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Stephen Fulton: “My resume is better than Brandon Figueroa’s”

Stephen Fulton

WBO super bantamweight champion Stephen ‘Cool Boy’ Fulton 19-0 (8) is confident that he has the skill-set to defeat WBC counterpart Brandon ‘The Heartbreaker’ Figueroa 22-0-1 (17) at the Park Theater in Las Vegas, Nevada on Saturday night.

“My resume is better [than Figueroa’s] and I feel comfortable saying that,” said the 27-year-old Fulton, who is coming off a dominant title-winning effort over Angelo Leo who he beat on points in January.

“I’ve taken risks since the beginning of my career. I’ve faced undefeated fighters that no one wanted to face. I’ve taken the harder road to get to this fight.

“This has been a great training camp. We’re ready to go. Everything is in motion and I’m just extremely prepared. I can’t wait to put on a great performance.

“Being unified champion would mean a lot to me. I can become the first unified super bantamweight champion from Philadelphia on Saturday night. This win means everything to me.

“People have yet to see the best of me. They’ve yet to see that I like to fight toe-to-toe. I just don’t think this fight is going to last that long. He has the power to wear you down, but I’m the kind of fighter who can overcome anything. I highly believe in my abilities and my intelligence.

“This is my first fight back with fans in two years. There’s so much excitement for it. I’ve been preparing for this fight since June and I don’t think it’s going the distance.

“I’m his biggest fight to date. I’m his biggest test. I’m not like any of the other fighters that he faced before. He knows that and everyone around him knows that. Just watch what I do when I have my back against the wall.

“This boils down to who wants it the most. The power, the strength and the speed can all die down during a fight. All that’s left is who wants it the most. This isn’t just about being unified champion, it’s about this man believing that he can beat me. That’s what motivates me.

“He doesn’t have any quit in him and I appreciate that. I hate quitters and I don’t have any quit in me either. He always fights his fight and applies pressure well. He knows how to use angles and he’s got to this point for a reason.

“I’m used to being in uncomfortable positions, but I’ve had great support from my team and family and friends and that will be with me on fight night.

“Figueroa is going to engage with me more than most of my past opponents have. Him fighting with the style he likes to use is going to bring out more of what I can do.

“I already know that I’m the top guy at 122-pounds. It’s just a matter of days until everyone will see that. I’m not focused on my position in the division or what’s at stake. I’m just focused on defeating an opponent who believes he can beat me.”