stopping Bradley Skeete a while back. This is his first inside the distance defeat.

Rolls vs. dos Santos

Rolls returns with a win in his first fight since a fourth round kayo by Gennady Golovkin in June last year. Although a very late substitute dos Santos fought hard . He took some serious punishment but came through it. In the fourth the Brazilian had Rolls trapped on the ropes and was unloading with overhand rights. Rolls fought his way off the ropes and connected with a great left hook to the head. Dos Santos was badly rocked and Rolls drove him across the ring and the Brazilian went down on his hands and knees and stayed there. Now 35 Rolls is unlikely to rise to the heights of topping a bill against an opponent of the calibre of Golovkin again but is still a saleable name. Fourth loss by KO/TKO for dos Santos but he was a late late substitute.

Normatov vs. Hernandez

Lanky southpaw Normatov proves much too big and too good for a gutsy Hernandez. The 6’2” Uzbek was able to fight on the outside when he chose and was stronger on the inside punishing the 5’8” Hernandez with lefts to the body. He put Hernandez over in the seventh but the Mexican got up and was still there at the final bell. The three judges all saw it 80-71 for the Brooklyn based Normatov.  He was Uzbek amateur champion twice and runner-up twice as well as representing them at the World Championships. Former Mexican title challenger Hernandez is a struggling 1-4 in recent fights.


January 30


Toppenish, WA, USA: Super Fly: Jade Bornea (15-0) W PTS 10 Ernesto Delgadillo (11-1-2). Middle: Connor Coyle (12-0) W RTD 1 Miguel Dumas (12-3).

Bornea vs. Delgadillo

Bornea scores split decision over Delgadillo in a close competitive match. Delgadillo was on top over the first two rounds working at distance with his jab. From the third strong body punching and pressure swung things Bornea’s way . Delgadillo was boosted by a flash knockdown in the sixth when a right knocked Borne off balance and his gloved touched the canvas. The battle continued between Bornea’s aggression and Delgadillo’s counter-punching with Filipino Bornea just having the edge. Scores 96-93 twice for Bornea and 96-93 for Delgadillo. Bornea, 24, wins the vacant NABF title in his first outing in the USA. Dallas southpaw Delgadillo will rebuild.

Coyle vs. Dumas

Coyle gets injury victory over unfortunate Dumas. Coyle outboxed Dumas jabbing accurately and finding the target with body punches. Just before the bell Dumas threw a left and showed some pain. He continued to the bell  but he had badly injured his shoulder in throwing the left and was unable to continue. A win is a win so the 29-year-old Northern Ireland born Coyle, a former Ulster Champion and a bronze medal winner at the Commonwealth Games, will be looking to get into action again soon. Dumas had won his last two fights.


Glasgow, Scotland: Welter: Martin Harkin (13-0) W TKO 6 James Moorcroft (13-1). Harkin keeps his 100% record with impressive win over Moorcroft.  Harkin had the edge in power here and varied his work well with hooks to head and body. He put unbeaten Moorcroft on the floor in the second and built a good lead. Before ending the fight in style in the fifth. Moorcroft was trading jabs trying to use his reach advantage until a fierce burst of hooks from Harkin rocked him and a big left hook had him reeling across the ring and down. Moorcroft made it to his feet but after the eight count the referee stopped the fight. Fifth inside the distance win for the 27-year-old from Dumbarton in what was billed as a British title eliminator. Moorcroft can recover and come again.


January 31


Shreveport, LA, USA: Feather: Ruben Villa (18-0) W PTS 10 Alexei Collado (26-2). Welter: Taras Shelestyuk (18-0) W PTS 10 Luis Veron (18-2-2). Light: Zhora Hamazaryan (9-1-2) DREW 8 Sulaiman Segawa (13-2-1).

Villa vs. Collado

Another masterly performance from unbeaten Villa. Against a dangerous puncher in Collado Villa’s superior speed and skills never allowed the Cuban a foothold in the fight. Villa established his jab with some smart work in the first with Collado a step behind as he would be throughout the fight.  Villa dominated the second buckling Collado at the knees with a powerful jab and he took third scoring well to the body. Collado landed some heavy rights to get Villa’s respect. Villa provided evidence of his own punching power rocking Collado in the fourth whilst still finding gaps for his jabs. It was more of the same in the fifth with Villa scoring with well-timed and precise jabs. They clashed heads in the round but luckily no damage was done. Collado just could not get into the fight as Villa continued to pierce Collado’s guard with accurate jabs jabs and connected with some choice body punches. He also demonstrated some clever defensive work which left Collado swishing air. Collado tried to turn the fight his way over the closing rounds with some big punches but apart from a stinging right in the last he never came close to threatening Villa. Scores 98-92 twice and 99-91 for Villa. The 22-year-old Salinas southpaw was defending his WBO International title. He is rated No 5 by the WBO but is not being rushed and is building good experience with his last six fights all going the distance and his last three opponents having combined records of 60-3. Collado, 31, turned pro back in 2008 after escaping from Cuba. He has had a couple of periods of inactivity but had won his last seven fights.

Shelestyuk vs. Veron

Shelestyuk gets in some badly needed ring time in ten round decision over Argentinian Veron.  The first two rounds were close as Shelestyuk worked to shed some rust and Veron stayed competitive. Shelestyuk had a good third but Veron upped his work rate in the fourth. Shelestyuk was cut on the forehead in a clash of heads in the fifth but worked well to take the round and the sixth. Veron was busier in the seventh as the blood tricked down Shelestyuk’s face.  The Ukrainian was in charge over the closing rounds and emerged a clear winner. Scores 98-92 twice and 97-93 for Shelestyuk. First fight for ten months and only the second one since July 2017for the 34-year-old former World Amateur champion and Olympic bronze medallist. Inactivity has seen him drop out of the ratings so he will need to remain active to get a seat at the welterweight big table. Veron has stumble recently having started out with seventeen straight wins but he did his job here.

Hamazaryan vs. Segawa

Hamazaryan and late substitute Segawa fight to a split draw. Segawa made the better start with Hamazaryan not being able to get past the Ugandan southpaw’s jab. Hamazaryan picked up the pace and let his hands go more over the next three round to move in front. Segawa came back into the fight in the fifth and from there seemed to have the better of the exchanges and do enough to take the decision but it was not to be. Scores 78-74 for Segawa, 77-75 for Hamazaryan and 76-76. Segawa came in at only four days notice after Hamazaryan’s original opponent dropped out through illness. The former Ugandan amateur champion looked unlucky. His two losses have been against promising unbeaten fighters and he had two good wins in eight round action last year. Los Angeles-based Armenian Hamazaryan was having his first fight since a draw with unbeaten Thomas Mattice in September 2018.


Accra, Ghana: Super Bantam: Wasiru Mohammed (12-0) W TKO 4 John Amuzu (22-2). Super Bantam: Manyo Plange (20-0-1) W RTD 3 Sharif Kareem (9-3). Light Heavy: Prince Oko Nartey (7-1) W TKO 1 Philip Kweku (4-2-1). 

Mohammed vs. Amuzu

Another power performance from Mohammed as he blows away Amuzu in four rounds. Mohammed never gave Amuzu a chance to get into the fight. He attacked hard in the first and rocked Amuzu him just before the bell, Amuzu fought back hard in the second but a right hook staggered him badly. Amuzu managed to connect with some good shots in the third but the heavy fire was coming from Mohammed. In the fourth Mohammed went straight after Amuzu driving him along the ropes landing with blistering rights before a potent left hook put Amuzu down heavily. The referee immediately waived the fight over and summoned medical help for Amuzu. It was fifteen minutes before Amuzu recovered  and he was taken to the hospital for observation. First defence of the WBO Global title for Mohammed. He is No 11 with the WBO and has won 11 of his 12 victories by KO/TKO. His opposition has not been strong but he could be the next Ghanaian to break through. Amuzu’s only other loss was on points against Miguel Roman in the USA in 2013. His African opposition has been very low level and this is only his second fight in over two years.

Plange vs. Kareem

Plange remains undefeated as he outclasses Nigeria Kareem, The flashy and speedy Plange was landing quickly and cleanly with an array of hooks and uppercuts with a gutsy Kareem trying to stand and trade. After three one-sided rounds Kareem stayed in his corner.  At 32 and after eight years as a pro Plange seems to be going nowhere but he put in a good performance in December 2018 when he fought a draw in Singapore against Filipino Michael Dasmarinas currently the IBF No 1. Kareem was a very late selection for this fight. He had won nine in a row but this was his first outing since December 2017.

Nartey vs. Kweku 

Southpaw Nartey goes to six wins by KO/TKO by halting overmatched Kweku in the first round. Nartey’s only loss was a creditable showing in Germany against unbeaten 15-0-1 James Kraft in June. Second loss by KO/TKO for Kweku who is really only a middleweight.


Nantes, France: Cruiser: Dylan Bregeon (11-0-1) W PTS 10 Olivier Vautrain (16-3-1). Super Welter: Jordy Weiss (26-0) W PTS 6 Romain Garofalo (15-7)

Bregeon vs. Vautrain

Home city fighter Bregeon wins the French title at the second attempt . After a fast-paced entertaining fight Bregeon ended a clear winner taking the unanimous verdict on scores of 98-92 twice and 97-93. Bregeon was to have fought a return with Siril Makiadi after they drew in a fight for the vacant title in November but Makiadi had to withdraw and southpaw Vautrain came in as a late replacement. Bregeon, 25, was French National champion in 2014 and 2015 and is making good progress.  Vautrain had won 10 of his last 11 fights with the loss being on a majority decision to unbeaten Russian Yury Kashinsky in June.

Weiss vs. Garofalo

Just six rounds of paid sparring for “Gypsy” Weiss. Scores 60-54 twice and 59-55 for the former undefeated EU champion. Garofalo, 37, has been unsuccessful in two shots at the French title.


Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico: Welter: Nicklaus Flaz (9-1) W TKO 1 Miguel Suarez (15-6).Feather: Pedro Marquez (12-1) W TKO 3 Juan Pena (30-2).Light Fly: Rene Santiago (8-2) W PTS 10 Israel Vazquez (10-4-2) .


Flaz vs. Suarez

Flaz steamrollers poor Suarez. Flaz rushed out at the bell and trapped the taller Suarez against the ropes. He bombarded the Argentinian with punches to head and body. A series of chopping rights sent Suarez into a corner and after a  solid right to the body he dropped to one knee. After the count Flaz jumped on Suarez chasing him to a corner again. He connected with some corrosive hooks and with Suarez just covering up and throwing nothing back the referee came in to stop the fight . All over in 116 seconds. Seventh inside the distance victory for Flaz with his loss coming against unbeaten Uzbek Hurshidbek Normatov. Flaz, 24, was a top level amateur and competed in the World Series of Boxing. Suarez, 39, has lost his last six, five of them by KO/TKO.

Marquez  vs. Pena

This looked a testing match for Marquez on paper but Pena’s record is a classic example of what passes for matchmaking in the Dominican Republic. It would even embarrass the matchmakers at the Coliseum in Roman days. Pena was flitting around feather dusting Marquez with light jabs but he was hurt by a couple of body punches and then another  series of punches sent him down. He was up at eight but the bell had gone so he survived. Pena had a much better round in the second as he outboxed Marquez . He was also boxing well in the third until a right to the head put him on the floor. He beat the count and bravely took the fight to Marquez until some choice uppercuts had him in trouble and he was taking a beating on the ropes when the referee stopped the fight. Eighth win by KO/TKO for 25-year-old Marquez and eighth victory on the bounce which netted him the WBO NABO title and therefore a world rating. Pena, 32, had won his previous seven fights against very inadequate opposition.

Vazquez vs. Santiago

Santiago floors and outpoints Vazquez to take unanimous verdict in an-all Puerto Rican clash. Vazquez worked well with his jab to take the first but not the second. Just after Vazquez scored with a left hook to the body Santiago came up inside with a left uppercut that put Vazquez down.  From the third although Vazquez used his longer reach and greater strength to score at distance Santiago was quicker and outscored Vazquez in the close-quarters clashes. Many of the rounds were close but the higher work rate of the feisty little Santiago gave him a distinct edge and he was a clear winner.  Scores 99-90 twice and 97-93 all for Santiago. This was a big step up in opposition for Santiago and he wins the WBO Latino belt. The 32-year-old Vazquez is the son of the great Wilfredo Vazquez and the brother of Wilfredo Vazquez Jr. But he is way below his other family members in ability. After a string of three losses he was out of action for almost four years and is now 1-1 since returning.


February 1


Biloxi, MS, USA: Welter: Yordenis Ugas (25-4) W RTD 7 Mike Dallas (23-4-2). Light: Michel Rivera (18-0) W TKO 10 Fidel Maldonado (27-5-1). Cruiser: Deon Nicholson (13-0) W PTS 10 Earl Newman (10-3-1).

Ugas vs. Dallas

Ugas dismantles Dallas and forces a seventh round retirement. In the opener Dallas was flitting around the ring probing with light punches but Ugas was connecting with heavy rights and Dallas looked unsteady whenever they landed. A very low left from Ugas saw Dallas given some recovery time and he was rocked a couple more times by rights but Ugas suffered a small cut between his eyes in a clash of heads.  Ugas went low again in the second but no warning. He also staggered Dallas with a couple of rights. Dallas is a clever boxer but has no power and had nothing to keep Ugas out. Ugas connected with more strong lefts in the third and also landed a disgracefully low punch but no point deduction and he connected with more clubbing rights before the bell. Ugas controlled the fourth and looked to have scored a knockdown when a right to the head sent Dallas sideways and then down but the referee decided it was a slip. In the sixth Ugas continued to blast Dallas with rights to the head and was also digging to the body. Dallas was slowing and throwing fewer punches and after taking more punishment in the seventh Dallas retired at the end of the round. Having lost a split decision to Shawn Porter for the WBC title in March last year Ugas has now worked his way back to the No 1 position with the WBA but there is no chance he will get to dance with Manny Pacquiao so the position is unclear for the 33-year-old Cuban. Dallas, also 33, was knocked out in the first round in a fight with Lucas Matthysse for the interim WBC super light title in 2013. He turned in a good performance in drawing with Dusty Hernandez Harrison in 2016 but was then inactive in 2017 and had just one fight each year in 2018 and 2019 . He needs to make up whether he has a boxing career or not.

Rivera vs. Maldonado

After a slow start Rivera comes on strong over the late rounds to stop Maldonado. Rivera was applying pressure early with southpaw Maldonado boxing cleverly and countering well. Rivera upped his pace over the third and fourth but Maldonado did enough to make the rounds close. Rivera was warned for a low punch in the fifth as he began to bully Maldonado and he looked to have edged a close sixth. Rivera began to dominate from the seventh. Maldonado remained competitive but Rivera was outscoring him. He shook Maldonado with some rights in the eighth and ninth and then put him down with a right in the tenth.  Maldonado was able to get up but Rivera bombarded him with punches and the referee stopped the fight. The 21-year-old from the Dominican Republic wins the vacant WBC Continental Americas title with win No 12 by KO/TKO. Maldonado was a big step in level of opposition for Rivera so an important victory. Losses to Amir Imam and Ismael Barroso knocked back any hopes Maldonado had of a title shot and he was inactive for 15 months after the Barroso loss. After returning to the ring in January 2019 he scored three wins against mediocre opposition so this loss is a big setback.

Nicholson vs. Newman

Nicholson given his toughest test so far in getting a narrow unanimous decision over Newman. Nicholson seemed to have the edge early but they were both landing with some heavy punches. Nicholson had won all of his fights by KO/TKO and all inside four rounds so he was in uncharted territory over the second half of the fight. Both had their moments with it looking close until Nicholson staged a strong finish over the last two rounds to clinch the verdict. Scores 96-94 twice and 97-93 all for Nicholson. The Tuscaloosa fighter had taken only 22 rounds for his first 12 victories so picked up some useful experience in this one. Three losses in a row for Newman but only two fights in the past two years has contributed to those losses.


Belfast, NI, Super Bantam: David Oliver Joyce (12-1) W TKO 5 Lee Haskins (36-55). Super Light: Sean McComb (10-0) W RTD 6 Mauro Godoy (32-6-1).  Light: Gary Cully (10-0) W TKO 1 Joe Fitzpatrick (10-1). 

Joyce vs. Haskins

Joyce had youth and strength on his account ledger and Haskins had a wealth of experience in pro rings and lots of skill. Joyce pressed from the start but Haskins refused to be backed up and used his skill to stay in front of Joyce dodging punches and countering. Joyce was much the bigger man and had a reach advantage and he used those effectively to start to force Haskins to the ropes but Haskins cleverly ducked and weaved to avoid the incoming. A clash of heads saw Joyce cut in the third round. Joyce shook Haskins with a right early in the fourth. Haskins fought his way out of trouble but his work was becoming ragged. Joyce piled on the pressure and connected with a series of head punches only for Haskins to throw his arms wide and beckon Joyce in and Joyce piled on the punches to the bell. More heavy pressure from Joyce in the fifth until Haskins threw a right which missed and then slid to the floor. He pulled himself up with difficulty using the ropes and it was obvious he had injured his left knee which he had been wearing a knee support for when he came into the ring. After the count Joyce relentlessly banged away at Haskins until the referee stopped the fight. The 32-year-old Irishman rebounds from a stoppage loss against Leigh Wood which cost him his WBO European featherweight title by winning the vacant WBO super bantamweight title here. Joyce had a great time as an amateur winning the Irish Championships five times, taking a gold medal at the EU Championships and competing at both the World Championships and the Rio Olympics. The WBO European title will get him a rating ( even if he only outpunched Pluto) but as he did not turn pro until he was 30 time in not his friend. Haskins, a former IBF, European, Commonwealth and British champion announced his retirement after an outstanding career.

McComb vs. Godoy

McComb is tall for a super light at 5’11 ½” and that allowed him to outbox a smaller and slower Godoy. The Argentinian showed some good defensive moves but was not quick enough when coming forward and never really troubled the Belfast southpaw . Godoy overreached with a right in the fourth and McComb jumped on that mistake and bombarded Godoy with punches with a stoppage looking possible. Godoy fought back enough to stay in the fight and by the end of the round had McComb against the ropes and under pressure. McComb rocked Godoy with a left late in the fifth and as he unloaded punch after punch again a stopped seemed to be on the cards but Godoy banged back just enough for the referee to let it continue. It was one-way traffic in the sixth and after taking plenty of punishment Godoy sensibly retired at the end of the round. The 27-year-old McComb was twice Irish champion and competed at the World and Commonwealth Championships and won a bronze medal at the European Games . He has turned pro at the right time. Godoy, a former Argentinian and South American champion had a good result in drawing with Sammy Vargas in Canada and had scored a win in London in November.

Cully vs. Fitzpatrick

Cully destroys Fitzpatrick in two minutes. There was some hangover from a confrontation before the fight so fireworks were expected-and delivered. Fitzpatrick made an aggressive start but a long southpaw left and a right hook dropped Fitzpatrick dramatically. He was up quickly but not really recovered and Cully battered away until the referee halted the fight. All over in 98 seconds. Fifth victory by KO/TKO for the 6’2” Irish “Diva”, a former European Youth Championships gold medallist who wins the BUI Irish title. At 25 Belfast’s Fitzpatrick, a Commonwealth Games silver medallist, just got caught cold and he will regroup and return.


Ruidoso, NM, USA: Super Welter: Austin Trout (32-5) W TKO 2 Rosbel Montoya (17-10-1). Feather: Abel Mendoza (22-0) W PTS 8 Juan Guillen (8-7-1). Heavy: Alonzo Butler (32-3-2,1ND) W TKO 1 Jesus Martinez (23-14-1).

Trout vs. Montoya

Trout ends this one early with stoppage of Montoya. Trout floored Montoya in the first and the Mexican only just made it out of the round. Trout softened Montoya up with body punches at the start of the second before flooring him with a right that brought the stoppage. The 34-year-old  former WBA super welter champion, makes it 18 inside the distance finishes. He was 149 ¼ lbs for this fight so is throwing his hat into the welterweight mix. Only the second fight since October 2016 for Montoya.

Mendoza vs. Guillen

Mendoza maintains his 100% record but has to fight hard against unfancied Guillen. Mendoza had the superior skills and built a good lead. He began to slow over the middle rounds but was still doing enough to sneak the points and he finished strongly. Scores 79-73 for Mendoza from all three judges. The 24-year-old Texan had won 7 of the last 8 by KO/TKO but never looked like stopping Guillen. A good effort by Guillen but he drops to 1-7 in recent action.

Butler vs. Martinez

No rust showing here as Butler floors a very flabby Martinez  twice for a stoppage victory. The 40-year-old Butler was having his first fight since December 2016. After turning pro in 2000 Butler went 26-0-1, 2 ND  before losing to Friday Ahunanya in 2008. All you need to know about Martinez is that he weighed 137 3/4 lbs in his first pro fight and was 292 ½ for this one and he came in at 216 lbs for a fight in 2018.. Must have grown two more legs! The 6’3” Butler has gone the other way having been 312 ¼ lbs in 2016 and 295 ½ lbs in this one


Los Polvorines, Argentina: Cruiser: Yamil Peralta (6-0) W TKO 9 Dario Balmaceda (19-19-2). Peralta beats down and stops a gutsy but very limited Balmaceda to win the South American title. The two-time Olympian was too quick and too strong for the slow Balmaceda. Throughout the fight he was handing out some heavy punishment and with Balmaceda just rumbling forward absorbing shots. A series of lefts and right to the head in the ninth saw the referee giving Balmaceda a standing count. When the action resumed Peralta connected with some clubbing head punches and as Balmaceda dropped to his knees the referee stopped the contest.  The 28-year-old Peralta was a quarter-finalist at both the London and Rio Games and won a bronze medal at the World Championships and the Pan American Games as well as being a member of the Argentinian Condors Team in the WSB. Although Peralta wins the South African title Balmaceda’s national title was not at stake. Twelfth loss by KO/TKO for Balmaceda.


Copenhagen, Denmark: Super Welter: Oliver Meng (8-0) W PTS 10 Vasyl Kurasov (11-4). Light Heavy: Nikola Sjekloca (36-5-1) W PTS 8 Jeppe Morell (10-3).

Meng vs. Kurasov

Prospect Meng grinds out a win against a tougher than expected Kurasov. It took Meng a couple of rounds to get into full flow and Ukrainian Kurasov proved an awkward handful. Southpaw Meng, 20, stuck to the task although frustrated at times by Kurasov’s holding and it will have helped his development as he went ten rounds for the first time. Scores 99-91 for Meng on the three cards. He was making the second defence of the IBF Youth title.  Kurasov, 22, does not have impressive statistics but all of his losses have been against good level opponents in their backyard.

Sjekloca vs. Morell

Sjekloca uses his experience to take a split verdict over Dane Morell. It was a fight of two halves. The Serbian-born veteran had the better of the early action flooring Morell in the fourth. Morell fought back over the later rounds rocking Sjekloca in the seventh but just coming up short in the end. Scores 76-75 twice for Sjekloca and 78-73 for Morell. Now 41 the former WBO super middle title challenger was having his first fight since December 2018. Morell is now 3-3 in his last 6 fights.


Chateauroux, France: Light Heavy: Thomas Faure (19-4) W PTS 10 Tony Averlant (27-13-2). Faure wins the French title at the second attempt with a unanimous decision over experienced Averlant in an entertaining match. In front of his home fans Faure boxed cleverly to overcome the height and reach of the taller Averlant but also had to survive some solid rights. The fight looked closer than the scores indicate with Faure winning by 98-92 twice and 97-93, Faure, 30,  becomes the first fighter from the Indre region to win a French title . He is in good form with 10 wins in his last 11bouts. Averlant, 35, a former EU and WBFederation champion, was having his first shot at the title and felt he won this one. Before this title fight he had suffered inside the distance losses in three of his last four fights which included tough tasks against Anthony Yarde and Joshua Buatsi


Accra, Ghana: Cruiser: Olan Durodola (33-7) W TKO 3 Abraham Tabul (16-3-1

Durodola   vs. Tabul

Easy victory for Nigerian Durodola against a crude but strong Tabul. Durodola was always coming forward and when he applied pressure Tabul either tried to hold or swung wildly. Durodola was connecting with some powerful shots in the third. Tabul was already on his heels and looking tired. Late in the round Durodola trapped Tabul in his own courser and pounded him with punches. Tabul took time out to exchange comments with his corner even as Durodola was throwing punches. Durodola was still pounding on Tabul in the corner when Tabul’s second climbed on the ring apron waiving a towel and the fight was stopped which led to some fierce arguments between Tabul and his team. Durodola wins the vacant ABU title with victory No 30 by KO/TKO. He is no longer a world player but a few classes above such as Ghanaian Tabul. The loser has a decent record against domestic opposition but was stopped in a round by Evgeny Tishchenko in his last fight in June


Tokyo, Japan: Welter: Keita Obara (23-4-1) TKO 7 Yuki Nagano (17-3). Obara too experienced and punches too hard for champion Nagano and wins the Japanese title. Obara took the first round and then put southpaw Nagano down with a right hook in the second. He continued to outpunch Nagano in the third, fourth and fifth and after the fifth was 50-44 in front on the cards. Nagano fought hard in the sixth standing and trading punches with Obara trying to hang on to his title but was just not strong enough and was shipping heavy punishment in the seventh when the fight was halted. Obara, 33, a former OPBF and Japanese champion and IBF title challenger –losing to Eduard Troyanovsky in 2016-is No 4 (3) with the IBF and has hopes of another title shot. Nagano had put together a 15 bout winning streak but Obara was a class above him.


Paranaque City, Philippines: Fly: Alphoe Dagayloan (14-3-6,1ND) DREW  12 Carlo Penalosa (14-2-1). Light: Roldan Aldea (15-8-1) W RTD 2 Monico Laurente (30-17)

Dagayloan vs. Penalosa

After a tough gruelling scrap the Philippines title remains vacant as Dagayloan and Penalosa fight to a majority draw. From the opener Dagayloan set a tremendous pace striding forward throwing punches trying to crush the resistance out of Penalosa.  He was giving Penalosa no room and no rest. Penalosa was forced onto the back foot but gradually he began to make Dagayloan pay for his aggression with hard, accurate counters. Although he marched forward for all twelve rounds Dagayloan’s attacks lost some of their sharpness and power and more and more it was the counters from Penalosa that came to the fore. Plenty of the rounds were close and it came down to the quantity from Dagayloan or the quality from Penalosa and a draw looked about right. Scores 114-114 twice and 116-112 for Penalosa. “Wolverine” Dagayloan was 10-1-1 going in. Penalosa is a member of the most prolific boxing family in the history of boxing in the Philippines which includes Carl who started it all off. He was a Philippines champion in two divisions. Sons Gerry and Dodie Boy won world titles and Jonathan won a WBC International title. Grandson Dodie Boy Jr was 19-0 when he stopped boxing in 2016, Dave is 16-1 and fought for the WBC Silver title last July and Carlo lost to Maximino Flores in a fight for the vacant IBO fly title last year. He came close to adding another title for the family in this fight.

Aldea vs. Laurente

Aldea retains the Philippines title on a second round retirement by Laurente. Just a few seconds into the fight Laurente went down under a shower of punches from Aldea who also landed a couple when Laurente was on his knees. Laurente beat the count and tried to clinch his way out of trouble but was floored again by a southpaw left from Aldea. He was up again and survived to the bell. He stayed on his feet in the second and landed a few counters but Aldea was still hunting him down and connecting with lefts. After the bell Laurente indicated he had injured his right should and could not continue. Aldea was making the first defence of the title he won last May. Seven of his losses have come in road visits to Thailand, Russia, Indonesia, Japan and China. Laurente, a former Philippines bantamweight champion, has often been overmatched throughout his career.


Belfast. NI, Feather: Eric Donovan (11-0) W TKO 7 Josefat Reyes (8-12-1). Donovan stops substitute Reyes in seven rounds. The former top amateur was a good few classes above the Mexican in skill and outboxed him in every round. Donovan was quick and slick befuddling Reyes with his movement and speed. Reyes took the punishment trying to ease the pressure with some wild swings but Donovan kept piling it on. He had Reyes reeling and eventually the referee stepped in to halt the one-side contest. Seventh inside the distance win for the classy Irishman but after not turning pro until almost 31 he is pressed for time. Reyes is 2-8 in his last 10 fights but has found himself thrown in against fighters such as Ryan Burnett and Paul Butler and this is the first time he has been stopped.




Fight of the week (Significance): All three of the fights in Miami were significant as was Ilunga Makabu vs. Michal Cieslak

Fight of the week (Entertainment): Murodjon Akhmadaliev vs. Daniel Roman had quality and entertainment. Honourable mention to Pedro Taduran vs. Daniel Valladares only four rounds but twelve minutes of war

Fighter of the week: Murodjon Akhmadaliev a world champion in his ninth fight with honourable mention to Ilunga Makabu the DRC’s first holder of a title of one of the four major sanctioning bodies

Punch of the week: The left hook from Wasiru Mohammed that finished John Amuzu was special as were two uppercuts from Daniel Roman perfect examples of the punch

Upset of the week: None stood out.

Prospect watch: Ghanaian bantamweight Wasiru Mohammed 12-0 has impressed


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Anthony Joshua vs Kubrat Pulev being targeted for first weekend…

Anthony Joshua vs Kubrat Pulev being targeted for first weekend of December

Eddie Hearn is still holding out hope that the fight between unified heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua 23-1 (21) and Kubrat Pulev 28-1 (14) will take place in front of a live crowd. The WBA, IBF and WBO champion is due to make a mandatory defenc…

Callum Smith remains frontrunner to face Canelo Alvarez, says Eddie…

Callum Smith remains frontrunner to face Canelo Alvarez, says Eddie Hearn

WBA super middleweight champion Callum ‘Mundo’ Smith 27-0 (19) remains the leading contender to face Mexican superstar and world middleweight champion Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez 53-1-2 (36) later this year, according to his promoter Eddie Hearn. But th…


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