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Joseph Parker promises improved performance against Dereck Chisora

Joseph Parker training camp ahead of his fight against Derek Chisora with New Trainer Andy Lee 15 April 2021 Picture By Mark Robinson.

Former WBO heavyweight champion Joseph Parker 28-2 (21) is promising a new and improved version of himself under new trainer Andy Lee when he clashes with Dereck Chisora 32-10 (23) at the AO Arena in Manchester on Saturday night.

“You will see some good changes,” the 29-yer-old New Zealander told Sky Sports. “I’ll be sharper, with better movement and better footwork. I’ll be focused for the whole fight.

“If I execute the gameplan that [new trainer Andy Lee] has put in place, it should be a good night for Team Parker.

“I expect Dereck to be Dereck – to apply pressure from the beginning, throwing punches, bombs.

“But we’ve done everything we can to prepare for whatever he brings.

“I’ve been champion before and I want to be champion again.

“In order to achieve that goal I have to get Dereck out of the way first. Then set up the other fights that are out there.”

Parker is coming off a scrappy win over previously undefeated countryman Junior Fa 19-1 (10) in Auckland in February. It was his first fight in a year and a performance he will need to improve on to get the win over Chisora.

“Winning is the most important thing but it’s how you win,” he said. “You need a win in good fashion and that’s what will get people excited about the climb back to the top.”

The 37-year-old Chisora, who is having his first fight under new coach Buddy McGirt, has promised to bring the heat throughout the bout.

“The same thing I always deliver: war, craziness,” Chisora said.

“He will get on his bike. Even if I challenge him [to meet me in the centre of the ring], he’s not going to.

“But I can get to anybody. I’ll just keep going. I’ll eat leather but deliver some leather too.”

McGirt added: “Our goal is to hit him everywhere except the bottom of his feet.

“We’ll hit him on his hip, his thigh, but not low. We’ve got to slow him down. We will hit him everywhere.

“If we sit on the outside and wait for an opening? It will be Christmas already!”

Asked if he feared Chisora, Parker said: “Not at all. There is respect but when I get in the ring I want to bash him!

“The same as what he wants to do to me.

“There is respect before and after the fight but, when the bell goes, it’s out of the window.

“I can fight on the back foot or take it to him. It depends what I see on the night. Hopefully he doesn’t make a mistake because I’ll catch him coming in. Or I’ll catch him going back.

“Any heavyweight can knock out any heavyweight. In every fight, you want to make a statement and look good. This is an opportunity to finish in good fashion.

“There’s one way that he fights – to apply pressure, to throw the bombs that he has. That’s the style he has and it hasn’t changed for a while.”