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Dereck Chisora doesn’t want world titles, just great fights

Dereck Chisora and Joseph Parker

Evergreen heavyweight Dereck ‘War’ Chisora 32-10 (23) says he is more interested in being part of good fights rather than competing for world titles.

The 37-year-old Brit, who has fought for the world championship just once when he lost a unanimous decision to Vitali Klitschko in Germany nine years ago, made the comments ahead of his fight against New Zealand’s Joseph Parker (28-2, 21 KOs) and at the AO Arena in Manchester, England on Saturday night.

“I love fighting, throwing yourself in the world title shot is okay,” Chisora said. “Dillian Whyte has been in the world title shot for the last five years, he hasn’t gone anywhere. I don’t put myself in those positions, I want to put myself in positions where I get to fight good fights. This is right, I’m fighting Joseph Parker and after that we’ll see what happens.

“I want to do what I do best, come forward, fight, chuck hell and do what I do every day. Roll the dice and rock and roll – go at it. I’ll come out of the gates and just go.

“The guy has a spider bite, we can’t deny it, we don’t know if it’s true or not, but he had it and now he’s here – we’re not going to cry over spilled milk. David did a good impression wearing the spiderman suit early on the morning, it was okay. The fight is here now so we’re not going to talk about history anymore, that’s why it’s called history.

“It’s going to be a great night; good things are happening. It’s a big card, but we don’t have that little edge on with the fans, it’s depressing but what can we say.

“The king is back, long live the king – I’m back. I’m buzzing, to all those fans at home, I’m going to

bring smoke and I know my opponent is going to bring something which is going to be on his bike – but it’s going to be okay. He’s going to be cycling back to Australia but it’s all good. I know right now I’m still laughing and joking but when I come tomorrow, you’re going to know what time it is.”

Chisora will be having his first fight under new coach Buddy McGirt, who says he has been pleased with the work his new charge has put in at the gym. Parker will also have a new coach in his corner in Andy Lee.

“It’s been interesting, but it’s been great – I have no complaints. Dereck, [manager] David [Haye] and the team have made me feel at home, welcomed me well so I really can’t complain,” McGirt said.

“I expect Parker to do both, Andy Lee has got an old way of thinking. I think they’re going to box, but also try to fight on the inside when they want to fight on the inside – they want to dictate it. That I know, because they’re not going to try and box all night, I know guys like Andy and how he thinks. Sometimes you’ve got to try and beat a guy at his own game a little while, we’ve got to get down and dirty.

“We’ve got to drag it down like that, it’s no secret. He’s got to be Dereck, just smooth the rough edges. They’re going to try and box, yeah, but I also know in the later rounds they’re going to fight him in the inside and break our man down – we’re prepared for that.”