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Tim Tszyu ready to put the junior middleweight division on notice in US debut

Tim Tszyu and Terrell Gausha. Photo credit: Premier Boxing Champions

The manager of undefeated junior middleweight contender Tim Tszyu 20-0 (15) says he is not expecting any surprises from 2012 Olympian Terrell Gausha 22-2-1 (11) when the pair clash at The Armory in Minneapolis, Minnesota on Saturday night.

“Terrell Gausha’s a qualified fighter and he’s been around the traps,” Glen Jennings said to Fox Sports Australia.

“Interestingly, he says he’s got a few surprises for Tim. There’s nothing new in that. Plenty of guys have dropped the bomb on him that he’s not his father. But 20 guys have done that and they’ve all been beaten.

“No, no, you can’t (change overnight). You’re basically saying I’ve just rebranded Kmart to a new shopping centre.

“These guys spend their whole life building their style and craft and you don’t change that overnight.

“Sure, you can make some changes around the edge but there’s nothing that concerns us that he’s going to bring the table that we wouldn’t expect, and Tim’s an adaptive fighter. He reads the situation better than anyone.

“He can say what he wants. It will ultimately come down to a battle of will and skill.

“He hasn’t been in a ring with someone like Tim that just does not get out of your face. I think it’ll take Tim just a little bit of time to work this guy out. But there’s nothing from a team perspective that we’re worried or concerned about.”

Jennings, who also managed Tim’s famous father Kostya Tszyu, said he was expecting the younger Tszyu to make a similar splash in the US market as when the International Boxing Hall of Famer made when he destroyed Jake ‘The Snake’ Rodriguez in six rounds to claim the IBF junior welterweight title in 1995.

“Tim has every intention of doing that (destroying his opponent),” Jennings said.

“How he does it will be entirely up to him, based on what’s presented in front of him.

“Kostya literally smothered Rodriguez. I remember in the dressing room after the fight, Rodriguez said he had never been hit so often and so hard in his whole career.

“That was a perfect introduction into a new market place and everyone knew that the kid from Russia was a beast and Tim’s hoping to walk away from this (with the same reputation).

“I think Tim said it throughout the week, the US media asked what will the headline read? ‘That there’s a new 154 pound beast in the competition’.”

Meanwhile, one of Kostya Tszyu’s most famous opponents has shared his thoughts on Tszyu 2.0.

“I’ve seen him fight,” Zab Judah said to the New York Post. “Me and Kostya are still in contact, we still talk from time to time. We share conversations, he’s told me all about his son way before his son even hit the market. He told me ‘Zab I’ve got a son. He’s coming. He looks like he’s gonna be the next best thing.’ He’s blossoming. I know he’s gonna do well. The young kid, he was in Las Vegas, he made a good name for himself, they said he can really fight.”