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Brandon Figueroa says his power will be the game changer against Stephen Fulton

Brandon Figueroa. Photo credit: PBC

WBC super bantamweight champion Brandon ‘The Heartbreaker’ Figueroa 22-0-1 (17) is predicting another knockout when he faces WBO counterpart Stephen ‘Cool Boy’ Fulton 19-0 (8) at the Park Theater in Las Vegas, Nevada on Saturday night.

“I’m just happy it’s fight week finally. It’s been a long road with two training camps. Everything is going well and I’ve come back stronger than ever,” Figueroa said.

“We are days away from this huge fight and I feel like it’s going to be ‘Fight of the Year’. It’s going to steal the show. I’m coming with everything.

“It would mean everything to become a unified champion. I’m here to represent and to bring back another belt for my city and for my family. It would mean everything to me. That’s why I’ve been working really hard and I know once I accomplish that it would just be another dream come true.

“People are going to talk and underestimate me. They think I’m just going to go in there and ‘rock ‘em, sock ‘em robot’. But I’m very intelligent. That’s the reason why I’m undefeated. That’s the reason why I have a lot of knockouts. I’m a great finisher. I know how to put pressure on you. Once he gets hit with a big shot and feels my power, it’s going to totally change this fight.

“He’s wrong if he thinks he’s going to stop me inside nine rounds. I’m a fighter. Some people say that I have terrible defense, yet I’m still undefeated. I’m still knocking out world champions and former world champions. This will be no different. It’s going to be the same story as always.

“This fight is going to boil down to guts. To heart. Hard work. Conditioning. I feel like it’s going to take everything from both of us. I know we both have a lot to gain. There’s a lot at stake. We’re both in our primes. We’re ready to peak. He’s 27-years-old. I’m 24. We’re here doing it.

“I come to do my job. I come in to execute my game plan. A lot of people underestimated me against [Luis] Nery but my game plan was to go out there and dominate and do what I had to do, and I went and got him out of there. This time is no different. It’s the same story.

“People underestimate me so much that I don’t even care anymore. I know what my abilities are. My team knows my abilities and my potential. I know what I’m capable of inside the ring, even though I don’t look like a fighter. That’s my style. I just go out there and do what I have to do and have fun doing it. I’m excited to do it again.

“I think I have the power advantage. I always do. That’s the reason why I have the knockouts. My opponents feel as if I don’t have power before they get in there. But once they feel it, they feel it. I know how to work in those sneaky body shots.

“I know how to overwhelm them with power, speed and combinations. It’s all part of my arsenal and November 27 it’s all going to come together. All my hard work and everything I’ve been working towards; I’m going to let everything go.

“He’s a skillful fighter. He’s slick. He’s fast. We know that. Obviously, we just have to go in there and take those attributes away. Take nothing away from Stephen, he’s a great fighter. He’s at where he’s at for a reason. But we’ve studied him really well. Props to him for becoming a world champion and getting this far, but I feel like this is my time.

“I have to use my height and reach and just make sure I go in there with a game plan. I always go in there with three or four game plans. I know a lot of people say that I don’t use my height or my reach. But I feel like I do a good job using it on the inside. Sometimes I don’t care to use it on the outside, but this fight is going to take a little bit of everything, and I’ll have to make full use of my height, reach, power, size and everything that makes me the fighter I am.

“I’m just ready to get it on and represent Mexico, represent my city and everybody back home. I’m ready to make my family proud and I’m excited to get in there and leave everything in the ring. You guys will see who wants it more.”