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Boxing and few other sports that most likely will not lose their considerable popularity in the next decade

The incredible showmanship of sports that has taken place in recent years has undoubtedly had a significant effect on spreading the events on countless listening channels. First, radio and television, and today, streaming on the internet, have reached an enormous audience.

Much more audience…

The growing popularity of sports, especially contentious ones like boxing, and the recent phenomenon, MMA, has created a real rush to throw “wood into the fire” of the furnace of an ever-growing audience.

And right here, the short circuit occurred. The upward spiraling turnover of sports, in boxing and many others, has pushed for diversification. Organizations of all kinds have invented new categories and competitions, with the result that today there are many “champions” of different organizations and categories. Those of us with a few more years will remember that historically, there were two boxing titles, WBA and WBC. Today, they have become four, bringing bigger audiences, image rights and betting activity on the matches.

Betting, in particular, has always been an integral part of boxing and much practiced around the world. Thanks to the effect of online bookmakers, it is possible for users throughout the US and all around the world to visit PA sports betting platforms. This works in absolute safety directly from a smartphone, without having to go to a physical counter to do it.

… but less quality

Not that it used to be any different: coaches and impresarios were maneuvering the lineups of matches to maximize the value of their “protégé,” trying to get him to the top of the leaderboard without making him take too many risks and avoiding loose cannons along the way: but with only two titles, there was no escaping them. If you really wanted to be great, you had to prove it by beating other greats because few titles existed. Today there are four crowns, and because of that, they are less valuable.

But this does not affect audience statistics: the sports audience continues to grow, both in boxing and, as we said, in another sport that is getting a lot of exposure now: MMA. Contact martial arts, for different reasons, are becoming preeminent in the Western world after having found enormous diffusion, especially in Asia. Just think that in the US, the market for MMA equipment alone is worth about $525 million.

The other sports that fascinate the public

The great American team sports are always the favorites. Basketball, American football, field hockey, and baseball (not forgetting the outsider in the USA, soccer) have always been spectacular and followed by colossal television crews, with considerable expenses to broadcast the games. It is enough to remember that even today, the NFL Superbowl is the most eagerly awaited sports broadcast of the entire American sports panorama.

The evolution of technology has made it possible to cover these events even better, giving fans incredible experiences even from the sidelines: therefore, social media and the web have rendered sports, or at least most of them, more accessible to the public and therefore more intimately experienced by fans.