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Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr sign contracts to fight in September

Mike Tyson
A 54 year old Mike Tyson shows off his new physique.

Mike Tyson will return to the ring to face Roy Jones Jr in an eight-round exhibition bout in Los Angeles on September 12.

The 54-year-old heavyweight hasn’t fought since being stopped in six rounds by Kevin McBride in Washington DC in 2005.

Jones, 51, has been in action more recently, outpointing Scott Sigmon over 10 rounds in Pensacola, Florida in February 2018.

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“I’ve been trying to enjoy retirement, but people don’t seem to want to let me retire,” Jones said last month of a possible fight against Tyson.

“They keep calling me, telling me that Mike wants to come back, and you’d be a great opponent for Mike. I’m like, ‘Man, come on, bro. Y’all still want to see these hands go?’ Y’all know I don’t know how to say no. So don’t make me keep going.

“We always wanted to see it, but I would’ve preferred it back then. Tyson is a hell of a specimen still. He’s still a problem to deal with. But at the same time, life is life, you only live once. You want to know what it’s like, you go in there and see.”

Dean Toole, CEO Of Island Fights and Jones’ business partner, told Sportsmail: “Roy will fight anybody, anywhere.

“If someone calls Roy out in his career it’s a done deal, he could be 80 years old – if someone mentions his name, he’s fighting them.”

The fight was apparently signed two months ago.

“Roy called me (at) about 11.30 at night about a month and a half, two months ago, and told me he’d got the fight, he was fighting Tyson and he sent me a video of them on Zoom – both signing their contracts,” Toole said.

The exhibition is being billed ‘Frontline Battle’ and will feature larger than normal gloves and no headgear.

“This isn’t a situation where they’re going out there to try to take each other’s heads off,” executive director of the California State Athletic Commission Andy Foster told Yahoo Sports.

“They’re just going to be in there moving around the ring and letting fans see these legends.”

Jones Jr holds a record of 66-9 (47) while Tyson’s ledger reads 50-6 (44).