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Amanda Serrano unveils the next female superstar Nicole Ocasio after she takes her under her wing

Katie Taylor vs Amanda Serrano New York City Media Day
February 2, 2022; New York, NY; Amanda Serrano speaks at the press conference for the upcoming Matchroom Boxing fight card on April 30, 2022 at Madison Square Garden in New York City. Mandatory Credit: Michelle Farsi for Matchroom/MSG Photos

In the midst of promoting the biggest women’s boxing match in history between seven-weight class world champion Amanda Serrano and undisputed 135-pound champion Katie Taylor of Ireland on Saturday, April 30 in New York, the Puerto Rican native of Carolina, has begun to recruit exclusive female talent, in order to ensure their interests in a sport where gender pay inequality reigns.

“My island has produced some of the best male boxers and in the meantime, female boxing has proven to be just as good. I am very happy to take on the task of unveiling the next female superstar Nicole Ocasio,” said Amanda Serrano.

“In Nicole I see a super dedicated young woman, who has exceptional talent and humility that distinguishes her. Her passion for boxing is something serious and her talent is not to mention her. If she stays dedicated and focused, I’m sure Puerto Rico will have another very solid world champion, but we’re going step by step. The path will not be easy, but she has the tools to go very, very far.”

Nicole Ocasio (3)
Photo Credit: RB Management

The talented boxer know as ‘The Untouchable’ for her impeccable defense will have her career in charge on Serrano, together with the company RB Management, of its president Richard Borges.

“Serrano’s most valuable and true greatness is in her heart,” said Richard Borges.

“In her prime, she decides to share her brilliance in the midst of promoting her historic fight in women’s boxing. Sure, she had thousands of options, but no, she thought about her roots. She did not wait for her to finish her career to help other young people. She is doing it without needing to do it. No one knows the shortcomings of women’s boxing better than Amanda and her team. She decides to serve before being served”, declared Borges.

Ocasio, a native of Carolina, like Serrano, but a resident of Texas, won five national championships in the United States and was a two-time winner of the prestigious Golden Gloves tournament.

“I want to thank our champion Amanda Serrano and her team for their interest in me. I was very surprised to learn of her desire to want to manage my career. Also grateful for everything that Amanda has achieved with a lot of discipline, determination and sacrifice for women’s boxing and Puerto Rico. I have no words to describe how I feel. I am a proud young woman, blessed and grateful for the unconditional support of my beloved island,” said Ocasio.

Ocasio will be making her debut in professional boxing on Friday, April 1 in Santo Domingo, capital of the Dominican Republic as part of an event promoted by the Shuan Boxing.

The fight will be broadcast live on the promoter’s YouTube channel.

“Shuan Boxing is giving a lot to talk about because of the quality of its fighters and the scenery they use in their events. They have several world champions and the support of the fans. We thank them for allowing Nicole to debut on their platform. The Ocasio fight can be seen by the whole world live on YouTube,” said Jordan Maldonado, co-manager and trainer of Amanda Serrano.