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Why It Can Be Better Watching Boxing At Home Than In Person

There might be various reasons why boxing fans may not attend a fight in person. Perhaps the event is too far away to travel to. Maybe the cost of tickets are too high. The card could sell out quickly, especially high profile ones, before you have a chance to snag a ticket. I have heard and experienced many different reasons during the course of being a follower of one of the oldest combat sports.

The good news, is that there are advantages of watching boxing at home.

But first let’s explore some of those for actually being there.

Let us start with the obvious one. The atmosphere. Whenever I debate boxing with somebody, the atmosphere of the crowd is one of the main things that is mentioned when discussing attending a fight card. You could have the best surround sound system at the world at home. But it still will not be a substitute for feeling what the atmosphere of a particular fight would be like when going to one in person. The boos and cheers are literally deafening, even in smaller arenas. And for many people, going with your friends to support or jeer a boxer is very enjoyable.( I personally do not support jeering a fighter, even if they fight a favourite of mine. But maybe we can delve into that in another article at a later date).

Along with the atmosphere, another thing you cannot really get a feel for is hearing the impact of each punch when they land. The sound of leather hitting flesh can make you glad that you are sitting on the other side of the ropes instead of inside of them. Seeing the spray of sweat fly off a fighter’s head the moment after they are hit is also something that is more noticeable when you make the effort to go.

At high profile matches, there is a good chance that you will spot a celebrity or two. This will depend where a particular fight takes place, of course. But in the likes of the UK and the USA, it is probable that you will see a recognisable face. That is good for those who like being star struck. Just be mindful about actually approaching them. Pick your moment carefully, as they may just want to be left alone to watch the fights. After all, they are only human just like the rest of us.

And now the disadvantages.

The commentary is not something that is for everybody. I know fans who like to mute the television while watching boxing on the box. But I am always curious to hear what the commentary team have to say about what is happening on screen. It adds to the drama. Unfortunately, the absence of a commentary when going to an event dampens a lot of that. You have to rely on the other paying customers to try and make up for it. And it often just is not the same.

Another thing is cost. You will be looking to pay over the odds for food and drink. What you are expected to pay for a cheap plastic cup of beer can border on being extortionate in my view. Again, it depends how high profile the occasion is. But I would advise that you eat a good meal before you go and try to make any drink you purchase last for as long as possible to keep cost down.

It is often said that when we watch boxing on the television, you have the best seat in the house. This is hard to argue with. You are right there in the ring with the combatants. I have sat ringside and you still do not get as close to the action. That is always something that is guaranteed when a card is aired on a television network. I guess the only exception would be if you were fortunate enough to be selected to be a photographer for the proceedings. But even photographers do not have the luxury of relaxing to enjoy what is going on in front of them as they are always working to get the best shot.

Lastly, this may not always be the case, but if the structure of the arena only allows for good viewing angles by sitting in only certain areas then you could be in for a frustrating evening. Depending on the capacity, too, it is entirely possible that you could sit too far back to see anything in fine detail. You could take a pair of mini binoculars with you. But it still lacks a certain type of authenticity.

If you have not been fortunate enough to experience a bout in person then I hope by reading this article that you should not fret about it. Like with most things in life, there are pros and cons.