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Can Sunny Edwards Keep Rising Above Social Media Negativity?

Sunny Edwards has stated that he does not mind people watching him in the hope that he gets beaten. Edwards, 15-0 with 4 KO’s, is fighting for the IBF flyweight title tomorrow night in Bethnal Green at the famous York Hall. He will be facing Moruti Mthalane, 39-2 with 26 KO’s.

“It doesn’t matter what you do, you are never going to win over everyone. Nor am I trying to,” Edwards told Metro.co.uk.

“There is marketability in people tuning into seeing you get beat, I don’t mind playing that role. I’ve got lots of people who are actively supporting me and want the best for me and I’ve probably got just as many people praying for my downfall. Either way, they are watching. That is all you can ask for.”

“To a great extent I do bring it on myself because people know they will get a reaction out of me,” he continued.

“But there are certain fighters who have to delete their Twitter or Instagram app after their fights. Or have management teams running it because they can’t deal with the messages, the hate we get, the abuse we get. A lot of people choose to be boxer, they don’t want to be a public figure, it is thrust upon them when they start having success. All of a sudden, you have people dissecting your life and talking negatively about you on the internet.”

Edwards admits that sometimes the temptation is too much to resist replying to some toxic messages.

“I know I am saying stupid stuff on there, I know I’m provoking reaction. But really, in this day and age, people are consumers. The only thing we want to do is feel something about something, Whether that’s anger, jubilation, disgust. People want to feel something. That’s how they engage. That’s how they buy into things.”

He also knows that people can be quite fickle in their likes and dislikes.

“The amount of times I’ve had people start by saying some right nasty things about me but after a few weeks or months, they are fans of mine. ‘I understand these people who are trolling they aren’t bad people. They are doing stuff for a reaction to cure their boredom and I don’t mind being the person who becomes their punching bag. Maybe they will leave all the other fighters alone.”

Wise words from Edwards.

It is an unfortunate fact that so many seek comfort in the knowledge that it is unlikely they will suffer from repercussions when they use their mobile phones or computer keyboards to conduct hostile behaviour towards anybody on various social media platforms. Not just towards boxers or even celebrities in general. But the public as a whole. I have been of the opinion that something needs to be done something about that. It is long overdue!

But it sounds as if Sunny has his head on his shoulders about that sort of thing, even more so before such an important fight involving a world championship title. That is crucial. Perhaps the best thing Edwards could really do, in the event that the negativity would be getting under his skin, would be to shut down his social media accounts to focus on the real world and on his career. But right now it looks as if he has it under control.

Whatever happens tomorrow evening, on behalf of those that genuinely support him let us hope that it stays that way.