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Glenn Rushton hits back at critics, says Jeff Horn has delivered miracle punches before

Jeff Horn in the corner at the end of the eighth round of the Tim Tszyu fight.

Trainer Glenn Rushton has defended his work in the corner during his fighter Jeff Horn’s eighth-round stoppage loss to Tim Tszyu, saying his fighter deserved the opportunity to decide if he wanted to continue.

Rushton has been criticised for seemingly putting the decision in Horn’s hands at the end of the eighth round when the former Brisbane schoolteacher slumped on his stool after what had been an extended beating throughout the fight.

Horn had been consistently beaten to the punch, damaged to the body and outmuscled on the inside during the 24 minutes of action at Queensland Country Bank Stadium in Townsville, Australia on Wednesday night.

He was on the canvas as early as the third round and again in the sixth and was trailing 80-71, 77-73 and 79-73 on the scorecards at the time of the stoppage.

At the end of the eighth frame Rushton asked Horn is he still “had a punch” and begged him to give him one more minute in the hope of a Hail Mary punch turning the fight around.

Horn struggled to respond while others in the corner called for the bout to be halted.

Referee Phil Austin stepped in to take control and ended the carnage.

Rushton insisted Horn wasn’t “badly hurt” and cited his come-from-behind wins over Manny Pacquiao and Michael Zerafa in the rematch.

“I don’t sleep well when these things happen, you care an awful lot about the fighter,” Rushton said to the Sydney Morning Herald.

“Just to clear up how the fight ended, the referee did actually stop the fight. Was Jeff getting badly hurt? No. But the pop wasn’t there, we could just see that the fire was gone.

“We said to him at the end of the eighth round, ‘Jeff, do you want to go on?’. He shrugged his shoulders. Stephen [Edwards], the other cornerman, said ‘I think he’s answered the question’. Phil Austin came over and said ‘you’ve had enough’.

“The same thing happened in the Pacquiao fight and we didn’t [stop it]. I didn’t argue this time because the fire was gone.

“Would you encourage a champion to perform well, or would you let him chuck in the towel? Was Jeff badly hurt? No. Was he excessively fatigued? No. What reason was there for stopping the fight other than he was losing the fight?

“People expect you to deliver the best performance you can. Jeff Horn had a puncher’s chance of ending the fight, he’s done it before. But the hunger wasn’t there.”

Former world champion and International Boxing Hall of Famer Jeff Fenech was scathing in his commentary during the broadcast.

“Oh my god,” Fenech said. “To hear that corner argue when Jeff Horn couldn’t even answer what they were telling him, to just go back out there for another minute, is disgraceful.”

Tszyu’s manager Glen Jennings took a diplomatic position on the stoppage.

“Boxing is a brutal sport,” Jennings said. “I’m glad they stopped it when they did. It’s difficult in the moment of combat and those decisions aren’t easy.

“It’s easy to make those decisions from the sideline.

“He’s a warrior, he doesn’t want to fall on his sword.”

Horn falls to 20-3-1 (13) with the loss while Tszyu keeps his unbeaten record and world title chances alive at 16-0 (13).