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Zutes Boxing Talk New Episode

Anthony George
Zutes Boxing Radio

Zutes Boxing Talk returns tonight. Boxer Ken The Problem Child Taylor & Author Christian Guidice are scheduled to appear. Ken is a contender at 126-pounds who itching to get back into the ring. He is slated to return to the ring in August. Kenneth explains how he has been actively training during the Covid-19 crisis.

Christian is a successful writer, he has penned books on Roberto Duran, Alexis Arguello & Wilfredo Gomez. His new book, Macho Time: The Meteoric Rise and Tragic Fall of Camacho will be released later this year. He shares with us the process of writing a book on Hector Camacho, and some of his more memorable fights, as well as the not so memorable fights. We will take about how Covid-19 has affected the boxing world. Boxing news. Anthony “Zute” George is your host.