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Josh Taylor to remain at junior welterweight for Jack Catterall rematch

WBC, WBO and IBF junior welterweight champion Josh ‘The Tartan Tornado’ Taylor 19-0 (13) might be scheduled to face Jose ‘Chon’ Zepeda 35-2 (27) next, but he still has one eye on old nemesis Jack ‘El Gato’ Catterall 26-1 (13).

The 31-year-old Scottish southpaw deliver and uncharacteristic lacklustre performance against fellow lefty Catterall in February, eking out a split decision victory by scores of 112-113, 114-111 and 113-112 in a fight many thought the challenger deserved to win.

Brit Catterall has been vocal about his thoughts on the scoring in the aftermath and it seems his words haven’t gone unnoticed by Taylor.

“I want to shut everyone up,” Taylor said to The National. “The only reason I’m staying at the weight is I want to fight Catterall again.

“I don’t think it was the wrong decision [in February] but I want to shut everyone up. I want to prove that was an off night for me and that I’m one of the best fighters on the planet. Because of all the stick and abuse I’ve been getting, and the way Jack’s been too, mouthing off and moaning, I just want to shut his mouth. The single reason I’m staying at the weight is to shut him and everyone else up.”

The Zepeda fight is expected to take place in September or October, meaning the Catterall rematch may have to wait until next year.

“It’s frustrating because anyone who knows me knows I’d fight with my shadow in an empty house,” Taylor continued.

“I’m not scared to fight anybody. But boxing fans are so fickle, they change like the weather. Often, they don’t understand the business and then it starts getting personal. And if they didn’t have that keyboard in front of them, there’s no way they’d say it.

“Everything I’ve done, being the first guy from the UK to become undisputed world champion, in only 18 fights – has that been forgotten?  My run up to the Catterall fight had been defeating undefeated champion after undefeated champion, I beat them all. And I beat Jack too, on a really bad performance so it’s quite funny how quickly people forget.

“It would have been Jack before Zepeda if it could have been worked out, without the boxing politics and mandatories getting in the way. I’d rather be fighting Jack next but Zepeda is a big fight and people who are talking it down are people who don’t know the business. He’s a top-level fighter.

“After I fight Zepeda, then Catterall, I’ll move up to 147 and get some big fights.”

In other Taylor news, the unified 140-pound champion has revealed he no longer has a relationship with Daniel Kinahan or MTK Global.

Kinahan has been accused of being the head of an international drug cartel and in April the US State Department issued a $5 million reward for information leading to his arrest.

It was announced shortly after that MTK would be shutting up shop.

“I haven’t got a relationship with Daniel any more,” Taylor said to BBC Scotland. “MTK is no more, so everything is sort of out the window.

“I now manage myself, moving on with a lawyer doing all my contract and management work. Moving forward with (my promoter) Top Rank, so yeah, that’s it.

“I’m not really clued up with any of the stuff that was going on. Obviously the stuff that has come to light has been pretty serious, but no, I’m focusing on boxing and it’s nothing to do with me.”